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Colgate-Palmolive Ads Return to GMA

GMA and Colgate-Palmolive are back together.

Commercials for Colgate and Palmolive quietly resurfaced on the Kapuso network last Sunday, April 5. This marked the first time since 2010 that the consumer products giant made its presence felt on the Kapuso side.

It can be recalled that Colgate and Palmolive products first aired on GMA after some disagreements with long-time partner ABS-CBN regarding ad rates. A few months later, however, CP’s products moved back to ABS-CBN after sales of their products declined during the company’s stint with GMA.

It is unclear why Colgate-Palmolive decided to renew ties with GMA, but it is believed that the former’s endorsement deals with Kapuso stars Carla Abellana and Megan Young (examples below) were a key reason behind the company’s decision to air their ads on GMA.

Despite the return of Colgate and Palmolive ads on the Kapuso network, the former will continue to honor its pre-existing allegiance with ABS-CBN. Considering that there are also Kapamilya talents who endorse Colgate and Palmolive (e.g. Liza Soberano, KC Concepcion), it is only fair for CP to air their commercials on both networks.

Still, it is surprising to see Colgate and Palmolive ads resurface on GMA. After all, they have been so identified with ABS-CBN all these years that rival fans from other networks seem to have forgotten about their products.

But Colgate-Palmolive needs to sell and promote. And adding another network in GMA should help their cause.


26 thoughts on “Colgate-Palmolive Ads Return to GMA

  1. jakejacinto15 says:

    BTW, speaking of Colgate-Palmolive, we already know that they had their ad placements on ABS-CBN from 1960 to 1972 (the year ABS-CBN closed due to martial law). Also, it was on ABS-CBN that Colgate-Palmolive was the country’s first advertiser in color, in 1966.

    When ABS-CBN was forcibly padlocked in 1972 due to martial law, Colgate-Palmolive aired their ads respectively on two networks: GMA Radio-Television Arts (now GMA, as we all know), and KBS (later RPN). I don’t know if Colgate-Palmolive aired also their TV commercials in BBC (later City2), GTV (later MBS), and IBC-13.

    • For younger fans, all they know is that Colgate and Palmolive is always tied to ABS-CBN. No other network advertised CP products in the post-EDSA I period until CP’s brief stint with GMA.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Actually, Colgate-Palmolive continued airing on other networks during the post-EDSA I period, especially the Colgate TV commercial of Chuckie Dreyfus and Isabel Granada in 1986, when the two were members of “That’s Entertainment.”

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Colgate-Palmolive advertised on GMA during the Marcos regime because GMA was then catering to the class ABC+ families, which is CP’s target market.

      • And now how times have changed. Before this year, CP is too reluctant to advertise on GMA because of its ‘masa’-focused approach.

        By the way, may I request you to stop changing your name/alias when commenting. Whenever you use a different alias with the same email address, it always ends up in the pending comments section. Keep the conversation flowing, but don’t change your alias. Thanks.

  2. JRDV says:

    I’m not sure kung papatok yun ulit sa masa (the current target market for GMA 7). Whatever happens, CP IS and WILL remain loyal with ABS-CBN.

    • However, there is still hope for change, so antabayanan na lang natin ito. Saka CP plucked Kapuso stars like Carla Abellana as endorsers, so that may help them expand their brand a bit.

  3. Gab says:

    I hope C&P will continue to broadcast their ads on GMA, so goes with the rivals ABS-CBN. PARA FAIR ANG SHARE NILA SA AD CONTRACTS.

  4. James Ty III says:

    Do you think Willie Revillame’s new show will have Colgate-Palmolive commercials? If so, that will help boost GMA’s ad revenue.

  5. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I’m sorry, Kuya Ralph. But this was my new WordPress account, that’s why my new comments often end up in the pending comments section.

    Meanwhile, if I’m not mistaken, Colgate became the sponsor of the GMA coverage of the World Youth Day 1995 and the original “Lottong Bahay” on “Eat Bulaga!”

  6. Kung sa patalastas naman, wala na ring Rejoice, Head & Shoulder, Safeguard at Joy sa ABS CBN , at bihirang bihira na talaga ang Colgate Palmolive sa kanila ngayon.

    • are you watching ABS? obviously you have forgotten that from the above commercials you have mentioned most of its endorsers are from ABS. Safeguard just recently concluded their afternoon health segments sa Dos.
      Rejoice – Kim Chiu
      Head&Shoulders – John Lloyd and Angel Locsin
      Palmolive – Julia, Liza and Janella
      Colgate – Billy Crawford
      Try to watch Its Showtime the products you mentioned with the exception of Joy and Safeguard has segment/contest spots with the said show. Bka kailangan mong marealize is ang kawalan ng product endorsements ng taga 7 and 5.

      • you also have to consider that ABS is now using Cost Per Individual Pricing Point. Ad Rates depend on the shows performance. Its more friendly towards advertisers since Ad Rates are not fixed like traditional method. ABS is the only TV network that is using the system dhil sila lng ang may technology to support such system.

  7. roman niko says:

    Nanonood ako ABS CBN. Dagdag ko pa wala rin akong napansin na Pantene sa ABS CBN. Iba ang napapansin ko, Marcus, wala talaga akong napansin na patalastas sa nabanggit kong una,at hindi ko punto ang endorsement ng Kapamilya Stars. Yung Colgate- Palmolive, meron pa rin sa ABS CBN pero bihirang bihira nalang ito ipatalastas sa 2. Yung binanggit mo sa Showtime, dati talaga napapanood ko ang Joy at Safeguard, pero sa ngayon, wala na talaga.

    • well what time are you watching. pantene recently launched Bea Alonzo. They even had a special segment in TV Patrol. whether you seen those products is out of the question, the mere fact they are endorsed by Kapamilya Stars is a testament that the said companies trust ABS CBN, otherwise they could have gotten other stars from another network. Make Sense?

  8. Jc says:

    Speaking of ads, I have no idea why there are still tv networks in the country who make their own commercials most especially with ABS-CBN. Isn’t that too classic to do it? Better yet, the advertisers or media agencies should be the one doing the commercials rather than tv networks. Other countries never do that now.

    And I’m confused, is buying ads on ABS-CBN really that expensive? Or is ABS-CBN just made the ad price higher for Mcdo’s advertiser in the case of the McDo commercial?

      • Jc says:

        I’m sorry if I have to answer some parts of my question, but I think the problem here is the tv networks itself because networks most often keep increasing the price tag for advertisers to buy ads on a certain tv network just to (let tv networks) earn a lot of money for numerous reasons. Thus, the result, tv networks continue to produce their own product commercials despite any case. Apologies for some sketchy information.

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