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In 100 Words: LaBoracay

Thousands of tourists troop to Boracay to celebrate Labor Day Weekend, in what is now known to many as ‘LaBoracay’.

For many working-class citizens, Labor Day is a special occasion that pays tribute to the blue-collar men and women of society. But in the Philippines, Labor Day means something else.

In a beach paradise that is Boracay, teenagers and young adults troop to this island to not only relax, but also to party, play and drink the stress away. ‘LaBoracay’, as it is popularly called, attracts thousands of tourists on a yearly basis during Labor Day Weekend, and is typically the high point of summer in the said island.

This year’s ‘LaBoracay’ is expected to be even bigger. And with more tourists arriving, there is no question that ‘LaBoracay’ is everybody’s summer highlight.

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From the Tube Takes a Sabbatical This Holy Week

From the Tube will be off the blogosphere this Holy Week. Regular posts will resume after the Easter weekend.

Holy Week is about reflection, prayer and sacrifice. It is a week where Jesus Christ’s passion, death and resurrection is commemorated, and for many Filipinos, this is the time where they take a respite from their busy lifestyles, and look back religiously at the things that God has done to them.

And as part of maintaining that serenity and calm, there will be no new posts on From the Tube for the duration of the Holy Week. Regular posts will resume right after the Easter weekend.

Then, for those who want to check out the upcoming television programs this Holy Week, click on Timow’s latest post on his blog. And finally, most radio stations will be off the air from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday, so I advise readers to legally download songs as soon as possible, so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes without disturbing the peace.

From the Tube would like to wish everyone a safe and blessed Holy Week. For those leaving Metro Manila for either a trip to the beach or at the church, enjoy your brief vacation.