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Maine Takes LOA from Eat Bulaga; Pastillas Girl Resurfaces on FHM

Remember the infamous yet short-lived rivalry between “Yaya Dub” Maine Mendoza and “Pastillas Girl” Angelica Yap?

Last week, the two noontime ladies were in the headlines anew for various reasons. First off, the most obvious one.

‘Eat Bulaga’ co-host Maine Mendoza recently posted an open letter thanking her fans for all the support. She then clarified that she and on-screen partner Alden Richards were just friends in real life and not in a relationship.

The open letter elicited some negative responses from other netizens. Soon after, Maine posted this tweet.

Maine was last seen on ‘Eat Bulaga’ on November 27, and has apparently left the show in the wake of her social media outrage. Netizens were quick to speculate regarding her future in entertainment, with some even going as far as spreading rumors that she would transfer to ABS-CBN.

Regardless, some fans still kept the faith, and they showed that by staging a “white rally” outside Broadway Centrum last November 30. However, with ‘Eat Bulaga’ currently struggling behind ‘It’s Showtime’ in the ratings and support for the AlDub tandem continuing to wane, how will the show be affected by Maine’s absence?

Speaking of noontime, “Pastillas Girl” Angelica Yap resurfaces with a new name and a new image. The bubbly girl that was a fixture of ‘It’s Showtime”s ‘Nasaan Ka, Mr. Pastillas’ segment two years ago is now sexier and stronger than ever.

FHM released its December 2017 issue featuring Yap and model Debbie Garcia. Like most FHM covers, these two women are photographed in lingerie and other revealing attire.

Yap first gained notoriety through the ‘Nasaan Ka, Mr. Pastillas’ segment (mostly forgotten now due to ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’), where ‘It’s Showtime’ hosts tried to find a man that would help her move on from a break-up. She has since reconciled with the man who broke up with her and are now engaged.

In the years leading up to her FHM cover debut, Yap gradually shed her innocent image by posting sexy and provocative images on social media. Though out of the limelight for some time, Yap signed up with Viva Entertainment and she even started a YouTube account with her fiance.

Perhaps posing for FHM is just the tonic Angelica Yap needs to restart her career. One can only hope that the former “Pastillas Girl” will embrace the small screen and possibly the big screen in the near future.


14 thoughts on “Maine Takes LOA from Eat Bulaga; Pastillas Girl Resurfaces on FHM

    • For now nasa Viva siya but you’re right. Noong nasa Showtime siya bumaba yung ratings ng naturang noontime show because most viewers liked the seemingly realistic na Kalyeserye starring AlDub. ABS should not risk signing Angel out of fear na bababa ang ratings nila. Realistically speaking, baka sa Wowowin ng GMA siya ipasok since Willie likes sexy co-hosts and Angel fits the bill.

      • Halatang trying hard siya noon to gain sympathy since many were watching AlDub’s antics more than her. Pero naka-move na siya, so let’s leave it at that.

        Kung sasabihin nating kamalasan siya would be unfair to her since she is working hard to make her mark at this point in her life. Forget about the Pastillas Girl of two years ago; ibang tao na siya ngayon at handang bumangon muli.

      • Vince says:

        Naaalala ko yung time na yun. Sobrang lakas nun ng Aldub. Tapos sunod sunod na kamalasan ang nangyari sa mga Showtime hosts. Kala ko nga nun matsutsugi ang Showtime noon.

      • Buti na lang nagkaroon ng Tawag ng Tanghalan at doon na muling bumangon ang Showtime. As for AlDub, nagsawa na rin ang mga tao at minalas rin sila. Yung Imagine You and Me hindi kumagat pati na yung Destined to Be Yours. And now si Maine sobrang pressured na sa kasikatan to the point na animo’y nagsusulat na siya ng suicide letter sa social media. Yung naranasan ni Maine ngayon ay naranasan rin yan ni Angel Yap noong nasa Showtime pa siya.

      • GMA Films did not solely produce the film like their more recent projects. As for its TV airing, we’ll never know when considering their popularity is on the decline and Maine’s recent tirades on social media also hurting her stock.

  1. Berta says:

    Meanwhile Maine Mendoza is currently on vacation in the United States.

    @chakyuprodbikol Is that channel simply called “Viva” (with little outside promotion)?

    • Actually, we don’t know where Maine is right now. Her staying in the U.S., unless it’s actually confirmed, are just rumors.

      Regarding the unnamed Viva channel, it’s possible that Chakuy is referring to the Sari-Sari Channel. As far as I know, the only Viva channels they have right now are PBO and the SSC.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since this is the newest actual EB-related post, I’m asking this here:

    I don’t get why Eat Bulaga is struggling in the nationwide ratings. Given how EB is a decades-old institution and its masa-orientation, it’s weird to see how at present, it is not only losing to Showtime nationwide, but it’s by a sizable margin too. Not so long ago (this was pre-AlDub), EB reigned supreme even in the nationwide ratings, but not anymore. What happened? It can’t just be because of controversies or AlDub’s fading popularity since Showtime has had its share of controversies, and how Showtime has made some questionable moves too.

    • Perhaps age has finally caught up with Eat Bulaga. Their segments aren’t that entertaining anymore and the younger hosts have struggled to maintain its relevance. I won’t be surprised if this show is finally cancelled in the event TVJ chooses to retire, because as it stands, EB would be nothing without the celebrated trio.

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