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A Not-So ‘InTENse’ Premiere for Beautiful Strangers, My Faithful Husband

‘InTENse’ is not the kind of word that is expected in GMA’s new-look Telebabad.

Contrary to what GMA claims in the plugs (see video above) for the upcoming series ‘Beautiful Strangers’ and ‘My Faithful Husband’, the ‘inTENse’ moniker seems to apply more towards its two rival teleseryes on ABS-CBN. ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’, for one, has been the obsession of many since episode one, and now they are joined by ‘On the Wings of Love’, another potential top-rater.

‘On the Wings of Love’ has been in every viewer’s radar since the project was announced last February, and now the can’t-miss series has been given the green light. It will be the first teleserye for the love team of James Reid and Nadine Lustre (a.k.a. JaDine), but for those familiar of their work, they should be no strangers to success.

After all, JaDine starred in the hit movies ‘Diary ng Panget’, ‘Talk Back and You’re Dead’, and more recently ‘My Hopeless Romantic’. The duo also starred in ‘Wansapanatym”s ‘My App Boyfie’, fueling their popularity even further.

But ‘On the Wings of Love’ will not be the only series that GMA needs to worry about. The ever-popular ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ will be bolstered further with the arrival of Bea Bianca, portrayed by Sarah Carlos, whose role is to be the third wheel in the Angelo-Yna (Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, respectively) love affair.

Both ‘Beautiful Strangers’ and ‘My Faithful Husband’ should have their hands full facing KathNiel and JaDine, respectively. While the two series will have a good amount of star power (Heart Evangelista, Lovi Poe, Jennylyn Mercado, Dennis Trillo), they are still at a disadvantage.

A one-two punch on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida awaits the two premiering series on GMA Telebabad. For a network that still lives in the past when it comes to its stars, this is a mismatch in hell.


41 thoughts on “A Not-So ‘InTENse’ Premiere for Beautiful Strangers, My Faithful Husband

  1. Glenchang says:

    I really admire on how you explain the advantage and disadvantage of every shows. Minsan kase ang mali ng network is that masyado lang clang ngbabase sa kung ano ung feed ng writers nila, hindi nila kinukuha yung views ng mga audience which i think is mas reliable kung ano ung magiging hit talaga because basically sila naman talaga ang reason kung bakit nagiging top rater yung show. I’m looking forward para dun sa review mo ng Sunday Pinasaya although I am Kapamilya by heart, gusto ko din naman makita kung magiging even ba yung match between them and ASAP pero honestly speaking hindi ko talaga makuha yung sense ng show?? ito’y opinion ko lang po lamang.

      • Glenchang says:

        so true! nakakainspire basahin yung article about ABS. totoo nga naman na tayong mga pilipino are family centered and very intelligent na din ang mga audience this day, ayaw na nila yung sobrang intense, they are more on the lighter side pero may sense yung story. aabangan ko yung post mo for that. Thanks! 🙂

      • To be clear, I’m planning an article about a new wrinkle in Sunday variety shows. The secrets of ABS’ success, it’s already been written in that article.

  2. JRDV says:

    GMA has a lot to worry about right now dahil may love team combo na ang ABS (KathNiel and JaDine).

    Mukhang hindi na magiging InTENse ang Telebabad ng GMA ngayon.

  3. Jc says:

    Regarding their recent GMA Fans Day, Imagine how expensive it is to rent a single arena (such as the Mall of Asia arena) for a single fans day with a little or two audience being there for the event. That’s definitely worth a waste of money. If GMA wants to hold a fans day, why not they do it in their studio or look for other venues where seats are just enough to accommodate?

    Meanwhile, I guess GMA as always, want to ‘preserve’ the quality of a true teleserye, and that is, having low quality but with good actors.

  4. Tonight, Fans of KN and JD trended worldwide and their tweets have combined for 2M+ tweets. Truly GMA is in great trouble right now kahit umusbong ang Aldub pero dahil block time lang ang EB its still a lose lose situation for the guys in Timog Ave.

    • Primetime remains their Achilles’ heel. Hindi talaga naging ‘inTENse’ ang premiere ng Beautiful Strangers at My Faithful Husband. Marketing disaster for the network, to say the least.

  5. Gab says:

    Back to OTWOL, majority of the scenes were taped in the US, with direk John D Lazatin at the helm, that was in partnership with the TFC, as journey of a love story in overseas as the main concept of the drama.

  6. ramones1986 says:

    What’s the lesson for Timog Avenue?
    a.) Creating stories that could reflect by every Filipino.
    b.) Clever casting.
    c.) Early promotion/PR campaign.

    Let’s see if the guys in Timog Avenue will follow to the said recommendations I gave above, or face the consequences, like:
    a.) Possible takeover by TAPE/APT for making and producing fiction programs (telenovelas, weekly dramas, sitcoms)
    b.) GMA’s relegation to a strict regional network as the talents, writers and producers decamp to either reprivatized IBC or revived MBC-11.
    c.) Total closure of GMA Network.

  7. James Ty III says:

    I think GMA should also air more sports coverages like the URCC event that was shown last Sunday. It was produced by Solar Sports.

  8. Jc says:

    I just watched two episodes of GMA News and Public Affairs’ boyband competition show, To The Top. Seriously, that “going beyond newscasts and public affair shows” GMA is doing is definitely gaining a brain drain. Thus ‘hypnotizing’ viewers (especially the ‘newsy’ ones) that it’s shows are great and praised for its “going beyond” capability of the news department.

    I think Starstruck will be the next show that GMA will air right after the finale of ‘To The Top’. I bet the reason why GMA is doing all of the cost-cutting (saving and earning the money) is that they are now in preparation mode for Starstruck (aside from preparations for their election coverage). Thus a lot of spending needs to be done in order to put the reality show back on. Hope the folks there fix all of GMA’s recent mess and clutter.

    • The next thing you know, a teleserye that is entirely fictional may end up as a GMA News production. That’s how problematic things are going for the cash-strapped GMA.

      • Gab says:

        GMA Public Affairs is at the outrage situation now. Aside from To The Top, they also produced Alamat and KaRelasyon. Curse.

      • They should have not produced KaRelasyon. Walang matututunan ang mga tao diyan sa show na yan, unlike Ipaglaban Mo which is about the fine aspects of justice. Ang ginawa na lang nila sana is a legal advice show na mas angkop sa GMA News and Public Affairs, not that show na puro infidelity ang tina-tackle.

        As I said, baka pati teleserye na hindi historical ipo-produce na rin ng GMA News. Delikado na ‘to. Telebabad may end up as a block dominated by GMA News produced teleseryes so they have to find a way to make the entertainment department more useful.

      • Gab says:

        Almost forgot, Ralph. Juan Tamad (starring Sef Cadayona), their newest comedy show replacing Alamat is also produced by the GMA Public Affairs.

        GMA PA also is the co-producer of sports events, including Shakey’s V-League.

      • Akala naman eh back-to-back ang Alamat at Juan Tamad. Oh well, patay naman ang 3:00 p.m. slot, not to mention Alamat being a one-off project to help the cause of Filipino animation.

        As for sports events produced by GN&PA, they have no choice, given that a sports division is something they still lack.

    • NN223 says:

      Alamat, supposed to showcase Filipino animation (3d and 2d) made for our consumption (turned out to be a step back quality-wise from those Philippine studios who worked on Western cartoons of the past few decades) ended yesterday. (It turns out to be a miniseries like GMA N&PA’s past drama series.) This show, who has beaten Luv U in ratings, will be replaced by Juan Tamad on August 23.

      Meanwhile, Beautiful Strangers and My Faithful Husband has the same ratings averages as their predecessors, while Pari ‘Koy’s ratings has started to pick up in the run-up to its finale.

      • As I said, Alamat is just a one-off project intended for the promotion of our style of animation. And it was a success despite its short run.

        Same cannot be said for Beautiful Strangers and My Faithful Husband though. KathNiel and JaDine were just too powerful in the ratings.

  9. Jc says:

    A better idea would be: Pagkatapos na maibalik sa ZOE ang ch. 11, buksan muli ang mga regional stations, at ayusin ang iba pang mga kalat sa Timog Avenue, GMA should reorganize the news, public affairs, and entertainment departments. Thus, “GMA News” will focus more on improving its newscasts (including their morning show) and no longer its documentary shows. And the Public Affairs and entertainment departments will be merged into the new “GMA Infotainment” department due to the fact that the public affair shows are no longer information-intensive content wise. But the talents for news, and the new infotainment department will carefully work together for ideas and hosting gestures except in its newscasts for its kapuso stars.

  10. Jc says:

    And I guess it would be better for GMA to have sports programming by not just relying much on the V-League, boxing, and billards, but by signing a content partnership with Solar Sports/Solar Entertainment (just like what I’ve said in one of the previous topics) to air some of its sports programming (such as the WTA Tennis matches, FIBA, PGA Tour, and X Games) but it will be branded on air as “GMA Sports Powered by SOLAR”. As for the regional stations, it would be appropriate if these will be converted into “News Centers” rather than being just a regional station. This means that local newscasts will be the only regional programs on every station in order to cope out with the budget.

    • It won’t be easy though, given GMA’s lack of commitment towards sporting events as the recent retrenchment situation.

      But let’s stick to the topic of teleseryes, since this is the focus of the article. Please no repeat of the SONA article becoming a debate on news channels, ok.

      As I said before, the KathNiel and JaDine dramas are making mincemeat of Beautiful Strangers and My Faithful Husband in its first week. GMA’s magic touch is sorely lacking in the two teleseryes, and if the new StarStruck won’t help, where else will they go now that they are depriving of star power and youthful exuberance (AlDub not included, as they are TAPE property). This is a dilemma that GMA would like to address as well.

      • Jc says:

        Ok got it (but I was not going to emphasize the news side of things since my forte is more on news), In short, GMA needs to address the problems of their entertainment group. And take note, if you know, Ms. Rasonable has already been with GMA Network for a long time.

  11. Jc says:

    Speaking of ABS-CBN, let’s recognize Charo Santos for being chsoen as the gala chair for the International Emmy Awards.

  12. JRDV says:

    May narinig akong balita mula sa Lionheartv (IDK kung reliable ito) na naimpress ang ilang GMA executives sa JaDine. Sabi daw ng source ng Lionheartv, “Kaloka, mag-back-to-back ang ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ at ‘On The Wings of Love’? Eh, sino pa ang manonood sa amin (GMA), baka mag-color bars na lang kami.”

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