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Prayers for Bitoy

Michael V, as ‘Mr. Assimo’, with Ryzza Mae Dizon on the set of ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’. From Eat Bulaga official Twitter.

Last Wednesday, comedian Michael V posted an Instagram message which stated that he fell ill with dengue. Immediately after posting his Instagram announcement, celebrity friends and fans sent well-wishes and prayers to Bitoy through social media, with several others urging people to donate B+ blood samples in order to stabilize Bitoy’s platelet count. Bitoy is currently confined at the New Manila branch of St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Michael V is currently a mainstay of three GMA programs: ‘Bubble Gang‘, ‘Eat Bulaga‘ and ‘Pepito Manaloto‘. At ‘Bubble Gang’ he currently portrays three characters: the irate ‘Mr. Assimo’, the bossy ‘Aling Mary’, and the wise ‘Tata Lino’. On Sundays he is the titular character ‘Pepito Manaloto’, whose rags to riches tale was told throughout the series. Recently he also confirmed that he will host a game show on rival TV5, with the condition that the upcoming program does not fall on the same day as ‘Bubble Gang’ and ‘Pepito Manaloto’. However, he reiterated that the TV5 hosting job was only part-time due to his live GMA contract.

In the meantime, we wish Michael V a speedy recovery from dengue. Get well soon.


One thought on “Prayers for Bitoy

  1. Dengue Fever! Never is best… Once is unfortunate– Never again is possible! I’m sending this link and hope it will post. A naturopathic practitioner personally contracted dengue fever and tells how she discovered natural remedies that work:

    Philippine Daily Inquirer, 27 August 2011

    My wife’s teen son contracted dengue fever and we received the doctor’s okay for him to drink camote (sweet potato) tea. Wash sweet potato leaves, bring at least three cups of water to a boil, put in leaves, lower heat to a simmering boil, 5/minutes. If fever is present, let cool, drink without adding anything to the tea. Drink 3x/day for as many days as necessary. I drink a cup of camote or papaya leaf tea every morning for breakfast. This is the simplist known cure. It and other natural cures are ignored and often advised against by doctors.

    I am not qualified to give medical advice and should not be taken as such. Reading the link above, you will learn what a medical professional did to cure her personal experience with dengue fever. /Nicasio Martinez

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