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Lip-Sync Battle Philippines Nears End

The end is getting closer for ‘Lip-Sync Battle Philippines’.

A few episodes remain for this franchised GMA celebrity talent show, whose finale will take place around September. A replacement, ‘Superstar Duets’, was officially announced by GMA a few days earlier (more on that in a future article).

In relation to that, Iya Villania-Arellano announced that she will take a maternity leave to prepare for the birth of her son with husband Drew Arellano. Thus she will leave behind not only her hosting duties with the ‘Lip-Sync Battle Philippines’, but also with ’24 Oras’.

The only question remains though, is whether or not GMA can ably replace Iya with another co-host for the final few episodes of ‘Lip-Sync Battle Philippines’. As it stands, host Michael V may have to do it all alone, which may either be a blessing in disguise or a bad case of overwork.

‘Lip-Sync Battle Philippines’ first premiered on February 27, and it featured celebrities dressed as iconic singers lip-synching to their hit songs. It was GMA’s first franchised show since ‘Don’t Lose the Money’ two years ago.

Though the show had promise, they were unable to make an impact in the ratings.  For the entirety of its run, ‘Lip-Sync Battle Philippines’ was pitted against ABS-CBN shows ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’, ‘The Voice Kids’, ‘We Love OPM: The Celebrity Sing-offs’ and ‘Pinoy Big Brother’, each of which posted better ratings than the former.

To make matters worse, Michael V found himself overexposed in the first few months of ‘Lip-Sync Battle Philippines’. Prior to the show’s timeslot change on July 2, it was aired back-to-back with ‘Pepito Manaloto’, which also starred Bitoy.

Overall, ‘Lip-Sync Battle Philippines’ was a good show. Notwithstanding its unimpressive ratings, the show was worth watching for those who know the art of lip-synching.

As the show comes to an end in September, one can only hope that it will make a final impression to its viewers. But it remains to be seen whether or not Michael V can hold the fort alone, that is unless GMA can find an able replacement for Iya.


10 thoughts on “Lip-Sync Battle Philippines Nears End

    • You mean this one to replace LSBPH?

      That’ll be part of Ralph’s blog backlogs for next month. Kailangan muna ng specific premiere date and his level of priority.

  1. Regarding these programs:
    Lip Sync Battle PH had overexposure, as it was back-to-back with Pepito Manaloto, ABS-CBN also had that issue with Billy Crawford and Vice Ganda during Celebrity Playtime and Pilipinas Got Talent, in LSBPH’s case, it traded timeslots with Magpakailanman.
    Superstar Duets might compete with Pinoy Boyband Superstar, and might pose a counter to the latter.

    • I don’t think GMA will make another timeslot change once LSBPH concludes. The talent shows of ABS are just too much for them to handle. Besides, they want to give Magpakailanman a head start over MMK.

  2. Lip Sync Battle PH, was off to a good start for a very short time, then it’s ratings started to plummet, presumably due to overexposure, but, the timeslot trade was barely enough for it to keep it’s ratings.

    • Let’s face it, LSBPH didn’t exactly draw many viewers from the start. They had to compete with Pilipinas Got Talent and The Voice Kids, both of which drew higher ratings, then their situation didn’t quite change once they faced We Love OPM and PBB.

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