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In 100 Words: Pinoy Basketball Feeling the Heat

Last night saw San Mig Coffee’s Marc Pingris engage in a fist-fight with Globalport’s Kelly Nabong. Last Sunday witnessed La Salle fan JJ Atayde shout heckling Ateneo head coach Bo Perasol, and then during the prior week three UE players were slapped with suspensions for unsportsmanlike fouls.

It has been a rough week for basketball in the Philippines, especially off the heels of a successful hosting stint in the FIBA Asia Championship. Poor officiating, unnecessary physicality, and fans cursing at players and coaches, have threatened the integrity of the sport. Unless they tone down on these actions, it may be a matter of time before FIBA acts on the matter.

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Tagalization of Foreign Films

I was tuning in to both ABS-CBN and GMA late Sunday night, and it was obvious that I didn’t like the way GMA dubbed its movie. GMA’s ‘Sunday Night Box Office‘ aired the James Bond film ‘Casino Royale‘, while ABS-CBN’s ‘Sunday’s Best‘ aired ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’. I commend ABS-CBN for not dubbing ‘Resident Evil’, in the process keeping its integrity intact. Unfortunately I have to criticize GMA for dubbing ‘Casino Royale’.

In the last decade or so, there were attempts by the big networks to ‘Tagalize’ foreign films, particularly those produced in the United States. The problem is, the dubbing work of the voice actors were not at par with the original actors of the film. No one will accept a ‘Tagalized’ film if the dubber’s work of art is poor, especially if the accent is not consistent with the original. However, there is a reason why they keep on doing this: to gain viewers from the lowest of classes, and to familiarize them.

In the past, GMA’s ‘Sunday Night Box Office’ aired such films in English. However, as the network shifted its focus to the lower classes, they ‘Tagalized’ the films. This was another attempt by the network to regain its viewership, which is now being dominated on all classes by ABS-CBN. In addition, GMA airs three more movies during that day to fill programming hours, something they haven’t been able to replace.

Films are only aired on ABS-CBN’s ‘Sunday’s Best’ whenever there was no special event to air. However, with the Kapamilya network’s growing list of special events to cover, films on this block were getting rarer on a weekly basis. Nevertheless, if an opportunity arises, films on ABS-CBN’s ‘Sunday’s Best’ are aired without any dubbing excess, which is better for the casual viewer. In addition, they also air movies on the ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’ block every Sunday morning, whenever there is no sports event to cover.

Perhaps the king of movie blocks has to be TV5. Because of its thin lineup of programs, they resort to airing movies at least twice a day, all of which are ‘Tagalized’. Despite the deep pockets of Manny Pangilinan, the network has not been able to decrease this habit.

For the last time I never like films that are ‘Tagalized’, even as television viewing now shifts to a lower class society. I think foreign films should maintain its character and decency, without the excesses of shortcuts and dubbing to a different language. That way it can be enjoyed and seen by everyone. Sorry, but I will never watch a foreign film on GMA and TV5, because what they did destroys the integrity and completeness of a film.

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Sunday Mass on Philippine Television

Sundays are family days, and one obligation of a family every Sunday is to attend weekly Mass. During early Sunday mornings, a majority of television stations air a live Sunday Mass for families who have no time going to church. However, there were some exceptions.

GMA, for some reason, does not broadcast a weekly Sunday Catholic mass. Instead, they air programs that preach the word of God in a different way. Bro. Eddie Villanueva‘s Jesus is Lord Church has been loyal to the GMA Network for over three decades, airing the flagship program ‘Jesus the Healer’ every Sunday morning. In addition, the said program also airs on sister station GMA News TV on Saturday mornings. After ‘Jesus the Healer’, Dr. Charles Stanley‘s In Touch Ministries air their flagship program on the said network. Like JIL, In Touch and GMA have a loyal relationship that has stretched over two decades.

Even though network affiliate GMA Pinoy TV has committed to air a live Sunday Mass for OFWs every week, the fact that GMA does not commit to air a live Sunday Mass on a weekly basis still baffles me. Although they have aired a Mass on occasion, such events are only aired every Christmas and Holy Week, and is aired via satellite from the Vatican. GMA needs to air a weekly Sunday Mass like its competitors ABS-CBN and TV5, unless they prove that their braintrust are not practicing Catholics.

Net 25, for obvious reasons, is owned by the Iglesia ni Cristo, whose flagship programs likewise air every weekend morning on the said network. Although the INC has its own television network, unfortunately they still air their programs on Net 25, despite the fact that both were UHF television networks. Still, its loyalty to the INC is immeasurable.

Exceptions aside, Sunday Mass on television has been a tradition since the 1960s. Sunday Mass always kicks off the Sunday schedule for most television networks, whose programming that day is normally dedicated to families everywhere. For those who have no time going to church, tuning in to Sunday Mass on television is a need to rediscover both Jesus Christ and salvation.

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Another New Sunday Concept for GMA

GMA 7 is set to launch ‘Sunday All Stars’ on June 16. But will this show become an audience favorite? (Logo courtesy of GMA Sunday All Stars Facebook Page)

I wrote a prior article regarding GMA 7’s inability to beat ABS-CBN on Sunday afternoons. Then came those teasers for the upcoming Sunday variety show ‘Sunday All Stars’. They announced that the new show will debut on June 16. But how did it all started?

Since ‘Party Pilipinas‘ aired for the last time, GMA 7 aired Filipino movies and teleserye reruns in the vacated timeslot while ‘Sunday All Stars’ await its debut. I have previously written about the need for sports programming to be aired on GMA 7, but the executives themselves had no clue on how to temporarily fill the timeslot vacated by ‘Party Pilipinas’. So instead they aired those cheesy movies, and recently they aired the first-week rerun of ‘Anna Karenina’. The latter I think is not that important; they should have aired the final week of ‘Love and Lies’ instead of ‘Anna Karenina’ for the reason that the climax of a series is the more dramatic than that of the beginning, which would interest audiences. As expected, ASAP emphatically beat GMA 7’s rerun programming in the weeks following the demise of ‘Party Pilipinas’.

Which brings me to ‘Sunday All Stars’. Unlike ‘SOP‘ and ‘Party Pilipinas’, the upcoming program is said to combine elements of traditional concert-based variety shows and weekday game shows like Eat Bulaga. Apparently it is not a new concept; TV5 once used this approach in their P.O.5 (Party on 5). Like its predecessors, the performers will come from the stable of the GMA Artist Center, along with veteran stars Janno Gibbs, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, and Jaya. The show is a fresh and modern concept designed to attract a younger and more energetic audience. However it took weeks to develop before the teasers finally start rolling.

Now that the show is about to debut, the question is, will it be able to stay at par with ASAP? We’ll find out. Also there’s still no word on the new Sunday afternoon showbiz talk show that GMA is planning as a replacement for HOT TV, so keep an eye on that.