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FTT Year 2014 in Review: TV5

Another year is about to end. But before the calendar flips to 2015, here is a look back at the year that was in television and radio. This article will focus on TV5, who made the transition from a mainstream to an alternative station this year.

The Positives

2014 was a year of change for TV5. And some changes were for the better.

A heavily-criticized coverage of the previous PBA season led to several tweaks in TV5’s current schedule. Initially made to benefit the NCAA, the FIBA World Cup, the Youth Olympics and the Asian Games, this was then implemented for the PBA, which was welcomed by fans after expressing their disgust with last season’s coverage.

The year also saw TV5 broadcast other major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, the U.S. NCAA men’s basketball tournament, and the Winter Olympics. Furthermore, they aired the games of the ‘Batang Gilas’ in the 2014 FIBA Under-17 World Championship, keeping in step with the moves made by ABS-CBN Sports.

TV5 viewers also witnessed the premieres of highly-praised weekly series ‘JasMine’ and ‘Trenderas’, as well as a new game show in ‘Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay’. TV5 also collaborated with both E! and Wattpad to broadcast ‘It Takes Gutz to Be a Gutierrez’ and ‘Wattpad Presents’, respectively, to good reviews.

And finally, News5 garnered some awards from various bodies, particularly in the programs ‘T3: Enforced’, ‘History with Lourd’, ‘Yaman ng Bayan’ and ‘Bigtime’. ‘It Takes Gutz to Be a Gutierrez’, ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ and ‘Celebrity Dance Battle’ were also honored.

The Negatives

The transformation of TV5 was not without some obstacles, however.

When TV5 revealed its programming lineup for 2014, one of the upcoming programs mentioned was a Philippine adaptation of ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Unfortunately for the network, the project never materialized, even as they denied rumors that it was ‘shelved’.

Not all of TV5’s programs under Noel Lorenzana’s new initiative paid off. The programs that were cancelled in his first full year in charge include the likes of ‘SpinNation’, ‘What’s Up, Doods’, ‘The Mega and the Songwriter’, ‘Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman’, ‘Face the People’ and ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’.

TV5’s sports coverage was also not spared. Early this year, the Kapatid network introduced ‘Moneyball: Dribol op da Pipol’ to its PBA and NCAA coverage, much to the dismay of the more informative and knowledgeable viewers; eventually TV5 relented by moving ‘Sports5 Center’ to the livestream format (as ‘Sports 360’).

AksyonTV, TV5’s sister network, was severely crippled by News5’s programming changes, particularly after the cancellation of its original programs and newscasts ‘Andar ng mga Balita’ and ‘Balitang 60’. As a result, the network became overly dependent on TV5’s programming, which is not a good sign for a news/sports channel like AksyonTV.

The sex scandal involving News5 anchor and Rescue5 leader Paolo Bediones in September also demoralized the network. While he left ‘Aksyon Tonite’ in the midst of the controversy (he was later replaced by Ed Lingao), he did return to host ‘Demolition Job’ and Rescue5 short videos once the impact of his scandal dissipated.

But perhaps the biggest news coming out of TV5’s camp was the departure of Sharon Cuneta. A P1 billion signee of the network a few years ago, Sharon joined TV5 with high expectations, but shows such as ‘Sharon: Kasama Mo Kapatid’, ‘The Mega and the Songwriter’ and ‘Madam Chairman’ failed to deliver.

And finally, there is the annual issue of TV5’s overreliance on Tagalized foreign movies, as well as reruns of local programs.


TV5 has already unveiled a list of new and returning programs for 2015, which will be discussed in detail very soon.

It was not a bad year for TV5, even with all the changes that took place. With a new year looming, Lorenzana and company now hope to build on these gains even further, though changes are still to be made as the year progresses.


125 thoughts on “FTT Year 2014 in Review: TV5

  1. KG says:

    ECL saids that TV5 has increase their growing income for this year to 10% kaya na magiging healthy na ang network by next year.

    So far, bibigyan ko ng good grade ang TV5 dito. Merry christmas, Ralph.

  2. KG says:

    What we also expect for TV5 this 2015 is less drama, more comedy, more reality shows. and some newest shows (with bright concepts) including Papa Jack’s show (that reminds me of Love Notes with Joe D’ Mango during the ABC heydays)

    News5 will offer the extensive coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to PH for both TV and on FM. and finally, Sports5 will increase their coverage scope in other sports aside for basketball & volleyball thru PBA, PSL or possibly NCAA if they extend their TV contract.

    But first, TV5 will have their countdown party at QC Circle on the 31st. May instant artista search pa at audition para sa magiging cast ng Hi 5.

    • They are called the ‘Happy Network’ for a reason. Kaya dapat lang na bawasan ang mga drama.

      Honestly, we have to look forward to the moves that TV5 will make this 2015. For sure they’ll have a lot of surprises in store, so abangan na lang natin.

  3. I hope na mas ma i-improved ang TV5 lalo na ang Aksyon TV sa mga programa ngayong 2015, at sana’y bawasan na ang mga tagalog dubbed movies, i-acquired yun mga shelved shows noong mga last years, pati na ang pag simulcast ng maraming pang programs at music program mula sa Radyo5 pag weekends, i launch na rin ang mga new AksyonTV Orignal programs, at maraming balita sa araw-araw, pati na ang mga sports coverage nito.

  4. AA46666465475434 says:

    @muning TV5 vaguely expects to air new anime (East Asian animated shows at least) in 2015 but there’s still a very slim chance of the restoration of the AniMEGA block.

    @KG Your expectation is more in line with the assumption that TV5 is staying away from its attempts to emulate how ABS-CBN and GMA became mainstream networks. The ‘Hi-5’ you’ve mentioned is in fact the upcoming local adaptation of the Australian children’s show and crew which is also one of the few new shows TV5 has announced for 2015 not at its trade launch event last November but instead mentioned in a December 18 article on PEP regarding TV5 and said departure of Sharon Cuneta (and also Nora Aunor) from the network. The other new show is ‘Last School Standing’ (reality competition?). And Atty. Mel Sta. Maria’s new show has apparently retitled ‘Solved na Solved.’ In the same PEP article, News5 chief Luchi Cruz-Valdez said that TV5 will “try to be different in [its] coverage [of Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines]”, but “[it will] not [be] going to reveal it right now, for very practical reasons, plus the concept is easy to steal.” Petitions for prayer requests by netizens to be posted by TV5 on special website that is currently under construction will also be part of the same coverage entitled “#DEARPOPEFRANCIS”.

    With Paolo Bediones’ exit from ‘Aksyon Tonite’ and Shawn Yao’s disappearance from TV screens amid a controversial comment about the state of an area in Tondo, Manila, and the entrance of Ed Lingao to the late night newscast, ‘Aksyon Tonite’ is regarded by many TV5 fans and netizens concerned about the quality of Philippine television news as the “best” of the Aksyon-rebranded newscasts. What considered the “worst” is ‘Aksyon sa Umaga’ because of netizen complaints about features “undeserving” for the show to become a proper newscast. News5’s performance, for me changed a little.

    PBA coverage contributes largely to TV5’s return to profitability.

    • That’s right, especially after they restructured their timeslots on weekdays just to accommodate the two PBA games.

      News5 continues to be a work in progress, though. The hiring of Ed Lingao was a wise move, but honestly, they should hire more legit journalists rather than EMAJs like Shawn. I’d also rather have Aksyon sa Umaga to be more in line with the other ‘Aksyon’ programs, as in a 60-minute newscast in the same mold as Tanghali, Prime and Tonite. Parang ‘Good Morning Club’ pa rin yung peg. Then they can have a different morning show to boot.

      A lot of programs are in store for TV5 this 2015, so stay tuned.

  5. James Ty III says:

    TV5 will air a lot more wholesome shows next year. like comedies and female-oriented shows to prove that it is a Happy Network. Even Wattpad Presents has a light theme.

    Hard to imagine TV5 airing such shows whereas before, it tried to compete with ABS and GMA with teleseryes like Glamorosa, which is now aired on reruns on Fox Filipino on cable.

  6. muning says:

    I want to ask to TV5 they remove Wattpad Presents, Tropa Mo Ko and Marvel Heroes in the afternoon in the year 2015. And I want to suggest to fill an original Pinoy Movies. I am so very satiated in several times of airing foreign movies on TV5.

  7. JRDV from Pinoy Nostalgia says:

    I like TV5 as an alternative station. Yung kinaiinisan lang is puro pelilkula ang daytime. Nagmistulang American Independent TV station ang TV5 dahil sa one-to-sawang pelikula.

    About sa News5, tuloy na tuloy ang balitang kanto at madalas na binatikos sa Media Newser. As for News5, fire Luchi. Overexposed na siya. Sisantehin na ang lahat ng EMAJ.

    • EMAJs deserve a pink slip, but I doubt kung pwedeng sisantehin si Luchi. Pwede naman sigurong bumalik na siya sa pagiging behind-the-scenes person.

      Regarding their obsession on movies, annoying talaga, pero it’s their decision. Habang wala pa ang mga upcoming programs, eto ang magiging kalalabasan.

  8. James Ty III says:

    Even GMA airs a lot of movies on vacant hours on Sundays like what TV5 is doing. TV5 would rather air movies that waste their money on shows that don’t rate. We can’t do anything about it.

    It seems that TV5 has learned from the lessons of Willie Revillame.

    • Kahapon nga, noong nag-all music ang Radyo5, replay ng Radyo5 programs ang inere sa AksyonTV. In fact, yung Relasyon inere sa timeslot ng Remoto Control the past two days, first dahil off-day si Danton Remoto, at second dahil all-music noong Pasko ang Radyo5.

      Yung two choices for AksyonTV seem sensible enough, I think.

  9. James Ty III says:

    Radyo5 had only one announcer yesterday — Jutt Sulit, who served as studio announcer for that station’s PBA radio coverage. Aksyon Prime and Tonite were still simulcast over both TV and radio.

    Today, Radyo5 resumes normal programming, except that the Tulfo brothers are on vacation and pinch-hitters are handling all the brothers’ shows.

      • James Ty III says:

        And since today’s a Friday, expect Healthline to be aired anew in lieu of Bitag Live since Ben Tulfo is on vacation.

        Aksyon Solusyon, honestly, hasn’t been the same program since Dick Gordon left to concentrate on the Red Cross and Amelyn Veloso jumped to 9TV.

      • Well, Healthline is placed regularly on Fridays at 10, so on a day with one PBA game or on non-PBA game days, it will definitely take Bitag Live’s place, but on a day with a PBA doubleheader, it will take Aksyon Solusyon’s place. In short, either Bitag or Aksyon Solusyon will only have four days on air, depending on the situation.

  10. James Ty III says:

    Aside from Radyo5, other stations that played mostly music yesterday where Magic 89.9 and Wave 891 although Andi Manzano and Riki Flores’ show was pre-taped.

    Monster Radio RX93.1 had regular programming yesterday with their DJs maintaining their regular timeslots. I visited RX yesterday and gave a gift to Karen Bordador.

  11. KG says:

    Tonight at 8, TV5 will start the reairing the 2011 version of the hit 70s comedy program Iskul Bukol. (kaya lang medyo palpak ito, IMO)

  12. James Ty III says:

    TV5 will also air replays of Quiet Please and Wow Mali tomorrow, as well as Tagalized movies to take over the PBA timeslot since there are no games scheduled.

    • Expected na ng 8 hour long-blocks of Tagalized Movies na iapapalabas ngayong araw since na-sweep yun Beermen sa Tropang Texters sa Philippine Cup ng PBA, while sa Aksyon TV naman ay mga purong boring Replays ng mga Public Affair shows nito at sana’y ilagay na lang ang Music Show sa Aksyon TV para masaya. Kaya naman for me ay Blocked muna ang 5 hanggang kay bossing.

    • Confessions of a Torpe too, after Wattpad. Even before that, they used to replay their old teleseryes in vacant slots, especially during afternoons prior to the entry of the PBA to that station. So it’s old practice for them everyday.

  13. James Ty III says:

    Confessions of a Torpe’s re-runs are on weeknights since Amazing Race Phl is done. And with no daily shows in sight, TV5 may air a lot of reruns in the New Year.

  14. James Ty III says:

    That’s the problem when TV5 does not have a person who can market its sports coverages to advertisers. Sayang since MVP is a total sports patron.

  15. KG says:

    Good thing that Derek Ramsay that won the 2014 MMFF best actor award for the movie English Only, Please has a pleasure performance with the Kapatid Network.

  16. Nameless says:

    From 1 to 10, I will give 7 points for this network. Kahit marami silang programs na nag-end agad or hindi nag-trend sa viewers, they’re still making efforts talaga in improving their programming scheme lalo na sa entertainment at sports. While sa news nila, kahit sila ang hatest news division sa MediaNewser, I suggest na sana ay mag-tandem na lang sina LCV at Ed Lingao sa Aksyon Tonite or even sa Prime. They’re both from The Probe Team. Yung Aksyon sa Umaga, mas maganda siya for me at hindi nakakasawa. At least, hindi sila masyadong mabigat at seryoso in delivering news. But they should put Seph Ubalde back in the morning.

    As for AKSYONtv, they should make a trade launch para dito, at sana ayusin pa nila ang signal reception nila in most nearby provincial areas. Masyado rin silang nag-focus kasi on boosting tv5’s programming.

    If ever they extend their ties with NCAA, sana gumawa pa sila ng effort para matapatan pa ang UAAP para maiwasan na rin ang pang-u-underestimate ng maraming fans sa oldest collegiate league.

  17. James Ty III says:

    The problem with the NCAA is that it has 10 schools compared to the UAAP’s eight. Many NCAA teams’ lineups pale in comparison to their UAAP counterparts.

    It’s better for the NCAA to shorten its format so that the tournament can proceed with the same pace as the UAAP. All it takes is for the NCAA to come up with a better format to make the television coverage more attractive to advertisers.

    Again, this all boils down to TV5 having a good sports marketing wizard.

    • Nameless says:

      And if ever they extend their ties with NCAA, sana dagdagan na rin ‘yung courtside reporters. At sana maka-attract na rin sila ng advertisers kasi ‘nung nanood ako ng live games nila this year, their CSRs are doing pluggings in front of the audience kapag off-cam, promoting SMART promos but unfortunately, puro “Boo” ang sinasabi ng ilang nanonood.

      • If the NCAA is not happy with what TV5 is doing, they are free to negotiate with another network. Simple as that. Kung Smart lang ang kayang i-advertise ng TV5 sa NC, pwede naman nila itong hindi i-renew.

  18. James Ty III says:

    Shalala went back to GMA kasi he used to be a part of Kuya Germs’s show. Apparently, natuto siya sa kanyang pagkakamali.

    Regarding the NCAA, ABS-CBN did a better job with the league but apparently, the NCAA did not want to be a second fiddle sa UAAP. Kaya ngayon, lalong bumagsak ang TV coverage ng NCAA sa TV5.

  19. Jason says:

    Ang suggestion for the news department for TV5 is to move Ed Lingao to Aksyon Prime and have Paolo Bediones pair up with Cheryl Cosim sa Tonite.

  20. muning says:

    minsan di ko maintindihan ang tv5. kung ano pa ang malakas sa kanila, yun pa ang tatangalin nila tulad ng anime. sabi daw nila si mvp ang may ayaw nyan. kung ano pa ang mababa ang ratings nila ineere pa rin nila. kung ano pa ang nakakasawa sa kanila, ineere pa rin nila tulad ng movies. sana pinoy movies naman, katulad sa ch. 23, o kaya dati pwede nila iere nila ang pinoy indie films. ano pa kaya ang pagiging major tv network ngayon nagpupumillit pa rin sila kalabananin ang abs cbn at gma? kasalanan nila ang sinasabi mong maging “niche” kaya mahirap umakit ng tv ads pero yun talaga ang gusto nila. parang wala silang magandang hinaharap sa susunod na ilang taon.

    • What if you criticize other stations that are as niche-oriented as TV5, like Net 25, 9TV/CNN, the Solar stations and even UNTV? Pwede mo rin bang sabihin na wala rin silang magandang hinaharap, Muning aka Cnor?

      Tumatahimik na ng konti ang TV5, so if you have nothing to say nice about it, SHUT UP!

  21. James Ty III says:

    Wattpad became successful because of its movies that starred the KathNiel and JaDine love teams. TV5 is just maintaining the popularity of Wattpad.

    • TV5’s NYC was co-produced with the Quezon City government. It’s good to see a local government unit helping a particular network out. Mas maayos talaga ang naging pakikipagtulungan ng TV5 at nila Bistek. Plus TV5’s NYC was more lively than GMA’s.

  22. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, Who Wants to be a Millionaire is going on a break this January. Reruns will be aired starting this Sunday. The Million Peso Money Drop will be back by the middle of this month with Vic Sotto still hosting.

      • James Ty III says:

        Even Quiet Please and Wow Mali will be airing replays this Sunday so expect TV5 to come up with some new shows on their Sunday time slot this 2015. I have noticed that both shows have not been posting new updates on their respective Facebook pages.

  23. James Ty III says:

    Wattpad is replaying their Cinderella episode with Eula Caballero. It ends tonight and it will be reshown again this Sunday night at 10. This means the PBA is the only new offering TV5 has this Sunday.

    • Oo nga. Kaso ipinagpatuloy lang nila ito noong si MVP na ang owner.

      By the way, baka magalit si Carlo Abellanosa sa paggamit mo ng alyas niya. Stick ka na lang kay Muning o Cnor.


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