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FTT Year 2015 in Review: Television’s Best

Another year is about to end. But before the calendar flips to 2016, here is a look back at the year that was in television and radio. This article looks back at the 10 best moments in Philippine television this year.

AlDub Invades Eat Bulaga and the World

The now-popular Kalyeserye segment of ‘Eat Bulaga’ began on July 16, as a then-unknown Maine Mendoza (under the Yaya Dub character) caught the eye of rising Kapuso star Alden Richards. Since then, AlDub grew into a social media phenomenon, and it culminated into a slew of advertisements, magazine covers, a supporting role in ‘My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore’, and a sold-out ‘Sa Tamang Panahon’ live episode at the Philippine Arena.

While the popularity of AlDub had some negative effects on GMA and its rivals, there is no denying that the duo became the key ingredient that introduced ‘Eat Bulaga’ into a new generation. The 36-year-old variety show is now enjoying its best ratings in years, thanks largely to AlDub.

LizQuen, KathNiel and JaDine Dominate Primetime Ratings

While AlDub dominated noontime, primetime belonged to ABS-CBN’s three hottest love teams.  The year began with LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) of ‘Forevermore’ continuing their winning run, before handing it over to KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) of ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’, and JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) of ‘On the Wings of Love’.

The success of LizQuen, KathNiel and JaDine were crucial in Primetime Bida’s thorough domination of Telebabad in the national ratings. Although GMA responded with BiGuel (Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix) in ‘Once Upon a Kiss’, and GabRu (Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid) of ‘Let the Love Begin’, they were unable to make an impact.

A New Sunday Afternoon Habit

August 9 saw a new rival for the 20-year-old ‘ASAP’, but they did not expect it to be different. In came ‘Sunday PinaSaya’, GMA’s newest variety show that emphasized more on comedy than musical performances.

The presence of ‘Eat Bulaga’ hosts Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Alden RicRhards (with Maine Mendoza later added) helped ‘Sunday PinaSaya’ defeat ‘ASAP’ on a consistent basis. In response, ABS-CBN moved ‘Banana Split: Extra Scoop’ to Sunday afternoons as ‘Banana Sundae’, but it still failed to reverse the trend.

Willie Revillame Returns 

Speaking of Sunday afternoons, May 10 saw the return of Willie Revillame to the small screen with ‘Wowowin’. Initially airing every mid-Sunday afternoons, it later moved to an earlier timeslot after ‘Sunday PinaSaya’, where it has since flourished.

Even though Willie faced an arrest warrant over the ‘Willing Willie’ macho dancer kid case, this didn’t stop him from receiving accolades for ‘Wowowin’. The rebirth of the controversial host was capped off with a pair of awards for best game show and host in the PMPC Star Awards.

Wattpad Presents Turns 1

The teleserye dominance of ABS-CBN and GMA did not deter TV5. Following the cancellation of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ in early November, ‘Wattpad Presents’ became the network’s longest-running active entertainment program, having been on the air for over a year.

Under-appreciated by most television viewers, ‘Wattpad Presents’ was able to make it over a year thanks to an endless supply of new stories and a dedicated fanbase. It is considered a perfect alternative to the long and dragging storylines that a teleserye usually provides.

ABS-CBN Goes Digital and HD

February 11 saw the much-awaited launch of ABS-CBN TVPlus, the first-ever digital terrestrial television service in the country. The so-called ‘mahiwagang black box’ quickly became popular, selling nearly a million units.

Then on October 3, ABS-CBN HD was launched, bringing virtually every program on Channel 2 into crystal clear high definition. And finally, ABS-CBN announced that they will replace Balls HD with ABS-CBN Sports+Action HD starting January 1, ending a six-year run for the network’s first-ever HD channel.

Kapamilya Gold Reloaded

Teleseryes made their return to Kapamilya Gold on January 13, as ‘Flordeliza’ and ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ premiered on the afternoon block. This was followed by four other series: ‘Doble Kara’, ‘All of Me’, ‘Walang Iwanan’ and ‘And I Love You So’.

Since then, the battle between Kapamilya Gold and Afternoon Prime dramas became a tight one, both in ratings and momentum. However, it didn’t stop ‘The Half-Sisters’ from achieving the one-year milestone in June.

NCAA Returns to Channel 23; UAAP Extended

After a fruitless three-year tenure with Sports5, the NCAA returned to ABS-CBN Sports in late June. The renewed partnership featured new innovations, such as social media interaction and high-definition broadcasts.

ABS-CBN Sports also signed a fresh five-year deal with the UAAP, following another successful season. The network now plans to extend its coverage to other UAAP tournaments, in addition to full coverage of men’s basketball and women’s volleyball.

The Big Two-0

November 27 saw ‘Bubble Gang’ celebrate its 20th anniversary with a documentary special. The 20-year-old gag show continues to defy time, maintaining its status as a Friday night habit despite an evolving cast of talents and advancements in technology.

Also reaching its 20th year is ‘Saksi’, the second longest-running active free TV newscast in the country. So is ‘ASAP’, who despite fading ratings with the entry of ‘Sunday PinaSaya’, remains a fixture on Sunday noontime.

Janella, Jana Shine on Lunchtime

Following up the success of ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ was a difficult task, but Janella Salvador and Jana Agoncillo proved that they were able to thrive with this challenge. Janella’s ‘Oh My G’ and Jana’s ‘Ningning’ flourished as one the country’s top-rated programs on weekdays, despite a stiff competitor in ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’.

In response, the TAPE-produced talk show starring Ryzza Mae Dizon was rebooted into a drama series as ‘Princess in the Palace’. However, the reformat did not produce the desired results.

2015 was another year to remember for television viewers. Although ABS-CBN continued to reign this year, GMA and TV5 enjoyed their own share of moments as well, and with digitization now underway, the preparation for a full-digitized television signal in the Philippines is on.

So what is in store for 2016? Find out as From the Tube continues to look at events and changes that shape Philippine media.


30 thoughts on “FTT Year 2015 in Review: Television’s Best

  1. James Ty III says:

    Actually, initially, Maine was there to help promote their movie. By January, expect her to be on SPS at least every other week.

  2. Well AlDub have some positive and negatives along the way but the biggest negative is that with AlDub leading the way, GMA forgot to handle the other talents who are under their league. And if they can’t find a solution and keep on creating shows which have potential but can’t make good results, well dark days are coming for GMA. About Ningning, the show will end this month. Be My Lady might possibly be the replacement show because their Afternoon and Primetime Blocks are completely stack right now. And last Thursday, TV5 aired their live NYE Countdown in HD. Truly ABS and TV5 are ready for the HD revolution. Hope GMA can catch up because they are far behind in technological advancement. Let’s all hope for the best for a better 2016 in the world of Philippine Television.

      • Yes. We might expect that ABS upgrades all of its programs to HD, especially on all of its newscasts. As for GMA, with their financial standing still in question, I guess they’re still stuck at 1990s with SD cameras. At please, huwag gamitin yung hologram sa coverage 2016 Elections, gaya ng widely-criticized 2D hologram noong 2010 Elections.

      • That said, the elections will be a showcase of technological proportions for the ‘Big Three’. ABS and TV5 are already experimenting and perfecting on HD, and with GMA still way behind, mukhang mapapalayo pa lalo ang Siyete pagdating sa mga bagong teknolohiya.

  3. Mukhang magkatotoo na ang mga tsismis na gagawing daily ang Wowowin. Ayon sa chika ni Cristy Fermin, sa January 25 daw mapapanood ang daily version ng Wowowin sa Canada, na nakabase naman sa post ng GMA Pinoy TV.

    As for the Philippine airing of Wowowin, it will air before 24 Oras. If that happens, here’s the big questions: SAAN ILALAGAY ANG PUBLIC AFFAIRS BLOCK NG GMA? at SAAN ILALAGAY ANG 24 ORAS REGIONALS?

  4. James Ty III says:

    From what I heard, Willie wants talaga to go back to a daily time slot. GMA is set to air Dear Uge with Eugene Domingo starting Feb. 14 on Wowowin’s old time slot. Dear Uge is a funny version of Lovingly Yours so it will be a good match to Banana Sundae.

    But honestly, Willie is doing well on Sundays so why does he want to go back to a daily time slot? Wowowin should stay on Sundays.

    • Demand nga ni Willie na gawing daily ang show niya. Nagusap na nga sila ni Mike Enriquez regarding that.

      As for your stand regarding Willie’s performance on Sundays, I think your brain IS and WILL remain stuck on Sundays. Kahit mag-a-Amerika ka, puro Sunday pa rin ang inatupag mo, Mr. Sunday. Tignan natin kung nanonood ka talaga ng NFL, 60 Minutes o America’s Funniest Home Videos pag Sunday.

      • Feeling ko may TFC at GMA Pinoy TV sa bahay niya once he moves there. Kung meron man ang mga ito, he will not stop.

        Anyway, I’ll just reference his conversation with Mr. Anasco regarding his frequent posting of Sunday programming comments here. Nagiging obvious talaga ang kulay niya. Hindi deserving sa kanya ang pagiging showbiz writer dahil puro Sunday na lang ang iniisip nito.

        Regarding the topic, let’s just hope that GMA counter-demands Willie regarding his plan to move Wowowin to weekdays. Malaking mistake ito para sa GMA, since they know Willie’s prior shortcomings with TV5 as far as his primetime game shows are concerned.

      • Even one of the best Kapuso fantards (Christian Añasco) had a point against Mr. Sunday. No wonder why Mr. Sunday can’t explain the high ratings of Eat Bulaga (thanks to the AlDub phenomenon) and Ang Probinsyano, as well as suggesting to throw Mr. Sunday’s TV and his Destiny Cable subscription if Sunday is Mr. Sunday’s only day to watch TV. Puro insist ng insist si Mr. Sunday na Sunday talaga ang best day to watch TV. Sinubukan pa ngang kalmahin ni Jake-Jake si Christian (I’m still pissed at Jake Jacinto due to his preference to compare GGV with the 80s TV show ratings-wise na masyado namang unfair), but I’ll support Christian’s points against Mr. Sunday.

        Kahit may TFC at GMA Pinoy TV yan, he would still watch some of the big shows on a Sunday like NFL, Super Bowl, 60 Minutes and America’s Funniest Home Videos. I wish Mr. Sunday should not enter the entertainment world and focus on other sports dahil stuck pa rin ang utak niya sa basketball, chicks at Sunday TV guide. Sa totoo lang, halos lahat ng mga nagcocomment dito, naiinis na sa kanya.

        As for Willie going primetime, GMA should consider the risks of having him in primetime, like Primetime Bida’s high ratings.

      • Exactly. Hindi na rin bago ang game show before the newscast, kaso it’s been awhile since nagamit nila itong strategy. And besides, times have changed at this point.

        As for Mr. Sunday, pwede silang magtabi ni JC Domondon, isa pang kinaiinis nating commenter na laging takot ipakita ang mga thoughts niya tungkol sa TV and radio industry.

  5. Gab says:

    Just confirmed on their latest teasers that Wowowin will start airing at 5:30pm, weekdays starting Feb. 1 or few days after Willie’s birthday (pre-programming to 24 Oras).

      • And by February both OTWOL and PSY will end. Feb 12 will be PSY’s last episode while OTWOL will air its last one on Feb 26. We all know that Dolce Amore which is another Star Creatives Masterpiece will be lead by of the ABS-CBN’s Big 3 LizQuen and it will directed by the ever Controversial Cathy Garcia- Molina who is under hot water these past few weeks. The reason why the two shows would end its because of prior commitments especially for JaDine who will have a concert at the big dome on the 20th and followed by a world tour in key parts of Europe, Middle East and US which is co-produced by TFC and Viva. For KathNiel, wala pang updates as of now.

      • I know. ABS has a lot of new teleseryes coming. Even Pasion de Amor is also coming to an end. Until then, just wait for the press release of the upcoming teleseryes.

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