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1995 Flashback: Eat Bulaga Goes from 2 to 7

‘Eat Bulaga’ found a new lease in life upon moving to the GMA Network in January 1995. (Photo credit:

1995 was a memorable year in Philippine television. As part of a year-long special, From the Tube will look back at a year full of historical debuts, unforgettable moments, and celebrated feats in the history of television in the country.

The longest-running noontime variety show in the country found a new home twenty years ago.

On January 28, 1995, ‘Eat Bulaga’ premiered on GMA with a special live episode held at the now-Smart Araneta Coliseum. The change in network came after negotiations between producers TAPE, Inc. and ABS-CBN bogged down.

In the months leading to its departure, ABS-CBN proposed a deal that would transfer ‘Eat Bulaga”s rights to the Lopez-owned network. When it became clear that TAPE would not accept the deal, ABS-CBN dropped ‘Eat Bulaga’ and fellow TAPE-produced shows ‘Valiente’ and ‘Okay Ka Fairy Ko’ from its lineup.

ABS-CBN then responded by moving its erstwhile Sunday show ‘Sa Linggo nAPO Sila’ to weekdays under the name ”Sang Linggo nAPO Sila’. The newly-rebranded variety show made its debut on February 6, 1995, but lasted only three years.

It was with the Kapuso network where ‘Eat Bulaga’ found its greatest success. The show became the launching pad for the careers of the Sexbomb Dancers, comedians and current hosts Allan K, Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola, and the youngest talk show host today in Ryzza Mae Dizon.

‘Eat Bulaga”s GMA years also featured several memorable gimmicks. Among those that stood out were ‘Laban o Bawi’, a game segment that gives the audience a chance to win P1 million, and ‘Pinoy Henyo’, a guessing game between two individuals.

But perhaps the most crowning achievement of ‘Eat Bulaga”s tenure with GMA was its charity work. The show found new ways to interact with its audience via the on-location segment ‘Juan for All, All for Juan: Bayanihan Op D Pipol’, the ‘Plastic ni Juan’ project, and the ‘EB Scholar’ initiative.

Today, ‘Eat Bulaga’ maintains its stature as the top noontime show in the country, regardless of rival. The cast and crew may have changed over the years, but one thing’s for sure: Tito, Vic and Joey will always be there to give some laughter and entertainment to viewers.


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  1. 1995 marked indeed the breakthrough year of GMA. Startalk (by March) earns the longest running showbiz tsismis show despite of trying times and Bubble Gang, with Michael V being the sole survivor of the Friday layte night comedy show (on October).

  2. Nameless says:

    And last Saturday, Eat Bulaga launched their interactive mobile app, pero sa Android pa lang siya available. I saw the glimpse of that app on Google search, 2 weeks before its premiere.

    But however, minsan na ring nanganib ang Eat Bulaga na lumipat ng tv5 around 2010 & 2012. Fortunately, hanggang next year pa ang contract nila with GMA. 20 years na rin sila sa GMA.

    1995, a year before I was born. That year became a launching period for Citynet-27.

    • There were times when EB was on the verge of moving again. But the management at GMA stayed loyal, since EB enjoyed its biggest success under their watch.

      The EB app’s launch coincided with the 20th anniversary of EB on GMA, so it was an appropriate occasion to launch the app on its anniversary week.

      • Believe That (Roman Reigns) says:

        Exactly. It would be a very big downturn for GMA if they let the ball drop for Eat Bulaga to move to other network.

        That’s why they should remain loyal to them no matter what. It is in GMA that they make a big impact and a big name to the hearts and minds of the Filipino people, past, present, and maybe the future.

    • Nameless says:

      Hindi mo pa nabanggit sa charity works nila ‘yung kanilang EB Classroom Project in Quezon Prov. in 2010, and when it was inaugurated, kasabay din ‘nun ang opening ng UAAP-73.

      We can mention also Miss World PH ’14 Val Weigmann sa mga talents na naging product ng Eat Bulaga.

      But however, I’m so saddened with some of their hosts. Jimmy Santos, hindi na gaanong binibigyan ng spot to speak, instead ay palaging “bully victim” siya sa show. Toni Rose Gaida, hindi na masyadong active. Michael V., palaging absent at every weekend na lang present. But most of all, I-revive pa sana ang Jose-Wally tandem na, parang nawala rin ang magic ng duo nila.

      • I see. The Classroom Project was another initiative of theirs to reach out to others.

        There have been other hosts who graced the EB stage during the GMA years. Some of the EB hosts used the show as a launchpad to their showbiz careers, like Toni Gonzaga. Anjo Yllana and Teri Onor also used EB as a springboard to their political careers, similar to how Tito Sotto became a senator by capitalizing on his popularity as one of the EB hosts.

        And yes, Jimmy has been used more as a comic relief. However, he remains a constant presence at EB because of his loyalty, since he, along with Ruby Rodriguez, are the only dabarkads not named Tito, Vic and Joey to survive EB’s move from 9 to 2 and to 7. Toni Rose has been out of the show in recent years, presumably to be with her mother Rosa Rosal na halos humihina na health-wise. Michael V is currently busy with GMA’s other programs Bubble Gang and Pepito Manaloto. And as for Jose and Wally, I see nothing wrong with them. Maganda pa rin ang pinapakita nila.

      • KG says:

        Toni Rose Gayda now works for UNTV as host of ASOP Music Festival. Kaya nga palaging absent si Michael V, because he is busy doing taping with his sitcoms.

        Ralph, did you forget to mention Toni Gonzaga, BJ Forbes, Daiana Meneses, et al has also started with EB during their days with GMA?

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        BJ Forbes indeed started his career with “Eat Bulaga,” but it was in his Tide TV commercials wherein he rose to fame, earning him the nickname “Tolits.”

      • Si Valerie Weighmann galing ABS-CBN po yan kung saan sumali siya sa Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition plus na dun nagsimula ang kanyang carrer noong 2008 before she joined GMA-7’s noontime show Eat Bulaga last Sept. 2013. Just like pia Guanio, Pauleen Luna & Julia Clarete they came from ABS-CBN na dun nagsimula ang kanilang entertainment carrer before they moved to GMA-7 for hosting in Eat Bulaga.

    • KG says:

      and that time, GMA given up airing foreign programs on their primetime block (moved to Citynet) and more focused now on local programming. that was the time of the era when Tito Nards helms GMA.

      • In short, the transition from the Rainbow to the Kapuso network actually got underway with EB, Bubble Gang, Startalk and Saksi, and the birth of the now-defunct Citynet.

  3. The 20 year partnership is really commendable but it also highlights that GMA has given up in producing a noontime show for that long. No matter how every fan look at it nde pagma may ari ng GMA ang Eat Bulaga at pde silang umalis kpag natapos na ung kontrata. I am happy with Eat Bulaga but looking at a business stand point mejo sad pa rin ako sa GMA, lahat ng earnings ng Eat Bulaga nasa TAPE. Its a sticky situation ABS dont wanted to be part of.

  4. James Ty III says:

    That’s the problem when GMA relies on a blocktimer to maintain its programming. What if suddenly, TAPE leaves GMA? That would be a big problem. But I don’t see that happening. TAPE will continue to sustain GMA in the next few years.

      • But If I were GMA, offeran ko ng shares with creative freedom ang TAPE, since may track record nman ang TAPE in producing successful shows, ibigay na nila ung mga dead timeslots nila, who knows TAPE might be the one to help them

      • Sad lng kasi na kahit Loyal ang TAPE, wala pa rin kinikita dito ang GMA. Kasi kpag lumaki ang TAPE, they could venture out given the right opportunity. Alam ko may film outfit na sila and they have partnered with other film outfits besides GMA Films, so the possibility of them leaving is a big one. Ang alam ko nga MVP doesn’t want block timers as big as TAPE for business reasons, but TAPE can eventually create their own network in the near future, if GMA would not make a move to keep their partnership. GMA needs TAPE more than TAPE needs them, quite frankly

      • yes i agree. sana magproduced muli ng TAPE, Inc. ng drama series sa GMA-7 but this time co-produced with GMA 7, joint-venture produced ng TAPE at GMA-7 kasi miss ko na yung teleserye na produced ng TAPE atchaka yung mga teleserye sa GMA noon na produced ng TAPE, TAPE talaga ang nagproduced SOLO. tapos sana magproduced muli ng Viva at GMA-7 ng isang show kasi miss ko na yung tandem ng Viva Entertainment at GMA 7 sa pagproduced ng shows.

      • Pera ang dahilan kaya nagtipid ang TAPE at tumigil na sila sa pag-produce ng mga dramas. GMA also stopped collaborating with other production companies for the same reason, not to mention possible conflicts of interest.

      • YES. CORRECT. unlike Probe Productions (producer of Probe Team) breaks their partnership in GMA-7 in 2003 due to in a one episode of Probe Team na pinagtalunan between Che2x Lazaro at ng GMA-7

      • tama ka diyan! even the EB host especially joey de leon shows they loyalty in GMA 7 not only the show Eat Bulaga at isa pa binibigyan ng GMA ng shows o projects ang EB hosts o mainstays like joey, bossing vic, pauleen, pia g etc…

      • Pia Guanio appears on 24 Oras, si Pauleen may teleserye sa hapon dati, tapos may Startalk si Joey, may Vampire ang Daddy Ko si Vic, Anjo, Ryzza at Jimmy, si Ryan may Ismol Family, at si Jose at Wally ay hosts ng Celebrity Bluff. I think may teleserye rin dati si Keempee.

        Si Tito Sen naman, bago bumalik sa Eat Bulaga, ay host ng Brigada Siete noong mid-90s. Dahil sa serbisyo niya sa Senado, occasional na lang ang appearances niya sa EB. Tapos si Allan, dating host ng Comedy Bar at All-Star K.

      • si keempee de leon may teleserye dati sa GMA yung Lalola, Kung Mamahalin Mo Lang Ako, All About Eve (remake), Fulhouse, My Husbands Lover at Once Upon A Kiss (siya ang asawa ni manilyn reynes sa Once Upon A Kiss) tapos mainstay si keempee sa GMA sitcom noon na bahay mo ba’to.

        si pia guanio meron siya show ngayon sa GMA News TV yung “Home Base” tuwing sabado ng umaga 10 am.

        tapos may game show si ryan a. sa GMA noon yung Picture2x.

        si bossing vic meron siya cooking show sa GMA noong 2014 yung “dear bossing kasama niya si manilyn reynes at chef babes austria.

      • regarding sa nagtitipid ang TAPE, Inc. ngayon kaya huminto na sila sa pagproduced ng teleserye nila, kaya pala yung eat bulaga noon tumigil muna ang Eat Bulaga sa paggawa ng lenten drama presentation na pinapalabas tuwing holy week every year sa GMA tapos kinancelled ng GMA at Focus Entertainment ang Daisy Siete noong 2010 it’s because of money or budjet.

        and regarding sa tinigil ng GMA sa collaborating sa ibang production companies, eh bakit yung sitcom ni vic sotto ngayon sa GMA na “Vampire Ang Daddy Ko” co-produced ng M-Zet Production at GMA Network (joint produced ng M ZET Production at GMA Network).

      • Siyempre loyal pa rin ang M-ZET sa GMA, similar to how TAPE remains loyal to GMA. Saka magkaibigan ang TAPE at M-ZET. As long as EB is with GMA, there will be side projects for the hosts on the said network, such as the aforementioned Vampire ang Daddy Ko.

        Mula noong lumipat ang EB sa GMA, most of Vic’s sitcoms were aired on that network, tulad ng Okay Ka Fairy Ko, 1 For 3, Daddy Di Do Du, Ful Haus and Vampire ang Daddy Ko. The one other Bossing-starred sitcom na hindi inere ng GMA is The Jose and Wally Show na nasa TV5 noon.

  5. Jake Jacinto says:

    In 2005, it was during Eat Bulaga’s airing on GMA that they encountered a problem with one of its main sponsors, Platinum Plans. It can be recalled that in that year, Platinum Plans, owned by the Salases, underwent rehabilitation, and they were not aware that they duped many of its planholders for their money they used to pay for their education and pension plans. Then, when Eat Bulaga heard about that news, they stopped making Platinum Plans as their main sponsor.

    For people who still do not know: Platinum Plans sponsored Little Miss Philippines, That’s My Boy, TeeVee Babe, Sing Boy Sing and other contests of the 36-year-old variety show. BTW, about the winners of these contests who became the grand winners and received educational, pension and financial plans from Platinum Plans, did they really got the plan or they also became victims?

    BTW, I remember watching the old TV commercial of Platinum Plans during Eat Bulaga’s commercial break in 2001-04.

  6. James Ty III says:

    TAPE could help GMA by producing more daytime soaps. Many of GMA’s previous daytime soaps were produced by TAPE and they were all successful.

    TAPE big boss Tony Tuviera is also managing Marian Rivera’s career so he can start by producing a new show for Marian.

  7. Maraming mga TV personalities ang nagkapangalan at sumali sa mga pacontesr sa show na ito during GMA years:

    Pauleen Luna (Little Ms. Phillipines 1995)
    Jericho Rosales (Mr. Pogi 1996)
    Julie Anne San Jose (Little Ms. Phillipines 1997)
    Steve Claude Goyong (That’s My Boy 1998)
    Dindin Llanera & Jhoana Marie Tan (Little Ms. Phillipines 1999)
    Basillyo (Rapublic of the Philippines II 2001)
    BJ Forbes (That’s My Boy 2004)
    Edgar Allan Guzman (Mr. Pogi 2006)
    Jillian Ward (Little Ms. Phillipines 2009)
    Ryzza Mae Dizon (Little Ms. Phillipines 2012)
    Richard Hwan (You’re My Foreignoy 2014)
    Shine Kuk & Dasuri Choi (You’re My Foreignay 2014)

    Ang Sexbomb Girls ay dito nakilala sa show na ito noong 1999, pero ang pangalan ng grupong iyon ay kuha sa sikat na kanta ni Tom Jones noong 2000 until nagkaroon ng break dhil sa Laban o Bawi game segment na nagsimula noong September 2000, bago ang Impeachment Trial ni Erap sa Senado.

    Sa ngayon, nagkaroon ng malaking pagbabago ang Sexbomb Girls noong 2014 dhil sa kinasangkutang isyu ng dating manager na si Joy Cancio na ibinalita noon sa Startalk. Renamed this group as Sexbomb NewGen, dhil sa bago nilang managers na sina Aira Bermudez na ksalukuyang tumatayo bilang Leader at Choreographer ng grupo, at ang anak ni Joy na si Jara, at under na sila ng J Entertainment. As of now, 11 members ang active at meron silang mga trainees as in case na absent ang isa, may magsusub.

    • Yung Sexbomb today nag-ober-da-bakod na, kasi nasa Showtime na sila. Rochelle Pangilinan left the group and remained a GMA talent.

      After Sexbomb left, EB created a new dance group called the EB Babes. Then last year, the contestants of FHHM joined forces as the Six-Bomb, at ngayo’y sila ang tumatayong dance and song ensemble sa revived na Laban o Bawi.

    • Yes. Sa Kapuso Network nagsimula ang shobiz carrer ni Jericho Rosales kung saan sumai siya sa Mr Pogi Contest ng Eat Bulaga sa GMA noong 1996 kung saan siya ang grand winner at kinalaunan naging regular co-host siya sa Eat Bulaga sa GMA noong 1997 bago lumipat si Jericho R. sa ABS-CBN.

  8. Dito rin nagsimula ang pagiging ‘kapuso’ ni Mickey Ferriols kung saan naging regular co-host si Mickey Ferriols sa Eat Bulaga sa GMA noong 1998 on that year (1998) naging mainstay si Mickey Ferriols sa sitcom na 1 For 3 tapos napasama si Mickey F. sa cast ng pelikula ng GMA Films na Jose Rizal noong 1998 hanggang sa naging regular co-host si Mickey F. sa Unang Hirit noong 1999 bago lumipat sa ABS si Mickey F. hanggang sa nagbalik kapuso si Mickey F. noong 2014 kung saan napasama siya sa cast ng Kambal Sirena at makakasama din si Mickey F. sa upcoming GMA Teleserye na ‘Healing Hearts’

    Dito rin nagsimula ang hosting carrer ni Paolo Ballesteros sa Eat Bulaga noong 2002 ganon din Derek Ramsey, sa GMA nagsimula ang carrer ni Derek Ramsey kung saan naging regular co-host si Derek Ramsey sa Eat Bulaga noong 2001.

    May nakalimutan din kayo? Si Samantha ‘Gracia’ Lopez at maraming memorable game segments sa Eat Bulaga nung nasa GMA na like Rambulaga tapos yung Lottong Bahay na naa-alala ko naghulog ako entries sa GMA Broadway Studio (Eat Bulaga Studio) noong 1996 pa tapos maraming locations na pwedeng ihulog ang entries ng Lottong Bahay ng Eat Bulaga, sa TAPE Office, GMA Broadway Studio (Eat Bulaga Studio) Broadway Centrum, sa GMA EDSA TV Complex (wala pa ang GMA Network Center noon) atchaka sa lahat ng JRS Express Branches nationwide tapos yung Sa Pula, Sa Puti, Itatak Mo o Tatakbo atchaka On The Spot Jackpot. atchaka dito nagsimula ang singing carrer ni Mitoy Yonting at Rachelle Ann Go.

  9. maganda naman yung eat bulaga ngayon ang maganda sa eat bulaga na sinusubaybayan ko yung laban o bawi kasi inaabangan ko yung eb throwback nila ung mga old episodes ng eat bulaga na pinapakita sa LOB sa kategoryang EBT tapos yung 1 4 ol din atchaka yung bulagaan. ang ayaw ko lang sa EB yung pinoy henyo kasi nakakasawa na rin habang 2matagal bakit pa nila kc binalik yon tapos yung problem solving pampahaba ng oras, mas gus2 ko yung suffer sireyna bakit hindi nila binalik yon mas maganda ganda pa yon nakaka-aliw din than a problem solving it’s too much boring & waste of time.

    Dapat i-rent ng GMA-7 yung Delta Theather sa Quezon Ave. para dun ilipat ang Eat Bulaga at The Ryzza Mae Show since wala na ang TV 5 noong 2013 total malaki-laki yung delta theather nasa 1,000 seats tapos mukhang bago pa nga tignan dahil ini-renovate ng TV 5 noon at malaking ginastos ng TV 5 sa pagrenovate ng Deltha Theather tapos iiwanan din nila yon tapos TAPE ang bahala sa ibang kagamitan nila para mas bago, mas pinaganda at mas pinalaking studio (new world nga, new ambiance) at kailangan iwanan nila ang Broadway Centrum dahil masyado luma na tignan yung studio ng EB sa Broadway Centrum pati buong bldg. ng broadway centrum luma na tignan at bulok pa tignan! pati yung facilities ng broadway centrum (studio ng EB) luma na masyado para pinaglumaan gamit ng GMA yon na panahon pa ng GMA Supershow o That’s Entertainment na binigay nila agad sa EB atchaka gigibain na kasi ang broadway centrum sooner dahil gagawin na condominium ang broadway centrum.

    • Yung condo rumors sa Broadway, haka-haka lang yan. Saka EB has made Broadway their home for many years kaya wala silang planong lumipat dahil sanay sila rito, kahit sabihin mo pang bulok ito. Yung interior naman ang importante.

      Saka seasonal na lang ang Pinoy Henyo after the return of Laban o Bawi, which is good for EB. Habang wala pang bagong segment, Pinoy Henyo muna. Saka maganda’t nakakatuwa naman ang Problem Solving, as far as I’m concerned.

      • ganon? eh yan sabi sa balita nabasa ko noon kaya wala na ang TV 5 dun sa Broadway Centrum na nakalocate sa westside studio na dating studio ng GMA kasi pinapa-alis na sila ng may ari ng Broadway Centrum dahil sa gigibain na ang BC at gagawin nang condominium at may bagong studio at office ng TV 5 sa Mandaluyong.

      • @ralphierce – i agree to miss betty said, dapat i-rent ng GMA Network ang Delta Theather para sa show na Eat Bulaga at The Ryzza Mae Show kasi mas malaki ang studio ng deltha theather, mas malaki pa nga ito sa Broadway Studio ng GMA / Eat Bulaga, nasa 1,000 seaters ang delta theather unlike sa GMA Broadway Studio ng EB at TRMS nasa 500 ang seaters. kung hindi palipatin ng GMA 7 ang EB at TRMS sa GMA Network Center Annex Bldg. kasi nga ginagamit ibang shows yung mga studios ng GMA sa GMA Network Center tapos may sariling gamit ang TAPE, Inc. / Eat Bulaga dahil blocktimer ang EB at TRMS atchaka kulang kasi ang studio ng GMA dun sa GMA Network Center, kung meron pa isa pang studio ng GMA dun mismo sa GMA Network Center tapos malaki-laki baka dun lilipat ang EB at TRMS.

      • maraming nagrequest sa GMA Management / TAPE Management dapat ilipat ang Eat Bulaga at The Ryzza Mae Show sa GMA Network but ang problem the management of GMA / TAPE, Inc. ignores the requests o petitions that EB & TRMS should move to GMA Network kaya tama yung comment or suggestions ni Miss Betty na dapat upahan ng GMA yung Delta Theather para dun ilipat ang EB @ TRMS.

      • Delta Theater is a good option. Kaso ang magiging concern rito is traffic, since Quezon and West Avenues are extremely busy thoroughfares with so many jeepney and bus routes. Kung pilahan ang mga tao diyan magiging congested talaga ang traffic during taping days.

        Broadway may be a smaller venue, but it’s less of a concern traffic-wise. Saka may space sila sa labas unlike Delta Theater for the parking of production trucks. Saka mas tahimik sa labas ng Broadway kaysa sa Delta. The best use of Delta Theater is a grocery rather than a studio, honestly.

        IMO, there’s no way Eat Bulaga will ever leave Broadway. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      • I don’t know if that’s feasible enough. Might as well tear off the Delta Theater’s interior and convert it into a commercial center. Baka mas mapakinabangan pa ang Delta as a mini-mall.

  10. James Ty III says:

    TAPE spent for the renovation of one of the Broadway Centrum theaters to become the Eat Bulaga studio. That shows how much Tony Tuviera really cares for his partnership with GMA.

    As EB is the longest-running daily noontime show on TV, ABS-CBN’s ASAP is its Sunday counterpart. ASAP will mark the milestone on Sunday at the Mall of Asia Arena.

    • Pero ASAP is also fading ratings-wise. Even if they still trend in social media, it didn’t translate to high ratings. Mukhang nabo-bore na rin ang audiences sa ganitong format; they seem more inclined to the weekday shows like EB and Showtime.

    • pero alam ko yung Eastside Studio ng Broadway Centrum (studio ng EB at TRMS) sa GMA network din yun pinagamit ng GMA 7 sa TAPE yung studio na yon para dun ganapin ang EB at siyempre yung TRMS kasi nabasa ko sa internet yung history ng broadway centrum na noong 1995 nang itinayo ng GMA Network ang pangalawang studio sa loob ng broadway centrum na inirenovate ng GMA yung Eastside Theather na gagawin siya studio para dun gaganapin ng Eat Bulaga nung time na lumipat ang EB sa GMA-7 noong 1995 at pinangalan ito TAPE Studio, GMA Broadway Studio or TAPE Studio, GMA Broadway Centrum kahit sa coffee table book ng eat bulaga na nabasa ko nun nakalagay in 1985, GMA 7 renting the 2 theathers of broadway centrum cinemas for the additional studios nga, bla bla bla….

      • At the time, may That’s Entertainment pa noon sa GMA, hence the need to build another studio inside Broadway for Eat Bulaga, which became the Eastside Studio. Both That’s and EB shared Broadway for a year, until That’s was cancelled in 1996.

  11. James Ty III says:

    Besides, nakakasawa na ang mga production numbers on ASAP and SAS every week. You get to see the same stars perform the same things weekly.

    At least, GMA Supershow stood out because of its game portions back then.

  12. James Ty III says:

    Both Sunday noontime shows are also being used to promote the launch of a new TV show or movie. Even yung mga teleseryes na malapit nang matapos, binibigyan ng grand farewell sa mga Sunday noontime shows today.

    • @james ty III – wala na ang TV 5 sa delta theather since 2013 ang last TV 5 show na ginanap sa delta theather yung wowowillie. pumunta ako sa quezon ave. noong last year (hindi sa pegasus ha!) tapos nadaanan ko ang delta theather, nakita ko tapos wala na yung wowowillie logo dun sa harapan tapos sarado na talaga ang delta studio, may harang nga eh tapos tinanong ko sa gwardiya dun sa delta theater na tanong ko sa gwardiya ng delta theather ‘wala na ang tv 5 diyan?’ tapos sagot ng gwardiya ng delta theather sa akin ‘oo, wala na po ang TV 5 sa delta theather noong oct. 2013 pa!’

  13. when eat bulaga transfer to GMA 7 in Jan. 28, 1995, pinagpatuloy ng programang eat bulaga ang kanilang segments o contests tulad ng little miss phils., bulagaan at yung kanilang Lenten Drama Presentation tuwing holy week every year.

    dapat yung eat bulaga magkaroon na rin sila ng young stars at sila ang dapat ipa-host sa EB kasi yan ang uso ng variety show sa TV, sa asap may mga young stars na naghohost sa asap sina kim chiu, robi domingo, etc… sa SAS ganon din pinapahost yung mga young stars sa SAS like andre paras, janine g., at kung sinu-sino pa tapos sa walang tulugan sina jake vargas, ken chan, rhen escano, hiro peralta, jak roberto tapos sa showtimemeron din si colen garcia (siyota ni billy joe crawford) tapos sa marian show noon meron din si julie ann san jose, dapat sa eat bulaga meron silang young stars na yan dapat ipahost sa EB eh wala eh, ang pinapahost dun mga matatanda na (pwera lang kina TVJ hindi yon kasi kanilang show yon) yung sina ruby rodriguez, jimmy santos, anjo yllana kaya pinupuna ng iba na puro matatanda na yung mga host sa EB. kung ako ang producer ng TAPE, Inc / EB maglalagay ako ng mga young stars sa EB kahit 4 2 babae, lalaki para new fresh, new faces nga.

    • True. Dahil trademark ng EB ang mga ito.

      Pero tungkol sa young talent, EB does have Ryzza Mae Dizon, Julia Clarete and Pauleen Luna. Just enough of that. Age doesn’ matter in EB; may tumatangkilik pa ring mga bata. I don’t see a reason to change hosts on EB; hangga’t buhay pa, aktibo at may chemistry, walang dahilan ang EB na magkaroon ng overhaul sa mga hosts nila.

  14. naa-alala ko nung lumipat ang eat bulaga sa GMA-7, yung noontime show ng GMA noon na SST (Salo Salo Together) na naging kalaban ng Eat Bulaga noon inusog sa 10:30 am kasi ung timeslot ng SST noon na 12 Mn binigay sa Eat Bulaga tapos nung nasa GMA na ang Eat Bulaga noong 1995 dun naging mainstay si Samantha Gracia Lopez sa Eat Bulaga nung nasa GMA na ang EB noong 1995 blg. round girl sa Rambulaga ng EB na dun rin sumikat ang carrer ni Gracia.

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  16. dapat ilipat na kasi ang Eat Bulaga sa GMA Network Center (Annex Bldg.) para isahan na lang isang complex na lang. etong GMA 7 nagtayo pa ng bagong studio nila sa EDSA sa kanilang head quarters mismo para dun ilipat ang mga shows ng GMA from Broadway Centrum atchaka sa Filmex Studio sa Makati tapos hindi nila pinalipat ang Eat Bulaga ano ba yan? NAKAKADISAPPOINTED TALAGA ANG GMA!

    • Hindi nila pinalipat? I don’t think so. Wala namang ganoong tanong ang GMA sa TAPE at EB.

      It’s their decision to stay at Broadway, period. Again kung komportable sila walang rason para lumipat sila.

  17. the most memorable of eat bulaga during their GMA-7 days was the celebration of EB 25 silver anniversary which was aired on GMA 7 in 2004.

    the most sadness episode of Eat Bulaga during their GMA days was the untimely death of Eat Bulaga co-host/performer & master rapper francis magalona last march 6, 2009.

  18. Nabasa ko sa isang kapuso at ang sabi lilipat na po ang Eat Bulaga sa KB Entertainment Studio sa Marcos Highway, Cainta Rizal next month dahil tuloy nang gigibain na po ang Broadway Centrum o mas kilala sa tawag na GMA Broadway Studio. Good for them sa Eat Bulaga na mag iba na sila ng studio kaso ang problem malayo masyado Cainta Rizal eh probinsiya na rin yon! baka yung iba hindi makabisado na kung paano puntahan ng KB Studio eh baka maligaw mga yon.

    • Unless it’s official, it’s just a rumor. And besides, Broadway has parking space, something the KB Studios cannot afford. Not to mention a 30-minute drive from TAPE headquarters at Loyola Heights, making it more convenient for the producers.

      Lahat ng sabi-sabi’y lilipat na daw ang Eat Bulaga mula Broadway to another studio ay mga haka-haka lang. Huwag kaagad maniwala sa kanila.

  19. Nameless says:

    “Trademark” na ng EB ang lugar na Broadway Centrum, kaya if ever na iiwanan na nila ‘yun, medyo masakit ‘yun for them. Kung sa bagay, nadadaanan ko rin ang KB Studios kapag pupunta ako ng Antipolo and yes, malapit lang siya sa Xavierville Ave. kung saan nandun ang TAPE offices, near Ateneo (kung hindi traffic). Ang medyo hindi kasi maganda sa BC ay ang katabing ilog/creek nito na masyadong makalat. Kitang-kita from LRT2.

  20. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Another former sponsor of “Eat Bulaga” which I still remember is Babes’ Epiderm-A Whitening Lotion, in 2000-04.

  21. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Also, what’s so interesting about “Eat Bulaga!” on GMA is that some foreigners became hosts of the said noontime variety show, and an example of this is Lana Asanin, an American (or Fil-Am)-based ramp or magazine model who hosted EB since 1999 until 2001 or 2002.

    It was said that after a few months of her hosting stint on “Eat Bulaga!”, she was given a mini-segment there called “Lana Asanin: Ooh La La…” At one time, during one of the segment’s episodes, she danced to the OPM song “Annie Batumbakal,” ca. 2001. Here’s the link:

  22. Edwin says:

    Ang pinaka highlight ng 2015 para sa EB ay ang ALDUB Phenomenon. It’s funny because wala pang ALDUB when you wrote this article.

  23. Fonzie says:

    I’ve watched EB’s respective last episodes at RPN and ABS. The difference was when they left RPN, they are excited to be part of ABS, since ABS is a growing TV station back in the ’90s. Maybe for financial reasons or ABS wants to have more exposure for their homegrown talents, they just kicked EB out of their program line-up once they’ve disagreements in their contract renegotiations. 21 years after that, was ABS justifiable in their decision to let go EB? Or are they living under a curse?

    • To ABS’ credit, they simply wanted to be more independent in the production aspect, and not be dependent on blocktimers. TAPE didn’t want EB to be taken over by ABS, that’s why they left. In any event, ABS was fine with it, since the subsequent noontime shows they had (e.g. Showtime) became successful in their own right.

    • Totdlfn says:

      Care to tell the events on EB’s final episodes on RPN and ABS? I am more interested on their final airing in ABS, and what happened the very next day when they moved to GMA. I am a Millennial who have watched EB of the 2000s and the current generation. Their moving must have made headlines back then, and something that will rarely happen in the industry nowadays. Thanks! 🙂

      • You better ask the staff at TAPE Inc, or you may go to a library and search an old newspaper article. It’s hard to tell what happened to those episodes considering that it’s already 20 years since it took place.

        Also EB has a coffeetable book, you might check that out too.

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