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In 100 Words: GMA Teased Upcoming Season of StarStruck on Facebook

Even GMA is itching to find a new star.

As ABS-CBN’s ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ continues to look for future artists among its housemates, GMA teased its audience by updating the Facebook page of ‘StarStruck’, implying that a new season will come around very soon.

‘StarStruck”s most recent season came in 2015 when it crowned Klea Pineda and Migo Adecer as the Ultimate Female and Male Survivor respectively. However, that season of ‘StarStruck’ was a disaster as it endured poor ratings while airing in the early primetime slot.

It remains to be seen if GMA will indeed produce another season of ‘StarStruck’. Considering how bad last season turned out, it will not be a surprise if viewers have seen the last of the country’s original ‘artista search’ program.

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In 100 Words: Anticipating a PBB-StarStruck Battle

Once again, interest is heating up in ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ and ‘StarStruck’.

GMA recently posted another teaser for ‘StarStruck”s sixth season, promoting the show’s legacy as the ‘original and legitimate artista search in Philippine television’.

Not to be outdone, ABS-CBN released their own teaser for the tenth season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’, announcing the Metro Manila audition dates on March 6 and 7.

The collision course between the two reality shows is highly anticipated. Not since the late 2000s has this rivalry reach a fever pitch.

And while ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ seem to have put ‘StarStruck’ out of commission for a while, it is now GMA’s turn to mount a fightback. In a few months, the rivalry of both shows will be a must-see event for 2015.