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SkyCable Signal Problems

Today is the fourth straight day that I see static imagery on my TV. At first it was a manageable and minor situation but as the days went by the static images remain. Four straight days without Nicklodeon, Cartoon Network, HBO, Cinema One, ANC, Fox Sports, Basketball TV and other cable channels, that’s enough waiting for for a desperate viewer. And I am not the only one affected by this.

For days, many people in the Metro Manila area have been asking SkyCable regarding the lack of signal in their area. And yet, SkyCable continues to respond with this statement: “Our team is still working on this, Sir. Please bear with us for now.” Well, it’s been four days, and yet there’s no progress. I even tried to ask them about the reason behind the sudden signal loss, but they stayed mum.  I also tried to call their hotline, but the operator keeps saying that their lines are busy at the moment. This is a lack of urgency and a disservice to customers who availed of SkyCable subscriptions.

For the management at SkyCable, kindly explain the recent situation comprehensively. We, as the subscribers of your service, would really want to make the most of the subscription we get and pay. We deserve a clear and expanded viewing experience, so act now and restore all the signals immediately. Do it as best as you could, and hope this situation will never happen again. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “SkyCable Signal Problems

  1. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    There are also times that when SkyCable signal disappears, the message goes like this, “No right to access scrambled program. Please contact SkyCable.” But for me, this kind of message for signal loss is wrong and should only appear when you try to watch a channel which is currently unavailable in your plan, hence requiring you to avail of the SkyCable Select service.

    Another disadvantage in my SkyCable service is that there are times that while watching my favorite cable shows, SkyCable suddenly interrupts it for a commercial or two. I experienced that in November 2012, while watching Cartoon Network or CNN, and in November 2013, while watching the Asian Food Channel.

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