31 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet: ATC @ IBC Returns from Long Hiatus

    • Good for them. At least PTV is once again on the upswing now that the PCOO is doing its best to improve the channel. Not so for IBC. They’re hopeless there.

  1. chakuyprodbicol says:

    Dapat lutasin ng gobyerno agad agad ang privitilization ng 13. Naghihintay po kase sina Canoy, Chavit Singson, at ung may ari ng Phoneix Gas

    • Exactly. This is one of the promises that President Duterte undertook prior to the start of his term, yet the process remains a slow one because either the PCOO’s priority at this point is improving PTV-4 and Radyo Pilipinas (the former Radyo ng Bayan) or they simply forgot the promise completely.

      If IBC-13 falls under bankruptcy protection and is padlocked for good, this is bad news for Philippine television.

      • chakuyprodbicol says:

        Kung ako po ang magiging bidder for privatilization ng 13, gagawin ko po itong music channel na may anime….

      • Unfortunately, music channels on free TV are a thing of the past. May YouTube na for that. Tapos there are anime websites for hardcore fans. Imposible yung suggestion mo.

        Since IBC is a VHF channel, their most realistic path will either be:
        a). all-purpose entertainment channel (see ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5)
        b). news channel (see PTV-4, CNNPH, GMA News TV)

        If all else fails, pwede naman religious channel ala Net 25, UNTV, Sonshine Network, 3ABN or INCTV.

      • chakuyprodbicol says:

        Pwede naman po gawin itong news channel na may music block (just like CLTV 36, Brigada TV, and Net 25 (May Letters and Music na nagpapalabas ng OPM MVs)…. basta depende lang po sa bidder…..

      • But a full-time music channel on free TV is no longer feasible since nandiyan naman ang YouTube for our music video needs. Maganda naman ang suggestion mo, but I don’t know if it will translate to ratings or profit to Metro Manila viewers. CLTV did their stuff to benefit Central Luzon viewers, and Brigada did the same for Gensan.

        Owning a TV station (a commercial station) is like any other business. It depends whether you make a profit or loss depending on how well your TV station performs ratings-wise or income-wise.

      • IBC management, if there’s one, has a tough choice to make here since the trends on television are changing. We’ll leave it up to them to decide since it’s not easy to change the network overnight given these daunting issues.

  2. Isel Ramos says:

    Every weekends that cockfights programs will remove on IBC and replace with WWE wrestling they will put some Wrestling programs and pay per view like WWE Mexican tv seires PBA and some animated seried just like in the 90s

    • FYI, WWE already has a deal with TV5. Same goes with the PBA. Unlike some 20 years ago, IBC can no longer afford expensive shows at this point given their poor financial state.

      And speaking of poor, haven’t you learned your lesson about bad grammar? At this rate your grammar is like a preschooler. With such erroneous grammar, they might mistaken this as spam. Better improve that grammar if I were you.

      • Matagal nang lugi ang IBC 13 and Isel’s suggestions are not feasible at all given the current status of IBC 13. Either privatization or shutting down IBC 13 would be the only choice the government has right now and maintaining IBC still remains a huge liability for the government.

      • Whoever said that should be ashamed of themselves. If you claim that they’re going to stop the privatization, then you also say that they have no chance to survive. Shame on you.

      • Your sentence is so incoherent and inconsistent. I suggest you should use Microsoft Word’s grammar and spell checker and/or install Grammarly in typing your comment before putting in here.

    • Few of us care because IBC is blurred and being forgotten from the masses’ horizon in all aspects from head to toe (financially to operations).

      The only way to emanate the new wave and relativity are for the private hands to handle it.

      • I want to ask Brian. Do you even care about turning IBC-13 back to relevance? From what you wrote, your questions alone perceive doubt. It seems like you’re against its privatization and you want to close IBC-13 for good.

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  4. Jared says:

    If i were a bidder, here’s my take to improving IBC:

    1. Rebranding the channel.
    2. Programs should be balanced, news (basta walang bias), sports (I would like to bid for MPBL, NFL and UAAP), TV series (more youthful shows like Wattpad and adapt Ibong Adarna and Noli Me Tàngere featuring mga artista na hinahangaan ngayon, pero dapat blocktimer like VIVA, at hindi daily, ala America and Korea), movies (Di dapat i-Tagalize ang Hollywood movies, instead include the Tagalog subtitles. However baka nakakalito. Dapat may Filipino movies na rin.) and ilagay ang mga children’s shows, cartoons and anime sa hapon.
    4. Walang talent agency, as i said in #3, dapat blocktimer ang mga TV series.
    3. 24/7 channel
    4. Renovating and improving the Broadcast City and other (sadly) nearly abandoned provincial TV stations. Buy the brand new broadcast equipments.
    5. No more na sa analog, improve the signal of IBC, rehabilitate the transmitter tower and convert it to digital.
    6. Build the soundstages for its TV series at New Clark City.

    If ever na successful na to lahat, tapos. Maybe, tapos na rin ang maliligayang araw ang ABS-CBN at GMA.

  5. Jared says:

    I’m sure masagustuhan ni Kat sa #4. Now, she’s inspecting other provincial TV stations na nakakalungkot, medyo luma, madumi, at sirang sira na. You can check out her Facebook.

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