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Blow by Blow Returns to Philippine TV

The show that discovered Manny Pacquiao is coming back.

‘Blow by Blow’, the once-popular grassroots boxing program, makes its return on TV5 under the title of ‘Manny Pacquiao Presents: Blow by Blow’. The revived ‘Blow by Blow’ will be spearheaded by Pacquiao himself, with the help of former governor Manny Piñol, promoter Lito Mondejar, and Sports5 head Chot Reyes.

The original ‘Blow by Blow’ aired on IBC-13 during the late 1990s, and was produced by the now-defunct Vintage Sports team. The new ‘Blow by Blow’ will retain much of the same aspects as the original, with fights that feature budding boxing talents from the flyweight to weatherweight divisions.

‘Blow by Blow’ will be a year-round tournament where they will crown the best fighter in each weight division, and the best fighter overall. The top six boxers would then have the opportunity to face some of the best foreign boxers in the United States.

In addition to the featured fights, there will be short segments that focus on the lives of the boxers, as well as training tips hosted by Pacquiao. Overall, the new ‘Blow by Blow’ will take on a part-documentary, part-boxing program approach in order to fit in with the demands of reality television.

For Manny Pacquiao, ‘Blow by Blow’ is his way of turning over to a new generation. With his boxing career coming to an end, the time is definitely now for him to pass the baton to young talents who deserve an opportunity to become stars themselves.

‘Manny Pacquiao Presents: Blow by Blow’ airs on TV5 starting this Sunday at 2:00 p.m.