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The Net 25 Under the INC Spell

The original Net 25 logo, back before the Iglesia ni Cristo made its way to Net 25’s air time. (Logo courtesy of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation).

Back when they were still not airing Iglesia ni Cristo programs, Net 25 provided alternative programming for viewers too bored to watch teleseryes. Remember when they used to air Ocean Girl, Thunder Stone, The New Yankee Workshop, House Calls, TechTV, etc.? That was the Net 25 I used to know. Now it is all but a distant memory.

The old Net 25 delivered programs that were cited with the Anak TV seal. It had a dedicated fanbase who loved to watch the network’s canned programs from various countries such as Australia and Germany. And they were also one of the first networks to air techie programs from the now-defunct TechTV network in the US. Unfortunately, when the heated Iglesia ni Cristo-Ang Dating Daan feud got underway in 2001, Net 25 stepped in to air INC’s Ang Tamang Daan while SBN 21 aired ADD at the 9:00 p.m. timeslot.

Gradually Net 25 added more programs produced by the Iglesia ni Cristo, rendering its canned programs expendable. In the years that followed, the network started producing their own programs, such as Convergence, while expanding their focus on the INC. Even as GEM-TV 49 (now INC-TV) started to air in 2005, Net 25 continues to air programming from the INC.

In my view, Net 25 today is merely a clone of INC-TV, featuring most of the same programming and focus. And although Net 25 still airs news programs and general interest shows, it is clear that they focus more on the programs produced by the Iglesia ni Cristo. No disrespect to the INC, but this is not how Net 25 is being run. Why? Because both channels are on free TV. Had INC-TV become a cable-exclusive network rather than a free TV channel, Net 25 would have been complemented by the network and given block time.

To this day, I don’t think Net 25 has what it takes to become a distinct and useful source for alternative programming. They used to be ‘the’ network with never-before-seen canned programs. But with the Iglesia ni Cristo invading most of their air time, Net 25 became a mere shell of its former self, supplementing rather than complementing its programs. The old Net 25 is great, but the current one is just too cluttered.


33 thoughts on “The Net 25 Under the INC Spell

    • I know that’s a business but they already have INC-TV, which they launched after all INC programs started airing on Net 25 in an effort to further their audience. That’s too much already. Net 25 was launched as a general interest network, not as a religious network. If they only launched INC-TV as a cable channel rather than a free TV channel, then it would work out. But it doesn’t. Net 25 is now a poor man’s UNTV IMO.

      • INC have the money to pay for the airtime and that’s all that matters, and it’s not bad even they aired all their programs in NET25 as long as they teaching the word of God, are you not happy to listen to it? and you don’t owned the network, it’s not your choice.

      • I’m ok with that propagation of the word of God. But I miss the old one, so yeah I was just reminiscing while thinking what really happened when the INC took over. It’s because of the Ang Dating Daan on SBN-21, that’s why they decided to put their programs on Net 25 simply to ‘compete’ with each other at the time.

      • since you don’t understand and it’s not clear to you what their purposes for doing that, just shot your mouth. don’t make stories about under spell.

      • Ok I accept that, but it’s my view and MY OPINION only, that of which does not reflect the views of any media company nor any organization. Criticism is accepted, but not tolerated.

  1. There are too many other channels, why complain about one? 🙂 I’m sure those used to be offered in the old Net 25 have an equivalent in other channels, if not the same thing.

    • But did they offer The New Yankee Workshop, Housecalls, or other shows that Net 25 used to air? These programs have something distinct in them, something that other programs in most channels couldn’t offer back then.

  2. Gone are good days! I admit with my childish ignorance behind the network’s ownership, Net25 was a very good alternative with Li’l Horrors, Our House, TechTV, House Calls, and Reading Between The Lions and Donny & Marie.

    Net25 was once advertised, with my photographic memory, in the Philippine Free Press in 2000, when Net25 was a year in operation.

    What happened today, or in short, anyare? How can Net25 sustain without advertisements? It’s probably coming from Iglesia ni Cristo’s tithes that sustain the network.

    • Their ads have come from the San Miguel Corporation, but IDK if Danding Cojuangco is a practicing INC member. INC is trying too hard to induct new members by airing a lot of television programs related to their religion, most of which involved too much Bible reading and emphasis on the Last Messenger, Acts 20:28 and the church’s origins. That’s info overload, and Net 25 became a victim of that. Unlike UNTV where Eli Soriano’s ministry airs just one program which was ‘Ang Dating Daan’.

      • Net25 is OWNED by the Iglesia ni Cristo, the purpose of INC programs in the said station is not because of ADD for competition but to propagate the INC teachings. It is the same purpose why Pinas fm, dzec and dzem.

        Before, the INC has GEMtv, now called INCTV and airs as free channel and as cable channel, they renamed it so that people will easily recognize it. INCTV focuses on the propagating the church teachings and programs all about the church. Since there are avid viewers of Net25, yes youre right, INC programs still air on that channel for purposes of evangelization, that while nonmembers watch their favorite tv show, they can hear atleast about the INC.

        And as far as i know, INCTV has a clear signal only on a small portion in Luzon, so net25 should still air INC programs for the benefit of the brethren and also for nonmembers. i hope you can get the point now, its also about the signal.

  3. In my view, Net 25 today is merely a clone of INC-TV, featuring most of the same programming and focus. And although Net 25 still airs news programs and general interest shows, it is clear that they focus more on the programs produced by the Iglesia ni Cristo. No disrespect to the INC,

    • I agree. INC is only using Net 25 to attract new members and aggressively promote their beliefs, when they already have their own TV channel. A case of info overload, perhaps.

  4. 1.00 says:

    I like some of their shows like the Convergence and some of their information shows like Landmarks, and yeah some of the shows before.

  5. Jc says:

    Interesting to note about Net25’s broadcasting schedule as of this moment, it is slightly similar to Canada’s CHCH TV 11 where they are more news and commentary-intensive on weekdays, hence with the presence of Pambansang Almusal, Agila Balita 7:30am, Sa Ganang Mamamayan, Liwanagin Natin, Taumbahay, Agila Probinsya 11:30am, Agila Balita 12:00nn, ASEAN In Focus, Piskante Ng Bayan, Agila Probinsya 5:30pm, Mata ng Agila, Eagle News International, and Eagle News Update.

  6. Jc says:

    I guess the reason why (as we all know) Net 25 continues to air INC programs, it is because (based on raw info on wikipedia) Net 25 also has relay stations in Baguio, Cebu, and Davao. Thus INC TV’s free tv coverage only covers Metro Manila and nearby areas.

    Is it definitely unlikely that EBC and CEBSI be merged (as INCRTV) in order to at least avoid any “confusions” in terms of airing INC shows both on TV and radio?

    • Very unlikely. Eagle Broadcasting was intended exclusively as a general interest station, while CEBSI was intended to be the home of Iglesia ni Cristo programs on radio and TV. Merging both together may create chaos between the two outfits. They’d be better off as two separate outfits. Though, on a few occasions, the two can coexist, but overall, they’d rather stay as they are.

      INC-TV is also a cable station, especially those outside Metro Manila. Which does explain why SkyCable has two feeds of INC-TV.

  7. Actually mula’t sapul nasa ilalim na ng pangangasiwa ng INC ang Net25. Noong nasa ilalim pa nila Angel Manalo ang Net25, ipinasok nila ang canned programs na sinasabi mo dahil sa sinusubukan pa nilang i-market ang Net25 sa upscale viewers. Kaya nawala ang canned programs ay sinubukan na ng Net25 na i-market sa more mainstream audiences ang istasyon at kaya nadagdagan ang INC-related content dahil gusto ng management ngayon na i-stress ang identity ng Net25 as an INC-aligned station, unlike noong sila Angel pa ang nangangasiwa na medyo trying hard pa na i-market ang Net25 towards non-INC audiences. The reason why the INC operated two networks is to:

    1. have a purely religious channel that will cater to religious programming and for INC-centric audiences. INCTV is directly operated by the Church.
    2. have a television station that can provide alternatives to mainstream media while at the same time making it known that the station is aligned with the INC. Net25 is aligned with lay church members.

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