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‘Be Careful’ Departs, ‘Give Love on Christmas’ Premieres

So long, Maya and Sir Chief.

After over two years, the ABS-CBN kiligserye ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ finally took a bow earlier today. The series finale featured a scene in Vigan where Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Sir Chief (Richard Yap) reminisced the good times of their relationship, followed by Maya’s surprise 30th birthday and live farewell special.

Thus, for the first time since July 9, 2012, a new program will enter the fray in the pre-noontime slot.

Over the next six weeks, ABS-CBN will air three different stories as part of its ‘Give Love on Christmas’ specials. The first of these stories will run from December 1 to December 12, preceding ‘It’s Showtime’.

‘The Gift Giver’ will be headlined by veteran actor Eddie Garcia, with supporting roles from Aiko Melendez, Dimples Romana, Carlo Aquino, Louise Abuel, Gerald Madrid and Nadine Samonte. Alicia Alonzo will appear in a special role.

In ‘The Gift Giver’, Garcia will play Ernest, whose hope in life was to work hard and sacrifice just to have a complete and joyful family. But the death of his wife Laura (Alonzo) soon took its toll on the relationship between himself and his children, and now Ernest will try to renew ties with the rest of his family just in time for Christmas.

In addition to ‘The Gift Giver’, two other stories will be seen in the ‘Give Love on Christmas’ specials: ‘The Gift of Life’, starring Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador, and ‘Exchange Gift’, starring Paulo Avelino and KC Concepcion. The two stories will be aired on a still-yet-to-be-determined date.

On the verge of once again earning the tag of ‘Philippines’ No. 1 station’, ABS-CBN rewarded its loyal viewers with an early Christmas bonus. ‘Give Love on Christmas’ will be the last ABS-CBN offering of the year, and it should provide a fitting conclusion to another banner year for the Mother Ignacia-based network.

drama, entertainment, Philippines, television

‘Be Careful”s Wedding Episode

The long-awaited wedding between Richard ‘Sir Chief’ and Maya on ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ aired today to high ratings and social media reviews.

It was a long time coming, but Sir Chief (Richard Yap) and Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) finally tied the knot today. The one-year old ‘kiligserye’ ‘Be Careful with My Heart‘ aired the long-overdue wedding Friday afternoon, and as expected, it was a trending topic on social media circuits such as Twitter, and is also expected to top the noontime ratings.

The wedding was supposed to push through in September. However Maya’s grandmother Mamang Conchita (Divina Valencia) passed away, forcing the couple to move their marriage date to November. Nevertheless, viewers continued to keep track of the growing relationship between Sir Chief and Maya, even as Sta. Maria fell ill in real life with dengue and the film version was pulled out of the Metro Manila Film Festival.

‘Be Careful with My Heart’ has been ABS-CBN‘s top-rated daytime program since its debut last July 2012, and its immediate impact on the variety show-dominated noontime slot was remarkable. The program’s ratings success also spread through social media, where viewers continue to talk about the budding relationship between Sir Chief and Maya. It was so successful that Sta. Maria and Yap were now more identified as Maya and Sir Chief outside of the show, despite their prior success as a teenage actress and commercial model, respectively.

‘Be Careful”s story isn’t about to end soon with the wedding of Sir Chief and Maya. With the program sustaining its high ratings, expect new stories and revelations as they unfold.