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PBB Goes Vietnam

Season 7 of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ will be a little different this time.

For the first time ever, ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ will not be held in the Philippines. Instead, the seventh season (dubbed as ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7’) will take place in Vietnam, at least for the first few weeks (unless plans change later on).

While the season premiere will take place this Monday, preparations for PBB: Lucky 7 were already in full swing in the week leading up to it. In fact, nine celebrity housemates were revealed during this stretch, which are the following:

  • Nikko Natividad, Hashtag Boy Sipag ng Bulacan (revealed on ‘It’s Showtime’ July 2)
  • McCoy de Leon, Hashtag Boy Tatag ng Tondo (revealed on ‘It’s Showtime’ July 2)
  • JK Labajo, Ang Cute-Kiti ng Cebu (revealed on ‘ASAP’ July 3)
  • Yassi Pressman, Ang Dance Floor Dream Girl ng Antipolo (revealed on ‘TV Patrol’ July 4)
  • Jinri Park, Ang K-Hot Cover Girl ng South Korea (revealed on ‘TV Patrol’ July 4)
  • Hideo Muraoka, Ang Hunky Daddy ng Taguig (revealed on ‘TV Patrol’ July 6)
  • Nonong Ballinan, Ang Kanto Komikero ng Quezon City (revealed on ‘TV Patrol’ July 6)
  • Elisse Joson, Ang Hugot Babe ng Mandaluyong (revealed on ‘TV Patrol’ July 6)
  • DJ Chacha, Ang Bibig ng Pag-ibig ng Tondo (revealed on ‘TV Patrol’ July 6)

All nine housemates were flown to Vietnam (though three of them were initially denied passage by the Bureau of Immigration) where they will live inside the house that was used on ‘Big Brother Vietnam’ (‘Người giấu mặt’). To abide with the show’s ‘house rules’, they were covered with black bonnets so that they will not be recognized by the public, and to not learn of their destination.

Upon entering the Big Brother house in Vietnam, housemates were given various tasks by Big Brother himself. In the meantime, their progress was followed on PBB’s social media pages, leading up to the season premiere this Monday night.

‘Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7’ will be hosted by Robi Domingo, Toni Gonzaga-Soriano, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla. Both Toni and Mariel are pregnant during the season, and are expected to take a maternity leave as the season continues.

The first few weeks of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7’ will have celebrities as the main attraction. But as the season continues, expect more housemates, this time of the teen and regular variety, to be revealed soon.

The seventh season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ airs weeknights after ‘Born for You’, Saturdays after ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’, and Sundays after ‘Rated K’ on ABS-CBN.


36 thoughts on “PBB Goes Vietnam

  1. This is indeed the first in the new decade of our local Big Brother franchise. It may look like a scripted at first (prima facie) but I agree, there’ll always be surprises (katulad ng pagpasok ng regular housemates) and potential scandals and controversies within its run.

    Looking at this personally, it looks like Jeffrey Olila Garcia, the ex-admin of Pinoy Nostalgia turned fantard and commander of DJ Chacha’s Army, is excited and interested to watch the show but if she gets evicted during the stay, he will go into the process of indenial stage or what I call it: the butthurt zone.

    Syempre, nothing is complete in the discussion without their critics mula sa Timog Avenue’s battalion and Marco Jonathan Rossi (Chitetskoy).

    Regardless, I’m not going to say the obvious statement about PBB as we tackled this every season since the set up of the blog.

    • In short, expect the unexpected, and no need to state the obvious. Let this season’s viewership speak to itself, knowing that PBB will be among the trending topics every night. Good luck.

  2. Overheard says:

    Let’s see how this season goes and we will also look-out for more surprises in store this Season 7. Para hindi magmukhang “scripted”, sabi ng mga critics.

  3. Hyun says:

    Big Brother Vietnam aired for only one season (2013-2014) so far.

    Also, We Love OPM is ending this weekend, and expect its timeslot to be taken over by PBB.

    • Still, why end We Love OPM this weekend when they could have concluded last weekend? I don’t understand ABS’ scheduling decision. Anyway, BB Vietnam’s house was so underused, which is probably the reason why they called upon PBB to occupy the edifice for the moment.

  4. Gab says:

    The first part of the pilot episode of PBB Season 7 was an excerpt from the live online premiere of the show aired on Facebook Live last week.

  5. Gab says:

    It seems that the weekend edition of PBB will be finally aired by either Sunday or next two weeks kasi may post-competition concert pa ng We Love OPM sa Sabado.

    • Just our luck. It was bad timing from the start. Either the weekend PBB will be pushed through like you said in two weeks or there won’t be any weekend edition at all. We Love OPM was simply a waste of time. Dapat tapos na yan two weeks ago, kaso magulo lang ang planning ng ABS management.

  6. Gab says:

    Yes, the weekend edition will start on Sunday after Rated K with its first eviction night. Pero pansin ko nga, walang details ng pagboto via text after ng nomination ng possible evictees kanina

  7. Gab says:

    Update: They’re now back to the PBB House after their three-week stay in Vietnam. Mala-Bahay Kubo ang itsura ng bagong PBB house

  8. Gab says:

    Update: The new batch of teen housemates, will be revealed tommorow from It’s Showtime to TV Patrol and Tonight with Boy Abunda. Papasok na sila sa Bahay ni Kuya pagdating ng Sabado

  9. Well, It actually went like this: PBB Lucky 7 was originally an online-only program, it premiered on TV when the Tagalized version of Jane The Virgin ended, and after We Will Survive ended, PBB got an afternoon edition and the Weekend edition, did not premiere until We Love OPM ended.

    • Honestly though, it was a poorly planned introduction on ABS’ part. It would’ve been better if the televised part got underway without any delays, but PBB’s premiere on different days and timeslots was simply caused by bad timing. Anyway we can move on to that since it’s already underway.

      By the way, not all areas receive the PBB afternoon edition due to RNG’s own version of TV Patrol, and is instead aired the following morning (preempting the final 30 minutes of Magandang Buhay). In essence, the entire country can only simultaneously access the nightly edition every day.

  10. Gab says:

    12 teen housemates are already inside in the Big Brother house, most notably known housemate so far is the “Badjao Girl”, Rita Gaviola from Lucena who is featured on Jessica Soho’s program a few months back.

    (please delete my first comment, wrong email address)

  11. Gab says:

    PBB Lucky 7 Teen Edition now down to its last two weeks and as of now, they started to reveal one-by-one the regular housemates for this season who will enter the house by Saturday.

    • Once all regular housemates were announced this Saturday, put them in one comment, instead of before where you just reveal them in batches.

      Anyway, with these announcements, PBB Lucky 7 could stretch into early 2017 and perhaps culminate in yet another competition where the top celebrity, teen and regular housemates compete for the ultimate prize and survive another run at the PBB house. This is something I’ll look forward to.

  12. Gab says:

    The first batch of regular housemates came in as Edward took home the first finals slot among teen housemates. Voting are now open for the two other finals slots (Christian, Maymay, Kisses, Yong)

    Among those who entered are Luis Hontiveros (the nephew of a known senator) and Ali Forbes (who once hosted a beauty pageant-like competition on GMA News TV, Pinay Beauty Queen Academy)

    A returning housemate (from one of the past seasons of PBB) will be joined the competition in a few weeks, as per a TV Patrol report

  13. Gab says:

    Three more housemates are expected to arrive in the Big Brother House tonight. Aside from Aura and Will, former StarStruck alumni Jesi Corcuera also joining the batch of regular housemates/

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