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In 100 Words: TV5’s ‘Choose Courage’ Station ID

TV5 under Chot Reyes is all about ‘courage’.

The network’s latest station ID was unveiled two weeks ago, and it featured the network’s newest offerings summarized in a one-minute film. The message of the station ID was simple: people should always overcome challenges and find the strength to escape fear.

As far as the station ID goes, the message may be prophetic, but what is the point when there are still some weaknesses to address. Remember the talk about TV shopping and News5 show reruns, not to mention all the problems that AksyonTV faces?

That said, unless Chot Reyes addresses these glaring issues, the ‘Choose Courage’ slogan that TV5 projects this year will not apply today. Until then, TV5 must take the long road in order to prove that they are indeed ‘courageous’.

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In 100 Words: Where Are You, GMA Summer Station ID?

The summer station ID remains out of the picture for GMA.

Last week, ABS-CBN and TV5 officially launched their respective summer station IDs. Shine Pilipinas was the theme for ABS-CBN’s summer SID, while #HappySaSummer was the theme for TV5’s summer SID (videos below).

With the two stations launching their summer SIDs, GMA is now the odd one out. As of today, the network has yet to formalize any plan of creating their summer SID for this year.

In past years, GMA was able to keep up with their rivals when it comes to themed SIDs. But with the network recently enduring a lot of frustrating performances, it remains to be seen if they’ll make one this year.

Hopefully it’s never too late for GMA to cheer up their audience with their summer station ID. Or will they?