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No Replacement for Kris TV, For Now

Looks like ‘Kris TV’ is here to stay anew.

Even though Kris Aquino made it clear that last Wednesday’s episode of ‘Kris TV’ was to be their last (see video above), on Monday, March 28, ABS-CBN decided to continue airing the talk show as a series of ‘best of’ specials. ‘The Best of Kris TV’, as seen in the program plugs, airs on the very timeslot that ‘Kris TV’ once occupied, from 7:30-9:00 a.m. on weekdays.

The reason behind this decision is unclear, though it may be attributed to a lack of a suitable replacement. There were rumors that a talk show hosted by Karla Estrada would replace ‘Kris TV’, but the Kapamilya actress quickly shot it down.

With nearly five years and over 1,000 episodes to boot, ‘Kris TV’ ranks as one of the longest-running morning talk shows on Philippine television. While the show may not have been a ratings darling, its loyal following and Kris Aquino’s dedication to her craft helped ‘Kris TV’ stay on the air for as long as Kris’ body and mind allowed it to.

Still, with the show having closed shop, what’s next for ABS-CBN as far as its vacated timeslot is concerned? After all, they don’t want an already concluded show like ‘Kris TV’ to remain on the air, so they need to make a decision about it as soon as possible.

Hopefully the wait won’t be long. As for Kris Aquino, let’s just hope that she returns to prominence with her body and mind as strong as ever.



5 thoughts on “No Replacement for Kris TV, For Now

  1. They have a lot of options now, one is to air once again some anime programs or with the NBA Playoffs drawing closer, will they air some playoff games on a monday just to fit the request of the die hard fans who has no access to cable? Anyway, these are just a my personal options though.

    • That’s one option, Jose but we have to wait until mid-April.

      Benefit: Mentioned already by you
      Problem: Children’s programming on the main channel will still be on the same level — like nearly 2% per broadcast day (the minimum must be 15% every broadcast day).

      Other options include the following:

      I. Revive the Team Animazing, especially, the good ol’ Naruto.
      Benefit: It will benefit children whose families cannot afford the Mahiwagang Black Box. Children’s programming will finally get some significant share.
      Problem: ABS already have a Yey! digital channel. They wouldn’t try to do that as they’re thinking onward to DTV.

      II. Buy a rights to air a recently-finished Koreanovela
      Benefit: To pass the time before getting a new block or new program
      Problem: They will just copy GMA.

  2. Most netizens were relieved last week for the end of Kris TV but yesterday, I was expecting that there should be a radical change at 7:30 a.m. every weekday but nope, she’s still here but as a recap of her show — her best for almost five years.

    I don’t want to get a political dab at this but I hope Kris will be better in sound mind and body, off-screen.

    Now, they really need to decide. Gaps are needed to be filled; they don’t want to be like a tooth with a worsening cavity.

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