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GMA Answers Meteor Garden with Two Asianovelas

With ‘Meteor Garden’ maintaining its popularity despite its status as a re-run program, GMA has decided to offer something else for its disenchanted viewers. And it comes in pairs, too.

Last Monday, GMA introduced the Asianovelas ‘Mischievous Kiss’ and ‘My Love from the Stars’, both of which were produced in Korea. The two Asianovelas took over the timeslot vacated by the short-lived movie block ‘GMA Sinebabad’.

As it turned out, GMA challenged ABS-CBN’s decision to move ‘Meteor Garden’ at a later timeslot. Just a week into its re-broadcast, ‘Meteor Garden’ was moved to the 4:30 slot to take advantage of GMA airing old movies in the late afternoons. And based on the ratings, the strategy seems to work for the Kapamilya network.

In response, GMA placed two new Asianovelas opposite ‘Meteor Garden’ in order to attract a different set of viewers. The fact is, not every individual is a fan of F4, and for some who are clamoring for a fresh product, GMA’s new programs offer a more viable alternative.

It also helps that ‘Mirabella’ is currently the Kapamilya network’s lowest-rated primetime drama series, with ratings averaging over 10% less than its predecessor ‘Annaliza’. By placing an Asianovela opposite ‘Mirabella’, GMA hopes to finally win in the 5:45-6:30 timeslot, something they have not done in nearly a decade.

It remains to be seen whether or not the two new Asianovelas will translate to better ratings for GMA’s afternoon block. But for the Kapuso network, it seems that they have scored a winner in its late afternoon timeslot.


9 thoughts on “GMA Answers Meteor Garden with Two Asianovelas

  1. Let the verdict of their trial be decided by both Kantar and Nielsen if data is available for the first day, first week and first fortnight (two weeks). Keep the vigilance, Ralph, for we do not know if GMA comes with a more successful feedback.

    • AFAIK, these two Asianovelas are intended to attract audiences who are too old to watch Meteor Garden or are not F4 fans, and those who wanted something else to watch. Notwithstanding the ratings performances, at least GMA is giving viewers a more viable alternative.

  2. gabby says:

    Even viewers in the provinces may cannot seen mischievious kiss because the timeslot occupied by its regional newscasts. I wonder kung MLFTS ang palabas after the newscasts kasi noong may sinebabad, anime (bleach) ang palabas after the regional newscast

    • This is where the phrase ‘available in select areas only’ should be used. Ginagamit na ito ng ABS in their late afternoon programs. GMA should use that phrase as a necessity.

    • Mr. Anasco, based on Kantar and Nielsen, I see no dispute on their number crunching on April 21, 22 and 25 that MG knocked MKLIT.

      The dispute of the audience impact recorded by the two firms are first, the reach and selection of sample population and second, the selective (not full) disclosure (e.g. priority of the Big 3 rather than the Mainstream 6). Kantar labeled it as “national” while Nielsen labeled it for “Mega Manila.”

      I may not be a Kapamilya fan like you because of doubtful content and news coverage but when it comes to programming structure, Dos has the advantage. Well, you can’t please Ralph nor James for favoring the station.

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