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The Root of Triple H’s Tyranny in WWE

These days, the WWE universe pay witness to the tyrannical rule of Triple H and his family, claiming that his orders were ‘for the good of the business’. His first order was to put the WWE championship in Randy Orton‘s hands, and then hired The Shield as his bodyguards. The main target of the group is Daniel Bryan, who Triple H thought is not a good fit to the be ‘face of the WWE’. The entire roster tried to side with Bryan, with the Big Show, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler serving as spokesmen against Triple H’s so-called ‘dictatorship’. However, the WWE’s COO threatened to fire those who spoke against him, perhaps as revenge for this moment.

Two years ago, the majority of the WWE roster gave Triple H a vote of no confidence after the roster voiced out their complaints regarding the recent chaos within WWE. The roster, led by John Laurinaitis, thought that the presence of Triple H created an unsafe working environment, and that ‘The Game”s inability to manage the situation only made it worse. This led to the walkout of the roster, and Triple H was later stripped of his authoritative powers by his father-in-law Vince McMahon.  The video of the walkout angle can be viewed below.

Take note that Sheamus and John Cena were absent during the roster walkout, and neither were currently seen in WWE programming due to injury. CM Punk was also absent, due to the fact that his rebellious straight-edge persona was being rewritten for the upcoming feud with soon-to-be Raw general manager Laurinaitis. Then-face Orton was also absent.

Triple H’s revenge for the roster’s walkout on him two years earlier is now incorporated into the storyline between himself, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. The entire roster, previously defiant in the walkout angle, now appears scared of Triple H’s tyranny for the sake of their employment lives, and that they cannot help Bryan at all in his quest to earn the respect of WWE management. The video below of the WWE roster’s inability to help Bryan can be viewed below.

Much like two years ago, Triple H’s authoritative presence in the WWE created an unsafe working environment, only this time he runs with an iron fist. And without a John Cena to make his presence felt, things will only get worse.


WWE: Evolution 2.0

A new Evolution? Looks like Triple H and Randy Orton are plotting a revival of the hated stable known as Evolution.

A decade ago, Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista formed the heel stable known as ‘Evolution‘. The concept behind it is that Flair, the 16-time world champion, would act as mentor to the then-current champion Triple H, who in turn pass that knowledge to young studs Orton and Batista. Throughout late 2003 and early 2004, Evolution reached its pinnacle when every member held a championship. Though the group gradually dissolved after Orton and Batista’s world title victories, its legacy remains instrumental to the WWE today.

This year, there is a so-called ‘Evolution 2.0’ brewing in WWE. At SummerSlam, Triple H turned heel when he pedigreed Daniel Bryan, helping former Evolution stablemate Orton cash his Money in the Bank contract and win the WWE Championship. In the weeks after Triple H and Orton would humiliate Bryan, in the process bringing along The Shield for protection purposes.

Like the original Evolution, this group played the role of bad guys who love to beat up on their popular babyface counterparts. Moreover, the concept of evolution was emphasized here.  Triple H now acts as the mentor to the WWE Champion Orton, with the Shield playing the role of a younger Orton and Batista. In just two weeks this new band (or stable, if you’re wrestling-conscious) has wreaked havoc within the WWE universe, with their most hated target being Daniel Bryan.

In the coming weeks this unnamed stable will continue to bring nightmares to both Bryan and the WWE universe. And with Triple H pulling the strings in his role as the Chief Operating Officer, the entire WWE roster (heels, faces and tweeners notwithstanding) will only watch helplessly as this stable continues to thwart Daniel Bryan in his quest to regain respect and the WWE Championship.

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Daniel Bryan vs. WWE


Daniel Bryan is currently facing the entire WWE, over the McMahons’ claim that he is not superstar material.

SummerSlam last Sunday in Los Angeles provided a glimpse on the twists and turns of WWE storylines. The WWE Championship matches were a shocker, to say the least. John Cena, expected to miss time due to injury, relinquished the title to Daniel Bryan. However, the story didn’t end there. Randy Orton, the Money in the Bank winner, cashed in his shot at the title. Triple H, the special guest referee for the match, provided his former Evolution ally a much-needed opening by nailing Bryan with a Pedigree, culminating with Orton pinning Bryan and winning the WWE Championship.

Over the past few weeks, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, his daughter Stephanie, and son-in-law Triple H, doubted Bryan over his image and capability of winning and honoring the WWE Championship. They claim that the image of Bryan holding the gold is not what WWE wanted, further concluding that Bryan is not WWE superstar material. This started a feud between Bryan and the McMahons, even going as far as sending The Shield to protect the McMahons and the WWE roster from Bryan at the end of Raw the night after SummerSlam. There is no doubt that the crowd was behind Bryan, but the rest of the WWE, led by Orton, were against him.

One particular theory behind the McMahons’ doubt over Bryan came during his ‘No, No, No’ gimmick, where he became a pessimistic and bitter wrestler after he was dumped by AJ Lee in the middle of their wedding ceremony last year. Of course, many knew Bryan’s psychotic gimmick, but Orton once had the gimmick of a psychotic wrestler during his feud with Triple H in 2009. That cancels out this theory. Another of McMahon’s theories is that Bryan’s beard does not fit the corporate WWE image, which led to an attempt to shave Bryan’s beard on Raw several weeks back. However, Orton currently sports a beard too, thus cancelling out this theory as well.

Another one came back in Bryan’s first WWE tenure. Back during his Nexus days, Bryan once strangled ring announcer Justin Roberts during a Raw live show in 2010, leading to his dismissal from the company. Yes, Bryan was fired the first time around, while Orton has remained with the company since his days as ‘The Legend Killer’. That incident alone may have proven the McMahons’ claim that Bryan was never WWE superstar material to begin with because of incidents such as this.

Over the next few weeks Daniel Bryan will continue to feud with the McMahons, Randy Orton, and perhaps the rest of the WWE. Whether or not Bryan is worthy to be a superstar remains to be seen.

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Brock Lesnar Needs More WWE Airtime

Brock Lesnar’s infrequent WWE appearances have been a headache for fans, who expect a lot more from ‘The Next Big Thing’.

It was in April of last year when Brock Lesnar shocked the WWE Universe with an F-5 on John Cena. Many thought that bigger things would come on his second WWE stint. Instead he has appeared rather infrequently, twice ‘quitting’ in the process before coming back. If Brock Lesnar was to make a statement the second time around, he has to appear more frequently rather than hiding out of the spotlight.

A month into his second stint, Lesnar turned his attention to Triple H, who broke his arm with his Kimura Lock the night after losing to John Cena at Extreme Rules. Unfortunately for the fans, the feud took more than a year to resolve, and twice during the feud Lesnar ‘quit’ for various reasons. Three matches against them took place, at SummerSlam, at WrestleMania 29, and at Extreme Rules, with Lesnar winning two of the three matches. It was during the feud that Paul Heyman, a manager of Lesnar’s early in his first WWE stint, decided to get involved with the legal repercussions of Lesnar’s contract. However, while Lesnar was out for several months, Heyman shifted his attention to CM Punk, then on the verge of the longest WWE championship reign in over two decades.

I thought a new stable led by Heyman would emerge, featuring Punk, Lesnar and The Shield. After all The Shield, whether they deny it or not, helped Punk retain the WWE championship twice against Ryback, Instead The Shield moved on and attacked other wrestlers who stood in their way. Meanwhile Punk got into a feud with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, leading to a pair of matches that eventually ended Punk’s lengthy reign, and Lesnar resumed his feud with Triple H upon returning. However, Heyman accompanied both Punk and Lesnar separately, which kept me teasing on whether or not Punk and Lesnar would get involved. Which led to that fateful WWE Raw episode last June 17.

After Punk decided to move on from the management of Paul Heyman, Lesnar made his return following Punk’s victory over World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, and eventually took him out with an F-5. I felt that was the beginning of a lengthy feud between both of them; however Lesnar has not made return since. Instead of a match between them at Money in the Bank, Punk was booked into the eponymous Money in the Bank ladder match. Meanwhile, Heyman replaced Punk with Curtis Axel, who eventually became Intercontinental Champion. At this point Punk and Heyman were having their differences following the fallout, and the involvement of Axel made it more complicated. Had Lesnar furthered his feud with Punk, that would have made it more interesting.

It remains to be seen whether a Lesnar interference on Money in the Bank would add fuel to the fire in their feud with Punk. Right now, Lesnar’ infrequent WWE appearances were becoming a headache, and many fans wonder what act will ‘The Next Big Thing’ bring the next time.