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Ryan vs. Juday on Saturday Nights

Despite their status as a married couple, Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos have different loyalties, which will be emphasized when the two celebrities’ programs face off this Saturday night.

It’s difficult to avoid pitting celebrity couples against each other for ratings, and this couple is no exception. In case you missed the point, read this previous article about one-time dating couple Jennylyn Mercado and Luis Manzano and the programs they host opposite each other during weekday mornings.

Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos have been married for four years, but both ply their trade on opposite sides of the most heated broadcasting rivalry today. Agoncillo was bred to be a Kapuso, rising from the ranks as a host in ‘Unang Hirit‘ before earning his stripes as a mainstay of ‘Eat Bulaga‘, with several stints as a Kapamilya and Kapatid talent in between. Meanwhile Santos was groomed to be a Kapamilya, starting with a breakthrough role in ‘Mara Clara‘ until her various roles in successful primetime teleseryes earned her the tag of ‘Queen of Pinoy Soap Operas’.

Beginning this Saturday Agoncillo and Santos will be pitted against each other in the same timeslot. Juday’s current project ‘Bet on Your Baby’ has been on the air for over a month now, and is raking in high ratings since its debut. In response, GMA created their own game show with a theme capitalizing on the ‘selfie’ craze. The new show will be titled ‘Picture! Picture!’, with Ryan taking over the hosting job.

‘Picture! Picture!’ will replace the children’s fantasy program ‘One Day Isang Araw’, which unfortunately flopped against ‘Bet on Your Baby’ and previously ‘Kapamilya Deal or No Deal‘ in its timeslot. With ‘Picture! Picture!’ GMA now has two game shows on a Saturday night, the other being ‘Celebrity Bluff‘ hosted by Eugene Domingo, Jose Manalo and a guest host.

Despite the decision of the GMA management to pit ‘Picture! Picture!’ against ‘Bet on Your Baby’, Ryan has stated that there is no personal rivalry between him and his wife, and insisted that their shows are about ‘good competition’. And why not? Both shows have interesting formats and approaches which should keep audiences thrilled with every move.

The ratings war between ‘Picture! Picture!’ and ‘Bet on Your Baby’ should be a good one, not only because it pits a celebrity couple like Ryan and Juday, but it also raises the bar for game shows to follow.


13 thoughts on “Ryan vs. Juday on Saturday Nights

  1. James Ty III says:

    Bud, this is a bit off topic, but I would like to inform you that GMA will not air a replay of the Pacquiao-Rios fight on Sunday night. That will be aired on IBC 13. GMA will show a concert of Aljur Abrenica on SNBO.

    ABS-CBN will air two Tagalog movies on Sunday: Ang Dalubhasa with FPJ at 9 am and This Guy’s In Love with You Mare at 11 am. ASAP follows at 1 pm, Luv U at 4:15 pm, Buzz ng Bayan at 5 pm, TV Patrol at 7 pm, Goin Bulilit at 7:30, Rated K at 8 pm, Star Cinema Originals at 9 pm, Gandang Gabi Vice at 11 pm and Sunday’s Best at 11:45 pm.

    Star Cinema Originals for Sunday is Suddenly It’s Magic with Erich Gonzales and Mario Maurer while Sunday’s Best will feature a documentary on Andres Bonifacio’s 150th birth anniversary hosted by Cheche Lazaro.

    Please make a post about this so that everyone can be informed. Thanks.

  2. James Ty III says:

    GMA News TV is more preoccupied with airing documentaries dubbed in Tagalog on Sunday nights. Besides, IBC needs some airtime after losing the PBA.

  3. James Ty III says:

    By the way, there is a slight change in the ABS-CBN sked tomorrow.

    ABS-CBN will air two Tagalog movies on Sunday: Ang Dalubhasa with FPJ at 9 am and This Guy’s In Love with You Mare at 11 am. ASAP will air a Best of Special at 1 pm, followed by Luv U at 3, Buzz ng Bayan at 3:45, TV Patrol at 5:45, Goin Bulilit at 6:15, Rated K at 6:45, Suddenly It’s Magic at 7:45, Gandang Gabi Vice at 9:45, the Be Careful with my Heart Wedding at 10:45 and the docu of Bonifacio at 11:45 pm

    • ABS-CBN always had the habit of airing movies opposite Pacquiao fights. Too bad GMA didn’t do that when Donaire fought two weeks ago, thinking he’s just a ‘poor man’s Pacquiao’.

      • James Ty III says:

        ASAP will air a best of special tomorrow. No live show with Martin Nievera, Gary V and the rest of the Kapamilyas. This is ABS’s way of respecting Pacquiao.

      • That’s what ABS do in every Pacquiao fight. But during the fight of Nonito Donaire two weeks ago, GMA didn’t care about the other top boxer, instead airing a Pacquiao replay opposite that fight. I don’t care if Donaire is not at the same level as Pacquiao, but GMA should have done the same thing.

      • Back when Marian and Dingdong were younger. Marian’s teleseryes such as MariMar and Darna were hits back then. That was the first year of ABS-CBN’s subscription with Kantar. Since then everything went down for the Kapuso network.

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