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Is Willie’s Sunday show at 3:30 a good or a bad move?

Willie Revillame officially joins GMA, with an upcoming game show slated for a Sunday timeslot to premiere this April. More on this article.

Timow's Turf

Willie Revillame's return is at hand on free TV. Will his new show on GMA be the last hope for him or be the return to his wicked ways? Willie Revillame’s return is near at hand on free TV. Will his new show on GMA be the last hope for him or be the return to his wicked ways?

ALMOST FOUR MONTHS ago, the Turf published that the homecoming and eventual reinstatement of Willie Revillame on GMA would come into fruition after about two decades. However, the Philippine Daily Inquirer‘s Sunday lifestyle article published otherwise.

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98 thoughts on “Is Willie’s Sunday show at 3:30 a good or a bad move?

  1. Pujo says:

    Remember that GMA’s current Sunday afternoon block is SAS and movies in-between it. SAS is the only underperformer in that block. The entrance of Willie’s new show will subtract one movie block from GMA’s Sunday schedule.

    If GMA wants to dominate Sunday daytime viewing completely, then that new show will be the luck-changer.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Let’s give Willie a chance. He will help improve GMA’s Sunday ratings. If he does well, then GMA can also improve its Sunday 12 nn slot with another show that would compete vs ASAP

    • Jake Jacinto says:

      And I hope also that SAS’ segment, “Kalerki-oke,” will make a revival. Let’s just hope for the better and wait na lang. Patience is always a virtue.

      • They should also sort out the mess that Willie’s arrival created with the postponement of InstaDad. It was supposed to air this coming Sunday, but was held off till Easter Sunday.

  3. di talaga makaget-over si Willie sa Wowowee. lahat ng show nya may Wow- sa title. i bet lahat ng games pareho uli sa Wowowee. He is not that popular anymore, and ang dami ng scandals na nagyari sa previous show nya. oh well good luck sa GMA.

  4. James Ty III says:

    Willie will rent a studio in Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City for his new GMA show. It will premiere on April 26.

  5. I got to hand it to Willie for giving jobs but he should stay in the background n lng. Masyado lng malaki ang ego kaya nega sya palagi. He can produce shows nman with his money, tanggapin n lng nya na di na sya patok as an on air talent. Just my two cents.

      • James Ty III says:

        Kaya nga Willie’s show is weekly and shorter. He knows that this is his last chance. And this will give GMA a chance to also improve its 11 am, 12 nn and SNBO time slots. In fact, a Jackie Chan movie, Rob B Hood, is airing tomorrow night on SNBO.

      • im coming from the idea that if this venture fails dhil sa ego nya then mas mahihirapan syang magproduce dhil for sure maapektuhan n ung relationship nya with GMA, the last possible network na pdeng kumuha sa knya. GMA is his last stop, we get it pero diba mas smart kung pumasok muna sya as producer kesa as both on cam and blocktimer? i think he is back dhil he wants to prove himself which is a bad motivation. He has a history as a ticking ego time bomb, and sadly he doesnt accept or see it. i admire how he gives jobs but sna un ung gamitin nya, the fact n wla syang co host is a sign na ego lng tlga ang pakay nya. Why not hire all the disgruntled GMA on air talents na walang exposure? Why not a Willingly Yours type of show? Bkit nya kinakahon ang sarili nya sa variety genre? marami syang pdeng gawin, he is stacked, he doesnt need to host to get by

      • I can definitely sense that Willie’s show may end up as ‘Manny Many Prizes’ version 2. I feel his upcoming show would be similar to Manny’s old show.

        That said, he could have taken it one step at a time and think about a different approach, but instead he does it the way he does best. Typical Willie for most of us.

    • i agree. he is too egoistical, akala nya kasi na di kaya ng ABS na wala sya then nawala pa yung show nya sa tv5. this is his last chance. kung gusto nyang mag rate ang show nya dapat kumuha sya ng co-host, he is not that famous anymore at pangit pa ang reputation nya.

  6. James Ty III says:

    By the way, GMA is already starting to promote InstaDad. Two of its stars, Gabbi Garcia and Jazz Ocampo, will guest on Idol sa Kusina tomorrow on GMA News TV.

  7. James Ty III says:

    According to a post on Instagram by a movie writer, InstaDad will premiere on Easter Sunday, April 5, at 4:30 pm before 24 Oras Weekend. This means that there could be changes in GMA’s Sunday afternoon slot with KMF at 11 am, SAS at 1 pm and Blockbusters will come in at 2:30 pm.

    Once Wowowin begins, Wowowin may be aired from 3 to 4:30 pm. SAS could move to 1-3 pm and Kapuso Movie Festival may come in at 11:15 am and Superhero Sunday may be axed.

      • James Ty III says:

        Willie himself agreed to a weekly timeslot with GMA because he does not want to spoil the afternoon daily programming of the station. What’s important is that he is back on TV and he is willing to make amends. Let’s see.

  8. nabasa ko sa news na nagtatayo ng bagong studio complex ng GMA-7 sa kalayaan ave. quezon city (malapit sa city hall) para dun ganapin ang wowowin ni willie r. tapos renting ito bale inire-renovate pa lang ito.

    akala ko sa GMA Network Studio gaganapin ang wowowin, bakit nagtayo pa ng bagong studio ng GMA 7 sa Kalayaan Ave. Q.C. para dun ganapin ang wowowin eh meron naman GMA Network Studio. bakit hindi na lang ganapin sa GMA Network Studio (Studio 6) ang wowowin kasi ang studio 7 sa SAS eh ang studio 6 walang gumagamit sa studio na yon bakit hindi na lang sa studio 6 ng GMA gaganapin ang wowowin. DI BA

    • Blocktimer lang kasi si Willie kaya hindi sa mismong GMA Studios ang taping ng upcoming show niya. Same goes to Eat Bulaga, unless may intensyong kunin ng GMA ang mga ito.

    • ramones1986 says:

      Sa tingin ko, gamitin na lang ang Studio 6 sa mga teleserie ng GMA. Matagal-tagal na ring hindi kinukunan ang mga interior scenes sa mga studio, maliban na lamang kapag fantaserie.

  9. JRDV says:

    for me, it’s a bad move, or should I say, a desperate move. desperado na ang GMA dahil sa weak Sunday lineup nito. with SAS bumped to 1pm with the new Willie show, may chance na ikakansela na ng GMA ang Sunday All Stars. sayang na ang GMA post-SOP era.

    back to Willie, he will compete against teen comedy Luv U and The Buzz. I’m pretty sure na mananalo pa rin ang Luv U at The Buzz.

    regarding Willie, babalik na ang “bigyan ng jacket” segment sa bagong show. what’s next? sexy dancers na nakaunderwear lang? SPG rating?

    • Just sad. Kahit anong pakulo ang gawin ni Willie sa GMA, there is no doubt na hindi na siya mapapatawad ng mga dati niyang viewers. Only those still loyal to him will watch the show.

  10. Believe That (Roman Reigns) says:

    I think they should just remove Sunday All-Stars in my opinion it is because they don’t bring TV ratings to the station. It would be surprising if Willie’s Wowowin will bring higher rating than Sunday All Stars. But let us just see.

      • kawawa naman yung ibang Kapuso artist na nasa SAS. yung mga singers nila like Regine, Janno and Jaya. buti pa si Jay R and Kyla lumipat na.

      • Pero financially speaking, makakabuti na talaga para sa kanila ang pag-cancel ng SAS. The singers you mentioned simply no longer hold a candle against the younger performers ng ASAP. Youth is what GMA desperately needed, kaso wala silang mahanap na capable na kapalit para sa kanila.

        GMA definitely needs to change the way they line up their programs. Willie’s new show may do just that, but if it doesn’t work out, they might as well go air infomercials instead.

      • Believe That (Roman Reigns) says:

        Not really based on how I watched the show, it really clicked the usual way for Willie Revillame. The show even trended worldwide on Twitter. But let us just see how it would remain to be like that or better than this in the weeks to come

  11. James Ty III says:

    SAS is a waste of time talaga on GMA. Since Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez left the show, it has lost a lot of its lustre. Not even Iya Villania and Christian Bautista can save it from falling apart.

    I wonder if Iya will be part of Wowowin as Willie Revillame’s co-host. She used to be a part of Wowowee, remember?

  12. James Ty III says:

    I think it would have been better for Iya and Christian Bautista to stay with ABS. The problem with them was that they were too impatient especially with a lot of additions to ASAP like The Voice winners.

  13. Nameless says:

    Despite having so many haters mula ‘nung nag-umpisa ang new decade, I heard a news also that Willie wants to live a simple life na lang lately because he was moved by Pope Francis’ visit here in our country. Well, he must prove to his viewers that he “changed” nga, para hindi na siya ulit ma-bash. Sana nga, wala nang incident or malfunction na magaganap. Remember ‘yung WoWoWille na naging SPG in 2013. After almost 2 years, maririnig na naman natin ang ganitong sentences: “Bigyan ng Jacket ‘yan! Bigyan ng CD! Bigyan ng WilPhone!” which became so popular sa memes.

  14. Gab says:

    His studio in Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City (one of the roads besides QC Circle) is already under construction with a 400-seater capacity. Hoping that Willie will be finer on his new show that will start in less than 2 weeks.

  15. James Ty III says:

    I think the new studio will be ready on April 26. Remember, Eat Bulaga uses its own studio because it is a blocktimer. Same with Wowowin.

  16. James Ty III says:

    Wowowin will run from 3:30 to 4:45 pm when it premieres this Sunday, May 10. Sunday All-Stars will stay at 2 pm after GMA’s 2 Tagalized movies at 11 am.

    Here’s the complete GMA Sunday sked starting May 10:

    9 am AHA
    9:30 am BORN TO BE WILD
    10:15 am I BILIB
    3:30 pm WOWOWIN Premiere
    Hosted by Willie Revillame
    4:45 pm INSTADAD
    5:45 pm 24 ORAS WEEKEND
    11 pm SNBO: WARRIOR
    Starring Tom Hardy (Mad Max, Dark Knight Rises)

      • James Ty III says:

        The one hour, 15-minute running time is a good way for Willie’s show to start. At least, he is starting from the bottom. If his show does well, expect it to become an hour and a half and eventually to two hours. Pero hanggang 2 hours na lang. Whatever, he has to do good here, or else, his career is over.

  17. Gab says:

    His 400-seater studio is ready.
    His production staff were ready.
    His dancers were ready.
    Preparations are keen and tidy.
    The Audience is ready.

    Good luck, Willie for your much-awaited television comeback on May 10 (that aside for Jojo A’s return to late night)

  18. Mukhang bitin kay willie ang 1 hour 15 minutes na oras niya sa show niya, palagay ka magmamadali dila sa show nila. Meron pa kaya sila segment dati sa katulad sa wowowee na willie of fortune? Mahaba ang oras niya doon.

  19. Marietta Bonus says:

    Why wowowin presented in 1hr.only, It can be 2 hours show at least…we loved d show, but 1 hr is not enough!!please please please!!Thank you!!

    • Unfortunately, it’s GMA’s order. One hour is enough for the show due to other programming, not to mention preventing any untoward controversy that surrounded Willie during his years with ABS and TV5. Also, the show won’t air LIVE in order to prevent the same negative circumstances.

      There is also a reason why Willie refused to air his show against ASAP: his friendship with another prominent ABS executive.

      • James Ty III says:

        The ABS-CBN executive you were referring to is Johnny Manahan. He used to direct Wowowee when Willie was still with ABS.

      • Gab says:

        Yes, James. He was the director of the show replacing Bobet Vidanes who is the creator and director of It’s Showtime.

  20. James Ty III says:

    According to Cristy Fermin in her Bandera column, Willie’s show yesterday was indeed taped so as to avoid overtime. She also hinted that Wowowin may become a daily show if it does well.

    Next Sunday’s episode will also be pre-taped. We don’t know if the next few Sundays will be live.

    If Wowowin becomes a daily show, expect GMA to bring back Tales of Horror every Sunday afternoon versus the possible new Sunday talk show of ABS which could be hosted by Boy Abunda and Sharon Cuneta.

    • I doubt if a daily Wowowin will ever happen, considering that GMA would have to sacrifice some of their programming for that, not to mention out of respect to Eat Bulaga. After all, animes, EB and their afternoon dramas are keeping GMA afloat on daytime.

      As for possible LIVE editions, that’s out of the question. GMA needs to be stricter to him in order to prevent any untoward controversies that caused his acrimonious severance of ties with ABS and TV5.

      • James Ty III says:

        I was told by a movie columnist friend of mine that Willie had no co-hosts yesterday although Lovi Poe, a Sunday All-Stars mainstay, performed in the opening number.

        With only just one hour and some minutes, Willie can host the show all bv himself since GMA does not want him to go overtime and get into trouble.

  21. James Ty III says:

    If there is one thing nice about GMA, it is not going to tolerate any of Willie’s “mischievousness.”

  22. Gab says:

    Ralph, according to Cristy Fermin, the July 26 episode of Wowowin was their last show after all. But Willie will re-negotiate with GMA in process of having an daily game show soon after.

    So technically, the show will be on its hiatus. Mahirap kasi gumastos pag weekly siya and the 3:30 sunday timeslot is not good after all.

  23. James Ty III says:

    With this move, malamang ang Sunday All-Stars will get a reprieve and Sunday Pinas Saya could take over Wowowin’s time slot.

  24. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I heard last Sunday from viewers, observers, and critics that “Wowowin” is now a co-produced show between GMA and WBR Productions(?). Even the number of commercials per gap has increased, they said, probably owing to “Wowowin’s” transfer to an earlier timeslot.

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