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Blurring the Lines: Is CineMo Finally Ready to Accept Drama and Romance Films?

The movie ‘Ikaw na Sana’ was aired on CineMo as part of the CineKomedya block, but was classified as a romantic drama film. (Photo courtesy of Video48 and Viva Films)

Talk about a tone shift.

CineMo, an ABS-CBN digital TV channel, has been on the airwaves for the past seven years. However, its content has stayed basically the same, airing comedy, action, suspense, sexy and fantasy films from the get-go.

But in the past few weeks, movies from the romance and drama genres began to air on CineMo as well. Such films were aired on the channel’s CineKomedya block, but for whatever reason they do not feel like comedy films at all.

Take for instance the recent airing of the film ‘Ikaw na Sana’. The movie was an adaptation of the television series that aired on GMA some 20 years ago, and it starred Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon alongside Gladys Reyes and Jake Roxas.

Unfortunately for CineMo, ‘Ikaw na Sana’ was labeled as a romantic drama film. And considering the film did not have any funny jokes or comedic bits, it was not appropriate for it to air on the CineKomedya block.

There were also other films that aired on CineKomedya that do not appear to be humorous at all. Some of these films foreshadowed the modern romantic comedy drama series that air on ABS-CBN these days, but for the most part tears were shed more than laughs.

With that in mind, is it the perfect time for CineMo to accept romance and drama films to the fold? Considering that they have been repeatedly airing most of the same films over and over again, perhaps it is the right time to do so.

CineMo could launch new drama and romance blocks titled CineDrama and CineRomansya on timeslots normally reserved to action and comedy flicks. That way, films from the romance and drama genres can be aired without any confusion and concern from the viewer.

Not only that, CineMo will have a deeper reservoir thanks to these films. That said, having romance and drama films on the channel does help in attracting the young and feminine audience more, even though the channel is more catered to working-class males.

The ball is now on CineMo’s court to score. One can only hope that the channel will dig deep and go beyond their comfort zone with these tearjerkers.


8 thoughts on “Blurring the Lines: Is CineMo Finally Ready to Accept Drama and Romance Films?

    • They should if they want to become the digital TV equivalent of Cinema One. Repeating these same action, comedy, sexy and suspense films over and over might not help. That’s why it’s better for them to branch out to romance and drama flicks to gain more viewers, not just the working-class men that CineMo caters.

  1. yong says:

    Though CineMo is a channel catered to working men, I think some shows such as Kuya Jobert’s show is not something exclusive for men, lalo na facebook questions of any person is welcome; also, some movies are like “corny” for men. And the channel’s name is more suggestive to everyone, di bale kung CineKuys pangalan ng channel. Siguro ayos din nga yung revamp.

    • Besides, why would they restrict themselves kung nasa digital free TV sila which is available to all as long as may digital signal? Diba they were supposed to be a free TV equivalent of Cinema One. That’s why I don’t understand kung bakit certain films lang ang ineere nila. Parang wala na silang pakialam sa mga babae and teenagers.

  2. Vince says:

    Catered to men yata talaga siya. Baka yung upcoming na mga action serye i-rerun din nila diyan. Alam ko dalawa ang upcoming. Yung kay Angel tapos yung kay Gerald.

      • Vince says:

        Hindi ko pa abutan ang timeslot ng pag-ere nito. Tatay ko kasi palagi nanonood ng action sa channel na to. Ang naalala kong mga romance na umeere diyan yung mga tipong soft core pornish kapag mga 10-12am.

      • More like 11 pm nightly since it’s more catered to mature audiences. But what I’m looking at are romantic flicks na pang-13 and above yung audience; examples include those starred by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu, KathNiel, JaDine at LizQuen, plus other love teams. Pati na yung drama flicks like Anak, Dekada ’70, Mano Po, those films. Yun ang mga films na pwede ring i-ere sa CineMo kasi parang paulit-ulit na yung mga ineere nilang pelikula.

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