4 thoughts on “Solar Entertainment Channels Undergo Rebrand

  1. Jose Tiamson says:

    Well the biggest news about this new era for Solar is that Ms.Universe 2016 which will be held in the Philippines will now air on ETC after acquiring the broadcast rights from ABS-CBN who was the official Philippine broadcaster to the pageant from 2010-2015.

    • There is a reason why ABS decided not to renew: the upcoming Miss U in Manila will start at 5 a.m. (article below), and such a start could pose a conflict with Umagang Kay Ganda. As much as ABS wants to air it live, they can’t do so out of respect to their morning news program.

      Unfortunately for ETC, they do not have the mass appeal that ABS has, owing to the station’s assignment on UHF free TV and its female-centric programming. So for those watching Miss U this early, it’s going to be a daunting affair as far as accessibility and body clock is concerned.

      • Gab says:

        Well, suprisingly naurong ito from 5am to 8am na. Ang Solar naman ay mag-nenegotiate sa mga local networks, particularly GMA and TV5 to cover the event (while pre-pageant activities naman ang icocover ng TV5).

        So may chance ang ABS-CBN para dyan.

      • Essentially, Solar will play the role of blocktimer for Miss U, knowing that ETC has limited range due to its status as a low-power UHF station. Thus, kailangan talaga ng mga malalaking networks for purposes of wide coverage.

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