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GMA’s Astig Authority a Sinking Ship Thanks to Magandang Buhay

How the mighty have fallen.

The past few days have not been kind to GMA’s Astig Authority block, and it showed in the recent ratings posted by the more ‘national’ Kantar firm. As seen in these figures below, it is clear that the block has lost the interest of the public while rival ‘Magandang Buhay’ is beginning to gain momentum with each passing episode.

February 27, 2017

Magandang Buhay (8.1%) vs. Ghost Fighter (5.9%) / Pokemon Xy (6.7%) / Bleach (7.3%)

March 6, 2017

Magandang Buhay (7.5%) vs. Ghost Fighter (5.9%) / Pokemon Xy (6.7%) / Bleach (7.1%)

March 13, 2017

Magandang Buhay (8.2%) vs. Ghost Fighter (6.3%) / Pokemon Xy (6.9%) / Bleach (7.5%)

March 14, 2017

Magandang Buhay (8.3%) vs. Ghost Fighter (5.8%) / Pokemon Xy (6.5%) / Bleach (6.9%)

March 15, 2017

Magandang Buhay (7.8%) vs. Ghost Fighter (5.7%) /  Pokemon Xy (6.9%) / Bleach (6.7%)

So what is the common denominator in these five episodes? Basically ‘Magandang Buhay”s guests came from ABS-CBN’s three top-rated shows in ‘It’s Showtime’, ‘Ang Probinsyano’ and the recently concluded ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7’, and the constant top-notch performances of the three shows carried over to the former.

On the other hand, anime’s declining interest on free-to-air television is hitting Astig Authority hard. The fact that Filipino anime fans are moving over to cable and internet for their anime needs, not to mention GMA’s constant overreliance on old anime, is something that the network has yet to realize at this point.

One can only look at ABS-CBN’s controversial decision to cease airing anime in June of last year. The only difference here is that ABS-CBN has the digital TV channel Yey! and the cable channel Hero to back them up, whereas GMA doesn’t have the benefit of sister cable channels to constantly commit to a variety of anime.

Speaking of relying too much on reruns, GMA just announced that a long-awaited Filipino redub of ‘Voltes V’ (voiced by young GMA stars) will hit the airwaves next Monday. This should only make things worse for Astig Authority, as the classic Japanese mecha anime has been re-aired multiple times since 1977.

That said, unless GMA plans a new programming strategy, the slumping fortunes of Astig Authority may continue to last for a longer period. For a network once proud of bringing successful anime titles to the Filipino mainstream, this is unacceptable to say the least.

In the end, GMA must accept reality and move on, because airing anime on free TV is no longer a thing at this point (unless you’re TV5 and you’re willing to bring new animes with it). No offense, but the time is now for GMA to have something else to offer every weekday morning.


18 thoughts on “GMA’s Astig Authority a Sinking Ship Thanks to Magandang Buhay

  1. It’s time GMA’s daytime programming needs a revamp, just like this:

    After UH:
    *program similar to SiS & Basta’t Everyday Happy & put it after UH (I don’t care if they can outsmart MB or not, what’s important is the fun)
    *Wolf Blood & Alien Surf Girls
    *2 Koreanovelas (or any canned drama from US, UK or Australia; they should do away with airing movies)

    After EB:

    After 24:
    *GMA-produced dramas only (no Koreanovelas)

    I think these can help, since it’s somewhat unique & organized.

    • ramones1986 says:

      *program similar to SiS & Basta’t Everyday Happy & put it after UH (I don’t care if they can outsmart MB or not, what’s important is the fun)

      Come to think of it, how about transferring “MARS” to GMA-7’s morning slot?
      The only handicap is the incompetence of Gozon when it comes to scheduling.

      • Exactly. MARS would be much better as a GMA morning talk show considering that its lifestyle-oriented format doesn’t even qualify to be on ‘News TV’. The only problem with the show is that Suzi Abrera would have two shows in a row since she also hosts Unang Hirit, which is not good exposure-wise.

        As far as MC’s suggestion goes, that one was much better than they currently have now. That said, GMA must accept the fact that they’re losing and get on with it. Try to be different, in essence, which is also what TV5 is doing at this point.

  2. Pakiramdam ko slowly but surely tinatanggal na ng GMA ang mga anime sa weekday mornings. Simula yan nung sobrang pinaikli ang alloted time para sa mga pelikula, HOA, at Fantaseries programs. Ayaw lang siguro nilang biglain ang mga nakasanayan nang manuod ng anime sa umaga kaya inuunti-unti na lang nila. Ayaw nila matulad sa ABS na sobrang sinopla ng mga anime fans dahil sa biglaang desisyon na tanggalin ang mga (wala na talagang pag-asang matalo ang Astig Authority na mga) anime para mabigyang daan ang movie block at paminsan-minsang NBA sa weekday.

    Isa rin sa mga rason bakit ko naisip kasi yung One Piece, imbes na sa weekday morming ilagay, nilagay na lang sa weekend na di hamak na mas malakas ang hatak sa manonood kasi walang pasok.

      • To be honest, animes are a dying breed on mainstream TV. Only hardcore fans follow it at this point. Sa TV5 nga they still do it on weekdays, pero ok lang since they essentially focus on the niche audience (mostly male and teens due to sports, fantasy and action shows). On the other hand, GMA is more of a mainstream channel due to their obvious obsession to beat ABS at all costs. However, with Magandang Buhay becoming surprisingly popular, GMA is now on the losing end on every timeslot (not counting shows that air after sign-on and before sign-off), and changes should be on the horizon.

  3. Naka-ilang rerun na ba ang Voltes V? Naka-ilang rerun na ang Slamdunk? Ang Ghost Fighter?

    Mukhang alam na ng mga Pinoy ang kwento sa Voltes V, Slamdunk at Ghost Fighter kaya nirererun na lang ng GMA ang mga yan for the sake of ‘loyalty’ and ‘younger audiences’.

    It looks like the end is near for GMA Astig Authority on weekdays ngayong unti-unting nagiging popular ang Magandang Buhay.

  4. Forgive me, Ralph but this is a very constructive comment:

    Inasmuch as we have a firm relation for the development of national television industry, this is the most controversial post I have read to date.

    Apparently, one of Pinoy Nostalgia admins, whose name is withheld, found out that Voltes V’s re-airing was in line of their 40th anniversary. I supplemented his case with due to sentiments of their parents’ slice of childhood in order to share it to their children. Then, we realize that this anime was a well-known and associated catalyst of our country’s history. Sadly, the effect of the catalyst has been eroded and wore off, thanks to irreversible and easily contagious historical revisionism.

    In addition, he summed up that you’re just jumping into conclusion that their ship is “sinking over” such a simple premise. Well, I blame Gab for influencing this idea as he incessantly posts over his social media on forgetting their trailer of the day’s episode of the morning talk show. He concluded that your claims are “biased” because the leading is the “real number one.”

    Anyway, it’s his right to say given his shaped and inherent interest as a Japanophile, particularly his addiction to J-pop girl groups.

    Let’s all face it, all of us have our own interests and such things have consequential tendencies.

    Nonetheless, the idea of pulling out similar to ABS-CBN won’t please its staunch loyal viewers and Marco Jonathan Rossi — for the sake of mitigate GMA’s envy over their rival’s greed. Well, for crying out loud, you published it near the end of the school year, which means maraming chikiting ang nakababad sa TV kung wala namang pera and/or easily bored sila sa pamamasyal.

    Whatever the case may be, you could still get insulted just like your DTBY post 3 weeks ago.

    Not a fan of the Big Two, now going to be equal.

    • I expected this backlash to come, but let’s face it, times are really changing. Millions of people now are connected with the internet and cable that free TV is slowly becoming an obsolete idea (at least for classes A-C). And GMA? Unfortunately, they haven’t really adapted to the changing tastes of society, hence their losing streak on virtually every timeslot.

      We can forgive them for re-airing Voltes V on its 40th anniversary, but if they still insist on continuing to air Astig Authority, they must find new titles ASAP rather than relying too much on reruns of their beloved anime. They’re only causing people to lose interest over time.

      • Itanong mo yan sa reruns ng Ghost Fighter at Slamdunk na naka-ilang rerun na (at nakakasawa na, since I watched them both when I was younger). At least Doraemon and Pokemon aired new episodes.

      • Without a cable channel to address these demands, doomed to fail na talaga itong GMA with their repetitive showings of old anime. Sad, but true.

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