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PBB Premiere Nears, StarStruck Still Out of Commission

It appears that the much-anticipated clash between ‘StarStruck’ and ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ may not happen after all.

ABS-CBN announced that the latest season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ will officially launch this June at a still-unspecified date. The new season will be titled ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’, and as of today, six unnamed housemates have been confirmed on the show’s official Facebook.

The new season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ will be the 12th overall and sixth regular season in the reality’s show’s history. It will also commemorate the 10th anniversary of the franchise, which first saw the light of day back in 2005.

But while ‘Pinoy Big Brother”s season premiere is drawing near, ‘StarStruck”s plans for a comeback appear to have been stalled. Their most recent teaser (see video below) was aired back in March, after which GMA pulled the plug for reasons unknown.

The new season of ‘StarStruck’ has been in the works since September of last year, with auditions having taken place during that time. GMA even confirmed that Megan Young and Dingdong Dantes will host the said reality show.

That said, the countdown to the return of ‘StarStruck’ should have started at this point. After all, GMA had worked so long and hard for the show to come back that fans cannot wait to see it coming.

Instead, GMA can only watch helplessly as its rival from Mother Ignacia made final preparations for the return of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’.

The rivalry between ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ and ‘StarStruck’ should have been an interesting one, especially with the latter attempting to resuscitate GMA’s fortunes in the reality show genre. But with the long and tedious process still affecting ‘StarStruck”s comeback plans, all signs now point for PBB to continue its dominance.

It remains to be seen if GMA would heed its promise and launch ‘StarStruck’ in the soonest possible time. For now, though, they will have to endure painful and sleepless nights against the popular yet controversial ‘Pinoy Big Brother’.


21 thoughts on “PBB Premiere Nears, StarStruck Still Out of Commission

  1. Gab says:

    I don’t know when will be start, another factor, they will further delayed because of one of the hosts, Toni Gonzaga has set their wedding with Direk Paul Soriano. (check Pep.ph)

  2. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Maybe GMA is delaying the supposed “comeback” of “Starstruck,” considering the mismanagement and financial constraints they’re currently facing.

    • That’s even worse. If StarStruck should push through, would people still watch it after nearly a year of waiting? Maybe not, because GMA’s having a lot of problems, hence the delays.

  3. James Ty III says:

    GMA is launching a Marimar remake with Megan Young to play the lead role. That will further delay Starstruck.

    • Depends on how GMA will plan this situation. StarStruck had been heavily promoted by the network late last year and early this year, but GMA seems not to push the right buttons. All those delays may only serve to hurt the show.

  4. MK788 says:

    ABS-CBN announced the last two weeks of Koreanovela ‘My Lovely Girl’ yesterday. Maybe the primetime edition of PBB 737 will enter after A&A Tonight.

    After PBB 737 the next Teen Edition of PBB may commence in several weeks. Cue still fearful StarStruck staff.

    @Gab There is still no announcement so far of the hosts of PBB 737. Bianca Gonzales may return. Possibly a new host enters.

    • Means the Koreanovelas on primetime will again be sacrificed. They should start airing a morning Koreanovela to compensate that, possibly after the NBA Finals.

      However, since The Voice Kids will also premiere this month, a scheduling dilemma on weekends will now await ABS. Their weekend programming is so loaded that both TVK and PBB may present a challenge to it.

      Now we also await who’s hosting PBB this season. I’m expecting Toni Gonzaga to sit this out in order to focus on her marriage.

      • Just saw the teaser kanina during the season finale of YFSF, PBB737 will start on June 20 and Toni G will still host the show. Maybe the both of them might be busy with their work so they might move the honeymoon maybe later this year or next year na.

      • Interesting. Now GMA has a lot to worry with StarStruck still not yet a confirmation (or is it, since there is lack of any activity regarding the show).

  5. anon says:

    Starstruck is currently taping the contestants’ workshops. I’ve seen the contestants leaving GMA. Marimar will air in September pa naman daw. The delay is probably problems with budget. Hoping the network’s soaps will pick up in ratings so they can push through with Starstruck.

    • They chose the wrong timeslot to mess with. Kung against PBB sa gabi, baka pwede pa. Kaso, yung Koreanovela na Legendary Woman nilagay na nila.

      I’m expecting this decision to be a disaster for GMA, considering na sure-fire hit ang Pasion de Amor.

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