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Bossing, Bitoy Get New Timeslots; Juan Direction Goes Everyday

‘Pepito Manaloto’ now moves to Saturday nights after several years delighting viewers on Sundays.

After several years of giving viewers laughs every Sunday, ‘Pepito Manaloto’ is moving on. But in order for that to happen, they have to trade with another sitcom.

It was announced that Michael V’s long-time reality sitcom will be leaving its old Sunday timeslot and move into the Saturday slot, just before the premiere of Marian Rivera’s dance show ‘Marian’. Its vacated slot will now be filled by the upcoming sitcom ‘Ismol Family’, starring Ryan Agoncillo and Carla Abellana.

‘Pepito Manaloto’ will also trade timeslots with Vic Sotto’s sitcom ‘Vampire ang Daddy Ko’. The MZET-produced series will retain the same timeslot after ’24 Oras Weekend’, except that it will now be seen every Sunday evenings.

The change in timeslots came after ABS-CBN’s ‘Home Sweetie Home’ moved to Saturday evenings in late May.  The sitcom received a new life as it outrated ‘Vampire ang Daddy Ko’ on its new timeslot, but with ‘Pepito Manaloto’ back to challenge the program, its newfound supremacy will now be tested again by its old adversary.

Meanwhile, GMA’s movie block ‘GMA Blockbusters’ will move to Sunday nights, giving the network either one or two movies to air every Sunday, with ‘Sunday Night Box Office’ the other block. Their intentions are very clear, despite the fact that airing ‘GMA Blockbusters’ on Sunday nights is deemed unnecessary.

In their defense, they want ‘Sunday Night Box Office’ to go up against ABS-CBN’s ‘Sunday’s Best’. But because ABS-CBN’s Sunday programming runs a little late thanks to ‘The Voice Kids’, ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’, and ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, GMA decided to intentionally run their programming late as well, thus the addition of another movie block.

Whether or not these moves will translate to better ratings remain to be seen. All in all, it was another serious attempt by the Kapuso network to turn things around. But then again, there is still the possibility of another tweak or two in a few weeks’ time if it fails.

Over at TV5, ‘Juan Direction’ will now be seen every weeknights, beginning June 23. ‘Juan Direction’ will replace ‘Confessions of a Torpe’, which airs its final episode tonight. In addition, teasers for the second season of ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’ began to air, with its season premiere yet to be determined.

And finally, ‘JasMine’ will now be seen four hours earlier on Sundays. The already unpredictable series, which returned following the stalking incident that halted taping of the second episode two weeks earlier, will now air right before the PBA games.

With that, good luck to both stations in their programming schedules this weekend.

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Concerts, Documentaries and Live Events a Rarity on SNBO

The concert ‘Voices of Love’ will be aired this Sunday on GMA’s SNBO.

On Sunday, GMA’s ‘Sunday Night Box Office’ will air the Valentine’s Day ‘Voices of Love’ concert featuring Martin Nievera and Regine Velasquez. In many ways, the concert serves as a much-needed respite from the repetitive Filipino-dubbed movies that have been airing on SNBO for some time. Unfortunately, airing these events are becoming increasingly rare on SNBO, and it didn’t help that GMA’s lack of revenue made it difficult to air something other than movies.

SNBO, for its part, has not fared well of late in the ratings against ABS-CBN’s ‘Sunday’s Best’. Much of the blame is centered on its broadcast of old Filipino-dubbed movies that has alienated movie fans of all ages. (Remember the infamous ‘SNBO Double Treat’?) This was in contrast to ‘Sunday’s Best”s high-quality offerings that range from a variety of documentaries and recent live events to the latest English-language films and Star Cinema releases. And when this program follows the highly-rated talk show ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, it is total disaster for SNBO.

But for this Sunday, movies on both SNBO and ‘Sunday’s Best’ will be taking a backseat.  In addition to GMA’s ‘Voices of Love’, ABS-CBN will be airing a documentary entitled ‘Lakwatsero sa Hokkaido’, in which Robi Domingo’s recent trip to Japan was covered. It will be interesting to see how a concert on SNBO will fare against a documentary on ‘Sunday’s Best’, but on a night where no movies were scheduled, it means a better option for viewers to end their weekend.

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Tagalization of Foreign Films

I was tuning in to both ABS-CBN and GMA late Sunday night, and it was obvious that I didn’t like the way GMA dubbed its movie. GMA’s ‘Sunday Night Box Office‘ aired the James Bond film ‘Casino Royale‘, while ABS-CBN’s ‘Sunday’s Best‘ aired ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’. I commend ABS-CBN for not dubbing ‘Resident Evil’, in the process keeping its integrity intact. Unfortunately I have to criticize GMA for dubbing ‘Casino Royale’.

In the last decade or so, there were attempts by the big networks to ‘Tagalize’ foreign films, particularly those produced in the United States. The problem is, the dubbing work of the voice actors were not at par with the original actors of the film. No one will accept a ‘Tagalized’ film if the dubber’s work of art is poor, especially if the accent is not consistent with the original. However, there is a reason why they keep on doing this: to gain viewers from the lowest of classes, and to familiarize them.

In the past, GMA’s ‘Sunday Night Box Office’ aired such films in English. However, as the network shifted its focus to the lower classes, they ‘Tagalized’ the films. This was another attempt by the network to regain its viewership, which is now being dominated on all classes by ABS-CBN. In addition, GMA airs three more movies during that day to fill programming hours, something they haven’t been able to replace.

Films are only aired on ABS-CBN’s ‘Sunday’s Best’ whenever there was no special event to air. However, with the Kapamilya network’s growing list of special events to cover, films on this block were getting rarer on a weekly basis. Nevertheless, if an opportunity arises, films on ABS-CBN’s ‘Sunday’s Best’ are aired without any dubbing excess, which is better for the casual viewer. In addition, they also air movies on the ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’ block every Sunday morning, whenever there is no sports event to cover.

Perhaps the king of movie blocks has to be TV5. Because of its thin lineup of programs, they resort to airing movies at least twice a day, all of which are ‘Tagalized’. Despite the deep pockets of Manny Pangilinan, the network has not been able to decrease this habit.

For the last time I never like films that are ‘Tagalized’, even as television viewing now shifts to a lower class society. I think foreign films should maintain its character and decency, without the excesses of shortcuts and dubbing to a different language. That way it can be enjoyed and seen by everyone. Sorry, but I will never watch a foreign film on GMA and TV5, because what they did destroys the integrity and completeness of a film.