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In 150 Words: No More Marian on ‘The Rich Man’s Daughter’

‘The Rich Man’s Daughter’ is starting over with news of Marian Rivera’s pregnancy.

Having made the announcement last week, Marian elected to back out from the upcoming series due to her delicate condition. Rhian Ramos was then tapped to take over the lead role that was originally assigned to Marian.

Before backing out, Marian had taped a few scenes for ‘The Rich Man’s Daughter’, in addition to cast pictorials that were supposed to be released next month. However, the series’ producers will have to start from scratch after it was announced that Rhian will replace Marian as the lead protagonist.

That said, the premiere of ‘The Rich Man’s Daughter’ is expected to be pushed back to either late May or early June, depending on the timetable. Viewers can only hope that Rhian will be a worthy replacement to the ‘Primetime Queen’ of GMA in this series.