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So Long, ‘Basta Every Day Happy’

‘Basta Every Day Happy’ officially bowed out yesterday morning. (Photo credit: GMA Network)

For the first time since December 30, 2011, Chef Boy Logro has no weekday program on the GMA Network.

‘Basta Every Day Happy’, the talk show hosted by Alessandra de Rossi, Gladys Reyes, Donita Rose and the aforementioned Chef Boy Logro, officially bowed out of the airwaves yesterday morning. As a result,  GMA replaced ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ with yet another rerun of ‘Slam Dunk’.

This left GMA without a local program in between ‘Unang Hirit’ and ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’. Considering their so-called ‘success’ with the ‘Astig Authority’ block, they may have made a wise decision, but rival ABS-CBN’s late morning programs like ‘The Singing Bee’ prove otherwise.

Debuting on May 12, 2014, ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ was GMA’s latest attempt at producing their own talk show (‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ doesn’t count since it is produced by blocktimer TAPE, Inc.).  However, it had consistently low ratings, leading to yet another short run for a post-‘SIS’ GMA talk show.

Worse, GMA placed ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ to an unfavorable timeslot (opposite Kapamilya shows like ‘The Singing Bee’), further accelerating its demise. Had it been placed opposite ABS-CBN’s equally low-rated morning show ‘Kris TV’, ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ would have fared much better.

Instead, GMA’s most recent morning talk show became an expected thumbs down, as previously predicted on From the Tube.

So what’s next for GMA after ‘Basta Every Day Happy’?

For now, they’ll live and die with the ‘Astig Authority’ block and their high propensity to re-air classic animes for ‘loyal’ audiences. But without the support of local programming, GMA will have a harder time competing against ABS-CBN’s programs, unless drastic things happen within the next few weeks.

As for Chef Boy Logro, he will still be a regular on the Kapuso network, as his other show, GMA News TV’s ‘Idol sa Kusina’, continues to air today. The future of his co-hosts, however, remain uncertain.

‘Basta Every Day Happy’ was a good show, had GMA made the right choices. But every misstep comes with a price, and in the end, it was GMA’s questionable decisions which cost another of their shows.

This is definitely not a good way to start 2015 for the embattled folks inside Timog Avenue, especially when it started with another programming casualty.


38 thoughts on “So Long, ‘Basta Every Day Happy’

  1. James Ty III says:

    I feel sad for Chef Boy. But at least, he still has his Idol sa Kusina on Sundays. His first episode on IsK had Solenn Heussaff and Frencheska Farr as guests.

    BTW, GMA already has released a teaser video of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes’ wedding telecast. But it did not mention what day it will be shown. Hopefully, it will be aired on SNBO.

    And as I posted before, MP Featuring Sport Science will now be aired weekly after Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. This will be the third time Manny Pacquiao will face Vice Ganda in the Sunday ratings after Show me da Manny and Para sa Iyo ang Laban na ‘To.

    • Chef Boy had initial success with Kusina Master. Then Be Careful with My Heart arrived, and his shows were never the same afterwards.

      And didn’t I told you about side comments on Sunday shows, Mr. Sunday? Yan ka na naman eh. Better keep those thoughts to yourself rather than making this discussion all the more irrelevant. Kung may alam ka sa weekdays, better share it to us, ok?

  2. KG says:

    Sintagal na ang the not-so Astig Authority ang cartoon block ng TV5. Pero may be it will be temporary until a new program, possibly a movie block occupies.

    • Movies na naman! Ano ba ‘to: GMA as Grand Moviehouse Authority?

      Sad to see BEDH chanted their auld lang syne but seriously, they’re facing checkmate against the rivals on this first desperate move.

      • BEDH belongs in GMA’s Hall of Shame list, to be honest. They blew the opportunity when it mattered most. And now, here they are, obsessed with old animes, which is not good at all.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Donita Rose is a good host but it’s too bad her show with Chef Boy was axed. I don’t know if she will go back to ABS or try TV5.

    But at least, Donita has a stable family life because her husband is a computer programmer.

    Alessandra de Rossi has her indie film career to take care of and she can also go back to acting in soaps. Same with Gladys Reyes. Actresses like these two are welcome in any network.

  4. Nameless says:

    Hay. Sabi ko na nga ba, eh. OBF, as in One Big Flop na naman ito. Mas OK pa sa akin dati ‘yung SIS kaysa sa ganitong cooking-slash-variety show eh. At tungkol naman sa kanilang kinakalawang na cartoon block, ‘yung One Piece lang ang medyo patok eh, as its number of online fans grows. For me, my only suggestion for now sa kanilang morning block is, to air blocktime shopping. Tulad ng suggestion ni Sir Ralphierce before.

  5. Jake Jacinto says:

    I already understood the fact that ever since I saw the first episode of BEDH, I knew that this show will be easily defeated.

  6. Ion0 says:

    Is Donita Rose leaving the country after the low-key (as in scarcely promoted) cancellation of BEDH?

    BEDH was originally planned not to last more than a quarter of a year, but there exists the need for Kapuso talents to have some public exposure via variety shows, and TV promotions of then-upcoming locally-made GMA shows. For reasons currently unknown (but obviously not ratings), BEDH had been extended. (Na-guest ba sa BEDH ang halos lahat ng current Kapuso artists?)

    Alessandra de Rossi cried on the very last episode of BEDH.

    • I’m not sure if Donita will leave the country again now that BEDH is cancelled.

      I don’t know if all Kapuso artists have guested on the show, but to be honest, BEDH was a huge risk to take for the Kapuso network. This was their latest attempt to produce their own talk show, and for some reason, I didn’t like the outcome of the show overall. The fact that they placed it on the late mornings, as opposed to early mornings where they would have fared well against Kris TV, really had a huge effect on the show’s performance.

  7. James Ty III says:

    I think Donita will join her hubby abroad. He has a stable job so Donita can afford to be idle for a while. Sayang nga that she was removed from Umagang Kay Ganda because ABS-CBN is a more stable network.

  8. kaya tinangal ng GMA 7 yung basta everyday happy dahil sa pareho siguro ng format ng morning talk show ni ryzza kasi moring talk show yung basta everyday happy tapos morning talk show din yung the ryzza mae show same format tapos back 2 back pa! at hindi naman siguro sa rating noh! ok naman yung ratings ng BEDH. tapos baka papasok yung bagong game variety show ni willie r. sa GMA 7 yan ang papalit siguro sa BEDH at yung don’t loose the money ni tom rodriguez pati ung game show ni tom r. sa 7 tinanggal din.

    • Pero BEDH is not like The Ryzza Mae Show. May cooking segment pa rin si Chef Boy, and from the looks of it, parang hybrid na lifestyle/talk show siya in the mold of Kris TV. Kung sa tingin mo’y ok ang ratings, you’re sadly mistaken. They couldn’t even beat yung reruns ng Pedro Penduko at The Singing Bee, so paano mong sasabihin na ok ang ratings eh talunan sila?

      Plus, may telenovela’t Koreanovela na ang GMA before Ryzza, so wala muna silang planong mag-game show sa timeslot na ito for now.

  9. si donita rose at gladys reyes nasa let the love begin ngayon

    si alessandra de rossi nasa yagit

    tapos si chef boy logro nasa idol sa kusina ng GMA NTV-11

    then, Another GMA Morning talk show will bid goodbye soon which is The Ryzza Mae Show which run for 2 years at papalitan ito ng bagong morning comedy drama series sa GMA-7 na pagbibidahan nina Ryzza Mae Dizon at Aiza Seguerra na produced ito ng TAPE, Inc.

    • It’s about time na talaga for TAPE to return to the drama genre. Matagal-tagal na rin silang hindi nakakapag-produce ng drama series. Pero we have to wait for further announcements.

      And yes, yung mga ex-hosts ng BEDH nag-move on na. Si Chef Boy na dati’y dalawang programa per week, ngayon ay iisa na lang uli. Total failure talaga ang BEDH dahil takot itapat sa mahinang Kris TV, not to mention matumal ang ratings nito.

    • TV5 aside, TAPE’s last drama on GMA was nearly a decade ago. And it’s an afternoon soap. The revived Valiente was a co-production of both TV5 and TAPE; all others were produced only by TAPE.

  10. James Ty III says:

    Going back to Valiente, that show was the last project of JC de Vera with TV5. Now, he’s doing better at ABS.

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