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What’s Up with Mo Twister Lately?

Mo Twister is back on the air, but only on podcast, as listeners of ‘Good Times’ found a way to connect with the controversial host on the new medium.

Two months ago, Mo Twister and his ‘Good Times‘ morning program on Magic 89.9 was slapped a five-month suspension in part to an alleged sex-related topic that is deemed inappropriate for a morning program. To fill in the void, Magic brought in 99.5 Play FM DJs Sam Oh and Gibb to host a new morning show ‘First Thing in the Morning’. And it looks like Sam and Gibb’s show is here to stay, at least for the time being.

So what’s up with Mo Twister lately? Well, he is currently hosting ‘Good Times’ via podcast, and recently he also hosted the popular and heavily criticized ‘Forbidden Questions‘ segment from his Los Angeles ‘headquarters’. It appears that his suspension from Magic 89.9 is not hindering his on-air career. Meanwhile his partners Noelle Bonus and Tin ‘Suzy’ Gamboa have moved on to other programs. Bonus moved to sister station 99.5 Play FM, while Suzy reunited with CJ ‘The DJ’ Rivera to host ‘The Big Meal’ at noon. Suzy took over hosting ‘The Big Meal’ on a permanent basis after Riki Flores moved to the ‘Pop Stop’ with Andi Manzano following the departure of erstwhile on-air partner Jessica Mendoza.

With Mo relegated to the sidelines, at least for the time being, the morning show of Sam Oh and Gibb is developing as a better alternative to the otherwise offensive and controversial ‘Good Times’. And that’s a good thing for morning radio programming, as programs such as Monster Radio RX 93.1’s ‘The Morning Rush‘, Mellow 94.7‘s ‘The Wake Up Show’, and 99.5 Play FM’s ‘The Playground’ aimed to be healthier and ‘kid-friendly’ radio programs, something that ‘Good Times’ obviously lacked. And why? Because mornings is where the kids wake up to go to school, and the radio is usually the first piece of entertainment for children on the road.

While Mo will be back on the air, Magic 89.9 may have found the perfect radio duo in the morning. And sorry Mo, Sam Oh and Gibb are a better radio combination than you alone.

Speaking of podcasts, the hosts of Magic 89.9’s nightly radio program ‘Boys Night Out’ recently launched their podcasts, which are recorded every Monday before midnight. In doing so, hosts Eric ‘Slick Rick’ Virata, Anthony ‘Tony Toni’ Bueno and Sam ‘Sam YG’ Gogna have also made the decision to move their popular ‘Confession Sessions’ segment exclusively to the podcasts, in order to add more sexually-oriented language that may be inappropriate to live radio. The move of ‘Confession Sessions’ to the podcast is also good for radio, as the more offensive style of conversation heard on the segment may be inappropriate for the younger listener.

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Another Suspension for Mo Twister

Mo Twister’s radio show ‘Good Times’ was suspended for five months after an episode which he talked about a sex-related topic.

For the past week, Magic 89.9 listeners were tuning in every morning to Sam Oh and Gibb, and not the familiar voice of Mo Twister. This was because Mo’s show ‘Good Times‘ was suspended for five months due to an episode in which he and co-host Suzy talked about a sex-related topic. For many listeners, the suspension was no surprise. After all, Mo had been involved in a lot of controversies over the years, most notably the Charice joke and the Rhian Ramos incident that forced him to settle in the U.S. for good. And this recent suspension was no different from the others in the past.

Honestly, Mo should carefully watch his language and his thoughts. As an avid listener of Magic, I would always listen carefully to what he says. However, for some reason I do regret listening to Mo in the morning because of the recent controversies he has endured, not to mention sexual innuendo and other unnecessary language unfit for a morning show. Compare that to Monster Radio RX 93.1‘s ‘The Morning Rush‘ with Chico, Delamar and Gino. That show is always critically acclaimed because they engage in topics that even children can relate to, their language is always subdued, and they add a more serious yet humorous flavor to their program. Mo’s language is not what morning listeners would like to hear.

Moving on, Magic will have five months worth of Sam Oh and Gibb, who were no strangers hosting a morning show during their time on the defunct 99.5 RT‘s ‘Disturbing the Peace’. I think listeners will like the duo; they were equally funny, but at the same time, they are careful and serious, which morning shows are supposed to be given the presence of children going to school. So while Mo is out, why not take a listen to Sam Oh and Gibb. As for Mo, he should take this lesson to heart: be careful running your mouth on air.