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AlDub Pa More, Commercial Style

The tandem of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is becoming increasingly bankable.

Not only are they helping ‘Eat Bulaga’ reach new levels of popularity, but they are also becoming more attractive to advertisers. The tandem’s well-received commercial plugs with McDonalds and TNT (Talk N’ Text) has led to even more endorsements as the year comes to an end.

These include commercials for the following products:

Bear Brand Adult Plus

Tide 6



Datu Puti

Hapee Toothpaste


Outside of AlDub, Alden and Maine also shot individual commercials for products such as Boardwalk and O+. Even Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros (in character as Lola Nidora, Tinidora and Tidora respectively) have made an appearance in some of their commercials.

Not all parties are happy with their success. ABS-CBN, in particular, has some strict rules regarding commercials, which should explain why AlDub commercials there have been limited and at times edited by the network.

Of course, ABS-CBN did not want to risk losing viewers simply by accepting a split-screen duo that is more synonymous with rival GMA, TAPE Inc. and ‘Eat Bulaga’. They have their own bankable set of love teams, after all.


With the success of AlDub translating into higher revenue for the products they endorse, it is clear how transcendent the two have been to advertisers. But what about the big screen, as in ‘My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore’?

Let’s wait and see if their impact on ‘Eat Bulaga’ and commercial endorsements will translate into box-office success this Christmas.

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Fan Complaints on NBA Coverage

The NBA is responsible for assigning the games to its international partners, giving all 30 teams the needed exposure.

The live NBA games in the Philippines are currently aired on four different channels. Basketball TV and NBA Premium TV air the games on a daily basis, while ABS-CBN Sports and Fox Sports Asia air the games at least twice a week. However, not all fans are happy with the selection of games that each channel gets.

Almost everyday fans voice their grievances on social media over the assigned game, claiming that the game of their favorite team should have been aired. Some even go as far as blaming the network for its supposed favoritism over the also-rans, or teams with a recent history of futility. Others also complain over the delayed broadcast of some games. Whatever the reason, the fans’ anger over the network’s featured game is usually unavoidable.

For your information, the office of the National Basketball Association is responsible for assigning the games to its international distributors. While the NBA has the right to assign the most compelling matchups to American networks ESPN, ABC and TNT, this is a different case outside the United States and Canada. Thus for all intents and purposes, the NBA always tries its best to give all 30 teams its fair share of airtime to its partners around the world.

In addition, the NBA also promotes the NBA League Pass as an alternative outlet for fans. NBALP is an out-of-market subscription outlet that airs up to 40 regular season games every week. And while the price may be more expensive than an ordinary cable subscription, this latest venture should help the most loyal of fans in getting their NBA fix.

With these options, fans can enjoy watching their favorite teams almost every day, no matter the record. But for fans still yapping on NBA’s selection, just write a letter of complaint to the commissioner’s office for an explanation. After all, this is just a game.