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Cathy Yang Returns to ANC

Cathy Yang returns to ANC starting this September. Yang previously worked for the network in the late 90s, specifically as a business news anchor. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN)

The ABS-CBN News Channel is getting an old face back to the fold.

Cathy Yang recently announced through her social media accounts that she will return to the network starting this September. Yang comes to ABS-CBN fresh from a 15-year international stint with Bloomberg Asia and CCTV.

Prior to returning to ABS-CBN, Yang worked for the Mother Ignacia-based network during the late 90s, particularly as the anchor of ANC’s ‘Stock Market Live’. For old-time Channel 2 viewers, she was best known as the co-host of ‘Usapang Business’ with Ces Drilon.

In between, Yang worked for Bloomberg Asia and CCTV, and was based in Tokyo and Hong Kong during those years. As an anchor for Bloomberg Asia, Yang was a three-time Best News Anchor winner from the prestigious Asian TV Awards.

Two new projects await Yang at the start of September: ‘Market Edge’ and ‘Business Nightly’, the timeslots of which are yet to be determined. With over two decades of experience, Yang should be an asset to ANC’s deep roster of anchors, not to mention a guiding light to the network’s younger staff.



56 thoughts on “Cathy Yang Returns to ANC

  1. Jc says:

    Ahhh… My favorite topic, the world of news. From Media Newser all the way to here, Cathy Yang is definitely gaining buzz online for her return on ANC next month. Speaking of Media Newser, a lot of bloggers there are still doing a little war of outrage for Bloomberg PH’s ‘worst’ anchor lineup and Shawn Yao’s entrance. I too even joined in though, but only in a bit. Let me share to you what have I experienced: when I first heard of Bloomberg PH many MNP folks are now having their own emotion of outrage for Shawn’s inclusion in the anchor lineup. Then I came to the point that I said/comment: if Bloomberg PH fails, then let’s hope ABS-CBN gets to partner with CNBC in order to create a new business channel. But many folks disagreed on that idea. Why? Because obviously ABS-CBN News is already an established news organization, thus, they don’t need an international brand to further beef ANC (their news channel) up, not even a business news channel just for the sake of expanding its business coverage. And also ABS-CBN does not want to follow TV5’s management style which is more similar to the PBA (as one blogger says) where in a basketball team gets an import upang mapalakas ang naturang team. Then later on, when I heard the news about Cathy’s re-entrance to ANC, I began to comment hoping that ANC will continue to come up with more locally-produced business newscasts aside from Market Edge and the long-running Business Nightly. Some folks agreed on that matter, I even posted a mock schedule in the comment on how will the new programs work.

    Looks like the original SNN/ANC business team (Coco Alcuaz, Nancy Irlanda, and Cathy Yang) is gradually getting back together. And don’t be surprised if ANC is going to have a major graphics overhaul later next month. And like you always say the possibilities are endless.

  2. Gab says:

    Ang daming magbabalik-loob na viewers ng ANC and their sister platforms (ABS-CBN, DZMM & with this excited news.

  3. Gab says:

    Ging Reyes under the helm of ABS-CBN News was a big success, he’s striving to bring back the integrity of this news organization, unlike the time of Maria Ressa when she was the news head until 2010 (and she moved to

    • JRDV says:

      dahil kay Ging Reyes, unti-unting bumalik ang tiwala ng tao sa ABS-CBN News na nawala noong si Maria Ressa pa ang news head.

      • Being the only news channel that takes business news seriously (unlike free TV counterparts CNNPH, News TV and AksyonTV), Cathy was a welcome re-addition to ANC’s lineup. Kung napunta siya sa ibang network, sayang lang ang magiging role niya as a business-centric journalist.

        The fact that Ging Reyes moved from the North American Bureau to Mother Ignacia speaks volumes of ANC’s resurgence. With the increasing opposition from other news networks, ANC really needs a capable news head to restore order, which is exactly what they did with Ging. Luckily though, ANC has benefited from the shortcomings of its rival news networks, thus putting them in a prime position to succeed.

  4. BBF112 says:

    @Gab Jing Reyes probably learned from certain respected American news outlets when she was ABS-CBN’s North American News Bureau chief.

    @Jc With the return of Cathy Yang to ANC, Bloomberg TV PH fans should be worried right now. (Is News5’s mismanagement at its worst this time?)

    • Bloomberg PH should be worried. Most of their anchors are basically greenhorns in the aspect of business news reporting. They should’ve hired a more experienced business journalist.

      • JRDV says:

        At bakit pinapriority ang paghire ng Bloomberg PH kay Shawn Yao? Siguro favoritism sa upper management ng TV5.

        Mukhang mas lalo pang poproblemahin ang Bloomberg PH once Cathy Yang starts her second stint with ABS-CBN News (especially ANC) come September 1.

      • Indeed. Mas intricate ang pag-report ng stock market at ekonomiya kaysa sa basic national and local news, so it will pose a problem for inexperienced anchors like that of Bloomberg PH.

  5. Jc says:

    Even though TV5 may be considered as an alternative channel for entertainment and news, I think News5’s management (in my viewpoint) is at its slight worst. Many people (especially on MNP) and like what I’ve said in one of the previous topics, have been criticizing TV5’s kalye-styled reporting and not to mention as Ralph says, the EMAJs. Kung ako nga lang ang may control ng News5, ipapatanggal ko na lang ang AKSYON, ibalik ang TEN: The Evening News bilang late news program, at ang ever-popular Kontrabando bilang primetime satire newscast. Ipagpapatuloy ko pa rin ang Bloomberg PH, pero mag-iiba ang management ng News5 at ng Bloomberg PH. Upang maiwasan ang “mix-up” na maaring mag-cause ng pagpasok ng EMAJs sa Bloomberg and ma-maintain ang business and hard news content sa naturang business channel.

    • Like what ABS did with Ging Reyes, what TV5 needs now is a well-traveled journalist with an eye for a more Westernized style of news gathering, not to mention setting a standard for credible reporting. Experience is the best teacher, something TV5 would like to get.

  6. Jc says:

    And perhaps with Ging Reyes’ news experience in the states resulting in the improved quality and leveling into the highest standards of ABS-CBN News, just like what I’ve said, this news organization doesn’t even need an international brand to beef them up further.

    Hope you read and understand my first comment just above.

  7. Jc says:

    Meanwhile (like I’ve said) ABS-CBN’s business news coverage might be in slight limbo if they are going to put up a separate channel that is dedicated only for business news. And that is considered (as well by some Media Newser folks) a bad idea. And (they said too) Hindi Ito paramihan ng channels, pagalingan ito. In short, ANC is already a complete information package, from general news to business. And perhaps a graphics and station ID overhaul is already in place.

    • JRDV says:

      Yun nga. Pagalingan sa content ang battle of news channels.

      ANC has total package. DZMM TeleRadyo is performing well. GNN is well-poised as ANC’s alternative. Aksyon TV needs a total rehaul or total shutdown (sayang lang ang pera). CNN PH needs to stop airing HLN shows (lalo na sina Nancy Grace at Dr. Drew, nakakairita na) and prioritize real journos than EMAJs (hello, Menchu). Bloomberg PH should not hire Shawn Yao in the first place. GMA News TV is in its worst shape ever (mas maganda kung isara na lang ang GMA News TV at ibalik ang ch. 11 sa ZOE, since masyadong magastos na ang pagmamaintain ng dalawang VHF channels).

  8. Jc says:

    Sabi nga ni Ralph in one of the previous topics (if this will continue to persist), Only time will tell if ever there will be an even playing field for the news networks in our country.

    Speaking of which, halos ung feel at delivery nga ng HLN (na pinapalabas sa CNNPH) parang nag resemble sa E! News (specifically sa The Daily Share). Noong Monday lang din nag-launch sa TV ang CNN Indonesia. Mukhang ngayon pa lang, talo na ang CNNPH (Gaya ng sinabi ko) pagdating sa mga palabas, content, at anchors. As for AksyonTV, dapat gawin na lang yang ‘Sports5’ channel upang may competition din sa ABS-CBN Sports+Action. Sa News TV naman, maganda na isara na lamang o gawing bagong Light Network (50/50 venture with ZOE and GMA). And going back to CNNPH, as I’ve said mainam na ipangalan na lang na HLN Philippines dahil sa presence ng shows nina Nancy Grace, at Dr. Drew, Maging ang Morning at Weekend Express, The Daily Share, at ung mga CBS News shows na 60 Minutes (kahit andyan pa si Anderson Cooper ng CNN), ung Undercover Boss Canada, at iba pang mga carry-over shows mula pa sa Solar News at 9TV

    • Right now, only ANC and DZMM TeleRadyo suit our taste for news consumption. Yung kulang na lang sa mga rival news network ay mga news satire shows na mala-Daily Show ang format (e.g. Kontrabando of News5). Ganon talaga katawa-tawa ang mga palabas nila ngayon.

  9. Jc says:

    And worst, pag nakita ni Jeff o ng isang taga-CNN, na ganito ang mga eksena sa CNNPH (na kulang-kulang ang newscasts, at dependent masayado sa mga HLN, at imported pero outdated na shows), na nasa Worldwide Corporate Center, maaaring mapagalitan sila at ipasasara nila ASAP. Same goes with Bloomberg PH, pag nakita ng Isang taga-Bloomberg na magulo ang eksena after a few months, ganun din ang mangyayari sa kanila.

    • Exactly. Both networks will have to make the most out of the opportunity as enfranchised entities, such as mostly localized flavor and more organized staff, otherwise revoked na rights ang magiging resulta.

  10. Jc says:

    But even worse, maaari ring matuwa si Jeff (o ng Isang taga-CNN) na nag-air ng CNNPH ng mga palabas mula sa HLN, at ibang networks na hindi kaalyado ng CNN. Thus, ung magiging description ni Jeff (o Nila) diyan sa pinaggagagawan ng CNNPH ay form ng “Public Service” in order to serve or target its American and Filipino-American viewers by airing the HLN, outdated CNN and Non-CNN programs. Ano ba ang CNNPH? Pro-American? It’s a complete disappointment.

    • Jc says:

      Alex is currently under ALC’s sister network which is DWIZ of Aliw Broadcasting. Pinky is currently inactive in the news industry.

  11. Jc says:

    With Cathy’s re-entrance to ABS-CBN News/ANC, the next we may know, is that “The Philippines’ supposed-to-be no.1 news channel” may re-invite more of the its alumni (especially Ricky Carandang and Yvette Novenario), and of course, may have a brand new station ID and graphics.

    Meanwhile, imagine how hard it is to accept the reality that the newscasts we see on the news channels these days (especially on ANC and its rivals no matter if it’s on TV or radio) get shorter and lesser because of the growing popularity of new technologies that continues to change the way we consume the news (specifically the Internet and Social Media). The use of news channels will only continue to deteriorate if we are going to rely much on these kinds of new digs. Otherwise, if this will persist, we might even see CNN go off the air, even ANC. Like I’ve said, not even everyone can afford the new technologies that we have now. So it’s better to preserve and balance the good quality and use of our news channels as long as we could.

    • You’re so pessimistic. Perhaps complementing both forms of media would be a better idea. Instead of proclaiming the deterioration of a news channel, it might be better if there is a complement between them. After all, news on TV and radio is more of a summary and a medium for people on the rush, while news online, like in print, are more detailed and ideal for more intellectual and detail-oriented people. If the news on TV and radio can only do much in a short period, there is the internet and print to compensate. And besides, a news channel can still be important for the broadcast of live events of national significance, with the internet and print taking account on them on the spot. Respect that.

  12. Jc says:

    It’s just sad that the country only has 2 credible news channels namely ANC and DZMM Teleradyo. What if I feel like I don’t wanna watch these two anymore or more often? It’s like being homeless where you have no where else to go, and no where else to stay.

    I really hate to see how dirty Philippine broadcasting looks like nowadays, no matter if it’s in news or entertainment. Dirty competition is just making it a lot worse, many people are throwing fierce criticism (including myself) against all networks [whether in public or social media], some networks are having their share of bad decisions and everything in between, ratings matter even more than doing alternatives, and so many you can think of. It’s getting too far already.

    • Perhaps you should go watch sports, movies or cartoons in order to get out of this misery. It’s the only advice I can give you if you’re fed up with the unfair competition.

      Let’s just hope that they can get into their senses and fix the damages and shortcomings. Simple as that. Case closed.

  13. Jc says:

    Some folks on Media Newser also suggest they want to integrate the studios of both the ABS-CBN and ANC newscasts into one (thus naming it as: THE ABS-CBN Newscenter) in order to lessen operation costs. In my viewpoint, I don’t think the studios of both networks should be integrated. Because it might create an unexpected amount of chaos. Obviously not all international news organizations use ssame studios for their news channels.

      • Jc says:

        Some say there is nothing wrong with integrating the news studios of ABS-CBN and ANC. Because: studio 7 looks more like a news studio, while studio 6 looks somewhat of a magazine/talk show studio.

        One commenter on MNP even said this (if you know it): CNN, BBC, CCTV, and NHK maintain separate studios because their international newscasts overlap with its domestic newscasts. And that commenter said again, there is nothing wrong with integrating the studios of the two networks.

  14. Jc says:

    Sorry if I have to let my jealousy out in this topic but, I just watched some videos from CNN Indonesia, everything is a spic and span, from programming, atmosphere, feel, everything you can think of. I’m starting to feel like I wanna blame our CNN franchise for not having these kinds of things. You’d better search and watch some of their videos on YouTube and see what I mean.

    • Again why divert? There are other articles in relation to CNN Philippines that you can search on and comment about. You’re taking this too far. Didn’t I tell you to move on? This comment has nothing to do with ANC, PERIOD.

      Nagiging Mr. Sunday na ang peg mo Mr. News-It-All. The next time I warn you about unrelated comments, you’re OUT!!

      I hope you learn your lesson. Total you are also informative. But there is a thing called responsible posting.

      • Jc says:

        Please do not call me that. I’m sorry if I keep on doing this and never worked hard to look for other articles related to a certain topic. This is the ONLY place where I can express how dirty Philippine Broadcasting is nowadays. If you will keep on calling me Mr. News-it-All and barge me out of this site, it’s a complete piss off.

      • Sorry about that. It’s just that you have to be responsible in placing your comments at the right places. Sorry if I called you Mr. News-It-All, emotions got the best of me. But still, place it on the most appropriate articles. There is a search section after all on this blog.

        There is a rule on the Pinoy Nostalgia groups on Facebook regarding unrelated comments. Members got banned from the group whenever they post something like that. They are also banned whenever they post hoaxes, spam comments, and even obvious information (hence the derogatory term Captain Obvious). You should know that by now. These things also apply to not only my blog, but also Timow’s Turf, if you haven’t caught up with Timow’s blog.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Don’t forget also, Kuya Ralph, that there’s a new rule in Pinoy Nostalgia which says that members can also be banned if they post repetitive (paulit-ulit) topics or questions. They should try backreading instead.

    • Jc Learn how to at least calm down for once. Tama din naman si Ralph comment on things that is related to the topic. Total sinabi mo bulok ang tv industry sa pinas but there are segments or parts of it.

    • They have a sister group, the Philippine Television Through the Years group. You can join that group if you want to. Perhaps your knowledge may be useful in that group too.

      • Nagiging obvious na matatakutin ka sa mga comments mo of late. I might as well drop you if you keep thinking that you’re scared. Remember, your opinions are welcome there as well, whether the members agree or disagree with it. Christian may not agree with us often but he’s still part of the group.

  15. JRDV says:

    Most people who followed Media Newser Philippines are now voting for Cathy Tang’s new shows on ANC, especially on the shows you are most looking forward to watch. Most comments say they can’t wait to see her again later today at 3pm or later tonight at 10.

  16. Jc says:

    Would it be ok if I ask only one question? If so, I wanna ask if it’s definitely unlikely that English late night news should return to the mainstream networks?

    • As it stands, the free TV landscape is only catered to the masses and the low-income society. It is impossible now to place English late-night newscasts at this point. You should know now that the audiences are changing, hence these are relegated to cable networks.

  17. Jc says:

    Cathy really has good experience and work with how she handles business and consumer news everyday.

    Shifting gears from Cathy to ANC (sorry again if I have to divert again and again), I noticed that since they rebranded as ANC, they no longer have a newscast at 6pm. back when they are SNN, they broadcast news at 6pm even though ch. 2 is doing TV Patrol. Now, they no longer do it. Maybe the reason why ANC no longer airs news at 6 since its rebrand, is that maaga sila nag-innovate in terms of scheduling newscasts, thus they believe that marami na ang gumagamit ng internet to look for news kahit small margin pa man yan. Hope to see more improvements on ANC in terms of its anchors, setup, graphics, and more.

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