23 thoughts on “A New Look for ANC

  1. This shows that ANC is and will remain way ahead of other news channels. ANC will remain the benchmark of a TRUE NEWS CHANNEL IN THE PHILIPPINES, something that the likes of Aksyon TV (being almost useless), GMA News TV (Rerun pa more! Pelikula pa more!), CNN Philippines (EMAJs), and Bloomberg Philippines (Shawn Yao on the lineup) didn’t have.

      • Right now, only ANC matters in the news channel genre. The rest doesn’t seem to have the identity needed to be a real news channel. Although, ANC decided not to rest with their laurels by making this upgrade, which still helps.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        The only other news channel which is at par with ANC is GNN or Global News Network (although it has religious programming, too), if my memory serves me right.

        Either way, my hope for the other news channels is that they must improve in all aspects to compete fairly with ANC. As to GMA News TV’s case, no reformat or overhaul is needed, but TOTAL CLOSURE, since operating “News” TV only doubles GMA Network’s expenses.

      • GNN isn’t much at par with ANC, but GNN tried its best, no doubt. GNN is also available on free TV in some provincial areas, aside from Destiny, Sky and GSat.

    • Believe That says:

      Indeed. Sayang ang GMA News TV. I am fine with the reruns, but with the old movies, I mean it is unrelated to news. I know they are still better when it comes to news delivery, but with a channel that have those kind of shows is unnecessary. For me, they should remove those movies. Documentary reruns are fine, but they should create new and interesting TV shows like in ANC. They can have a business TV show that analyzes the stock market or the PH Economy situation.

      Sayang ANC is not on Free TV. But if it would air on Free TV, then it would be a great threat to GMA News TV, and to Aksyon TV as well. As for CNN Philippines, I think they should try to strengthen their signal, because based on experience, I couldn’t get a clear feed of CNN Philippines sometimes, since I am just using Antenna when watching TV.

      As for Aksyon TV, I think they should just use it for Sports coverage, in order to somehow revive the former AKTV, in order to compete with ABS-CBN Sports and Action. But it would be a better competition if they can improve the Aksyon TV signals as well.

      • Problem though about business news is that it only caters to upper and middle class citizens, and since News TV (being a free TV channel) is more aimed to the masses, it’s a big dilemma. So does AksyonTV and CNNPH, they rarely emphasize business news.

        If there’s a way to tune in just for local business news, only ANC and Bloomberg Philippines have that right now.

      • Too bad it never worked out, since majority of the free TV audience is of the lower class. And business news is for the elites and middle-class men.

      • doesn'tcare says:

        Speaking of business news, I remember back in 1990s that there were some business news/programs on free TV. ABS had Asia Business News (now merged with CNBC Asia); GMA had Business Today (hosted by Mon Isberto) and even IBC-13 had a PSE program before (I think it was the first program to show PSE ticker tape in which ANC adopted it years later). During that time, business news and English language late-night newscasts were existed on free TV back then (although only PTV-4 and CNNPH have their English late night news programs at the present).

      • Back then, cable was at its infancy at mas diverse ang programming ng free TV stations in the 90s. Fast-forward to 2015, more than one million households ang may cable, free TV programming is dominated by teleseryes and it caters to the masa market. No wonder why business news is rare on free TV nowadays.

  2. Gab says:

    All of their newscasts are now with sleekish new graphic designs (from Dateline Philippines, Top Story, Business Nightly, etc.) The World Tonight also changed their lowerthirds, even they retained the titlecards (January 2015).

    Only significant in the relaunch are the reformat of Mornings @ ANC (which suffered glitches on the first airing), the return of David Celdran in the anchor desk, Market Edge’s morning edition, and Gretchen Ho’s new show in the evening.

    The relaunch of the channel, has coincided with the 20th anniversary of the station next year.

    • With Mornings @ ANC now airing much earlier, the days when ANC used to simulcast Umagang Kay Ganda are now a thing of the past. Which makes sense given the more upscale demographic of ANC.

      • Clark says:

        I never did get why they simulcasted UKG. On the contrary, they could have simulcasted a cable only show on terrestrial TV for viewers unreachable or are unable to afford the former (expand viewership)

      • ABS-CBN Sports+Action used to simulcast special news events from ANC. But as we saw in the SONA recently, they are now using Channel 2’s feed.

        Also, better take note of the demographics. ABS’ free TV channels cater to the masses, while ANC is aiming more towards the upscale and middle class people. Which is why their predominant language is English and they have business news that rival free TV news channels couldn’t or are too reluctant to cover. You won’t see ANC on TVPlus because of that.

  3. Jc says:

    Talking about business news though, the only type of business news that the masa viewers can get used to is ‘consumer news’. Yet it emphasizes more on supply and demand, whether if there is a rise in oil prices or market products, electricity or water rates go up. Perhaps why not these free tv news channels create a business news program with an emphasis on consumer news, as well as small and medium-scale enterprises.

    • Kaya nga ganyan. Yung concern ng masa audience is kung magkano ang presyo ng mga bilihin, gaya ng langis, kuryente, canned goods, tinapay, isda, manok, baboy, baka, prutas, gulay, tubig, atbp. At isa pang finefeature sa free TV networks sa ngayon is yung foreign exchange rate, para magiging updated ang mga OFWs at ang mga pamilyang naiwan sa Pilipinas tungkol sa palitan ng Piso laban sa ibang currency.

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