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After Long Wait, Ryzza Finally Takes the Drama Route

‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ is now a drama series.

Yes, TAPE still calls it as ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’, but starting this Monday, it will now retire the talk show format that has been in place for over two years. In its place is a drama series subtitled ‘Princess in the Palace’, again starring the eponymous former Little Miss Philippines winner.

Ryzza Mae Dizon is no stranger to dramatic roles, having done so in ‘Eat Bulaga”s annual Lenten specials and in her life story in ‘Magpakailanman’. However, this will be the first time that she will play a major role in a weekday drama series.

As the title suggests, ‘Princess in the Palace’ will feature a story of a young and cheerful girl who was found and adopted by the President of the Philippines following an unexpected accident. From there, Princess (Ryzza) began to live a wonderful life as an adopted presidential daughter.

‘The Ryzza Mae Show Presents Princess in the Palace’ will also star fellow LMP alum Aiza Seguerra and seasoned actress Eula Valdes. Also playing supporting roles will be Boots Anson-Roa, Dante Rivero, Ciara Sotto, Neil Perez, Ces Quesada, Marc Abaya, Lianne Valentin, Miggy Jimenez, Vince de Jesus and Rocky Salumbides.

The transition of ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ into a drama series came at a not-so opportune time. Ryzza’s budding career has taken a backseat with the AlDub phenomenon, and rival child actress Jana Agoncillo has made ABS-CBN’s ‘Ningning’ a must-watch since premiering in late July.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Ryzza can adapt to a full-time role in a teleserye. Having shown glimpses of her dramatic ability in both ‘Eat Bulaga’ and ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’, she should have no problem making the move to serious dramatic actress after years of hosting and harnessing her comedic abilities.

‘Princess in the Palace’ is a big challenge for Ryzza, so good luck.

‘The Ryzza Mae Show presents Princess in the Palace’ premieres starting this Monday at 11:30 a.m. on GMA.


24 thoughts on “After Long Wait, Ryzza Finally Takes the Drama Route

      • ganon din kay ken chan, big challenge na rin kay ken chan na bida na ngayon sa destiny rose, big break na rin kay ken chan.

        ken chan of walang tulugan & ryzza mae dizon of eat bulaga are the kapuso variety show hosts na binigyan sila ngayon ng big break na magbida sila ngayon sa kanilang bagong teleserye ng GMA-7.

    • according to the article, and i quote: “I think with the AlDub issue, medyo fierce ngayon.” “And ang sabi lang nila, they they don’t want to set a precedent na gawin din ito ng ibang artists sa kanila.” , most likely these are the main reason kung bakit sya pinag-leave ng ASAP. Baka daw gawin din ng ibang artists ang ginawa ni Aiza.

  1. If I were TAPE I could have lobbied that I will get the HS timeslot and place Ryzza’s show there like what they did with Daisy Siete. I will then create an AlDub show before EB. That will stem towards ending of EB, so EB can get back to a stable variety show type of programming. TAPE should be preparing for AlDub’s decline which will eventually come.

    • Jose Tiamson says:

      Good Suggestion. But i really like what EB is doing though. If this is the way EB can gain primetime like ratings so let them. Yun mga pillars ng EB like TVJ okey lang sa kanila na maging parody drama series ang Juan for All, All for Juan. Its a way para mag pahinga din sila. Nakakapagod mag host ng isang live show.

  2. Jc says:

    I think GMA really need TAPE’s help in improving GMA’s dramas in the daytime na primetime slots. Here is an idea: why not GMA enter into an agreement with TAPE Inc. for the refreshment of GMA’s teleseyes but it will work like this: GMA will be providing the talents and the graphics for teleseryes (graphics should be HD-ready because Princess in the Palace is taped in HD). While TAPE will provide the production, planning, and training for the talents. But GMA and TAPE will work together for production load to ensure fair share among them. On the other side, it will be GMA’s choice on whether to keep “GMA Entertainment TV” (or simply GMA Entertainment) as GMA’s entertainment show department brand or switch to “GMA Infotainment” (as what I have proposed since the network is already having trouble in terms of who should produce any show)

      • As a marketing student, I know this will be a opportunity and a threat at the same time. Opportunity because TAPE will produce and create content for GMA. But it is also a threat because it is just a short term plan unlike ABS may long term plan na sila. Also their only strength is blocktimers (EB, SPS, and Wowowin), AlDub, etc. Pero marami silang weaknesses. So for me, it is a lose lose situation because they need to fix their problems internally and externally para masabi na nakabangon na kami. P.S. accept constructive critisism.

  3. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Just a few minutes ago, while I was watching “Marimar,” I saw a blue ticker-tape by GMA Cebu which announces that Cebuanos will reportedly be watching “Princess in the Palace” dubbed in Cebuano, starting October 12, 11:30 a.m. (This is only applied for GMA’s Cebu station only. Not a hoax. I saw it mismo on TV.)

    • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

      But if I watch another GMA program later, tomorrow, or before October 12, and their Cebu station no longer shows that announcement in their own version of that “blue ticker-tape,” it obviously means it may not push through. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Anyway, let’s leave that for now. This has no bearing on the show overall. And besides, most shows aired here are either in Filipino, English or Taglish; any other local dialect besides that may only be used during regional newscasts.

  4. im always watch princess in the palace everyday on GMA pero napapansin ko bakit hindi inilagay ng GMA sa taas sa lefside na #PITP example ‘pagpanaw ni tomas’ unlike sa the half sisters, buena famila and other GMA drama series meron nakalagay sa taas sa leftside yung may hashtag tapos hindi pinopost ng GMA sa kanilang FB page at twitter acct. yung episode(s) ng PITP sa susunod na araw o bukas ng umaga na dapat abangan ng mga televiewers unlike yung the half sisters, buena familia, destiny rose & other GMA drama series pinopost o ina-updates nila yung mga episodes na dapat abangan ng mga viewers.

    eto po:
    1. the half sisters https://www.facebook.com/GMANetwork/photos/pb.182187128474359.-2207520000.1444375227./1287385567954504/?type=3&theater
    2. buena familia

    3. destiny rose

    3. my faithful husband

    4. marimar

    5. beautiful strangers

    6. legendary women

    mya kulang pa nga eh sa supporta at promotional ng 7 sa PITP.

    • Actually, Princess in the Palace is produced by a blocktimer in TAPE, and GMA has nothing to do with the show other than allowing TAPE to air it. Thus, GMA can’t place an official hashtag on the show because they have no input in the production process. Same goes to Eat Bulaga.

      They can place hashtags on either self-produced or co-produced shows, but not blocktimers such as those of TAPE.

  5. nanonood ako palagi ng princess in the palace kaso hindi bagay yung role ni aiza seguerra sa Princess In The Palace na PSG siya kasi maliit o pandak si aiza tapos gumanap siya ng role na PSG sa PITP hindi bagay eh sa 22ong buhay panag PSG ang isang tao kailangan matangkad, may tindig (may height requirements) eh si aiza maliit lang yon tapos PSG ang role niya sa PITP, tuwing napapanood ko si aiza s. sa PITP yung itsura niya dun sagwa dahil sa role niya PSG tapos ang liit niya masyado, ang SAGWA niya tignan kaya hindi bagay ang role ni aiza dun sa PITP samantala yung ibang PSG na kasama ni aiza dun sa PITP matangkad konti, may tindig din. sa dami dami maganda role ang ibibigay kay aiza, PSG ba?

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