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Love in the Moonlight Rerun Adds to ABS-CBN’s Death Slot Problems

The mess that is ABS-CBN’s 5:00 p.m. weekday slot continues.

Beginning today, the Kapamilya network will re-air the Koreanovela ‘Love in the Moonlight’ in its so-called ‘death slot’. The series originally aired on Primetime Bida from March 6 to May 5, 2017, spanning 43 episodes.

Unlike its original run which was seen in every household in the country, ‘Love in the Moonlight”s rebroadcast will only be seen in Metro Manila, select regional areas and on digital, cable and satellite subscription services. The rest of the country will receive regional versions of ‘TV Patrol’ while the Koreanovela airs at 9:30 a.m. the next day.

The problems surrounding ABS-CBN’s 5:00 p.m. slot has been well-documented in this blog. While ‘TV Patrol”s regional versions are only a part of the issue, there are other concerns that jeopardize this timeslot.

As stated earlier, programs that are affected by the broadcast of regional ‘TV Patrol’ are aired the following morning at around 9:00 or 9:30 a.m. Unfortunately, not all shows were aired in full.

In the last two Junes, both ‘We Will Survive’ and ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ saw numerous episodes preempted due to the NBA Finals. To make matters worse, those preempted episodes were never aired at all in ABS-CBN’s regional stations, leaving non-iWanTV subscribers perplexed and unsatisfied

If ABS-CBN were smart enough to realize these issues, they would have done these three things:

  1. Air ‘O Shopping’ as permanent filler.
  2. Bring News and Current Affairs shows back to the 5:00 p.m. slot (with a replay after ‘Bandila’ to satisfy the rest of the country).
  3. Produce a Metro Manila version of ‘TV Patrol’.

But as it stands, ABS-CBN is simply too stubborn to resist change in its approach. They somehow rectified that with a rerun of the Koreanovela ‘Love in the Moonlight’ (as reruns are considered filler), but still, it would mean sacrificing success in favor of short-term fixes.

There is still time for ABS-CBN to correct whatever issues they face every weekday afternoon. That said, viewers can only hope for the best, no matter how slim it may be.


23 thoughts on “Love in the Moonlight Rerun Adds to ABS-CBN’s Death Slot Problems

  1. chakuyprodbicol says:

    Malabo pong magka-TV Patrol Manila dahil po uulitin lamang po ito sa national version nito after 45 minutes. The best for me is O Shopping block.

    • Kailangan talaga ng local news ang Metro Manila and people living in the provinces are constantly annoyed with Manila crime stories at 6:30pm. Just take a look at American network mewscasts, they mostly focus on national news and human interest stories, not crime news. Crime news belong to local news, as well as issues affecting a certain area. No wonder why you can’t even see or hear crime stories from New York, Los Angeles or even Washington DC everyday on these newscasts.

      Metro Manila needs a local newscasts of their own. Who wants Manila crime stories on national TV? Pag sinabi mong national network news, they mostly focus on national issues, as well as politics, sports, international news and some features.

      I suggest you compare your local TV Patrol with the national TV Patrol newscast and see the difference for yourselves.

    • And as for national TV Patrol, they should focus instead on politics, national issues and sports. Crime stories does not belong in a national newscast and will remain part of local news. Walang mangyayaring repitition at ang tanging tatanggalin ay crime stories.

      Just compare TVP National with your TV Patrol in your area para malaman mo.

      • TV Patrol’s scope of coverage is still limited even though they air for 75-80 minutes. And that number only decreases further once breaking news and deeper analysis on national stories come into play, all because unnecessary crime stories (a staple of the newscast since 1987 and are a regular sight on tabloid newspapers) are taken into account.

        As Joshua once said, even other countries have local newscasts tailored to a particular city. If they can do that, why can’t we? That’s exactly what ABS-CBN needs to put this issue to rest, because if they insist on airing Koreanovelas, teleseryes or game shows at 5, it will only make things more complicated.

    • Not necessarily. They can still create a Metro Manila-centric newscast while their franchise is still years from expiration. Renewal is essentially a separate issue right now.

      • If I were you, wait and see what happens next. 2020 is still three years away, so give them time to consider this decision. If you’re very desperate, I suggest you either write a letter addressed to ABS-CBN News head Ging Reyes or just ask permission to visit the station and present this proposal.

    • Eh anong ilalagay mo sa 5 p.m.? O Shopping? NCA shows? Reruns of teleseryes or Koreanovelas? As it stands, ABS’ current schedule is just fine. Yung 5:00 p.m. lang ang dapat ayusin. Besides, the back-to-back newscasts takes some time and unlike ANC, mabilis ang transition ng ABS from one program to the next.

  2. Vince says:

    IMO Gameshow na lang ang ilagay diyan. Tutal pwede naman yung hatiin. Sa tingin ko kasi di uubra ang TV Patrol Metro Manila.
    To be honest akala ko nga mahihila pababa nitong rerun ang ratings ng Wildflower. Di naman pala. Sanay kasi ako sa US ratings na inflated ng lead-ins yung mga sumunod na show.

    • Hindi rin pwede at ieere pa yan the next day on regional areas at an inconvenient timeslot (9:30am).

      Apektado pa rin talaga ang taga-probinsya, lalo na’t TVP regionals air at 5:00pm. Hence, may options naman sila, either home shopping or Manila-centric newscast (a.k.a TV Patrol Metro Manila) or NCA programs.

      Hence, the 5pm dilemma of ABS will remain unsolved sa Imperial Manila-centric mong suggestion na yan.

      I’m a supporter of a Manila-focused local news, at isa ako sa mga naiinis sa mga unnecessary Manila crime news. Wala nga akong pake sa nangyaring nakawan sa QC, sunog sa Tondo o aksidente sa Roxas Boulevard. Tignan mo nga ang local news at network news sa US para malaman mo kung ano ang diperensiya.

      Pag local news kasi, una diyan is local issues, plus crime stories relevant to the said locality, plus weather at local sports. Pag national news naman, they mostly focus on politics, national issues and investigative reporting, as well as weather, sports and human interest stories. Ibang usapan na ang entertainment news and network newscasts, especially in the US, rarely cover entertainment stories.

      Ang problema kasi dito, parang tabloid-format na ang newscasts natin with the addition of Manila crime stories on national newscasts and remains as a cancer to provincial viewers, like me, up to this day.

      If I were you, better watch a regional TV Patrol and the national TV Patrol newscast para malaman mo.

      • There are clips of TV Patrol regional on YouTube, and if you are a Sky subscriber and have the ABS-CBN Regional Channel, pwede mo rin itong mapanood. It’s up to you if you want to see the comparison.

      • Vince says:

        Pasensya kasi cable kami sa Probinsya kaya di ko pa yan na-encounter. IMO mas maganda nang na-eexpose ang mga taga-probinsya sa mga nangyayari dito sa Metro Manila kasi if ever na pumunta sila diyan hindi sila tatanga-tanga at madaing maloko.

        Kaya sa tingin ko di yan gagana kasi sa tinagal tagal ng slot never nilang naisip na gawin yan. Baka hindi profitable kaya ayaw nilang i-try yang suggestions mo.

      • Exposure? Ano ba yan? Eh sawang-sawa na ako sa Manila crime stories sa isang national network newscast.

        Just compare our own network newscasts and network newscasts on US big three outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC). Sa mga American network newscasts, may nakikita ka bang crime stories out of New York almost everyday? Di ba wala o rare lang? Rarely lang naibalita ang New York crime stories, as long as may national significance, but to do it everyday is not a good sight. Parang eyesore lang.

        Ang tanong ko, may national significance ba ang nangyayaring aksidente sa QC? O di kaya ang nakawan sa Quiapo? O di kaya ang sunog sa Tondo? Alam kong karamihan sa mga ganyan, walang significance sa national audience ang mga nangyayari sa Maynila eh nangyayari din naman yan sa iba’t-ibang bahagi ng Pilipinas. MANILA CRIME STORIES SHOULD STICK TO LOCAL NEWS AND NOT A NATIONAL NEWS PROGRAM. No wonder why folks in the provinces hate Imperial Manila-centric news.

        Eh puro pera nga ang alam mo at Imperial Manila-centric pa ang suggestions mo, habang ang suggestions ko is for long-term stabliity of the 5pm slot and it’s worth the risk naman yan.

        Mahirap kasing makipag-argue sa mga pro-Imperial Manila folks na hindi nakakanood ng regional TV Patrol at sige pa rin sa kakainsist na hindi na kailangan ang TVP Manila.

        Mas maganda kung panoorin mo talaga ang regional TV Patrol at ang national TV Patrol para magkaalaman na at para tumahimik ang mga pro-Imperial Manila na hindi naman nakaranas ng buhay-probinsya.

  3. And added bonus, just call the anti-TV Patrol Manila folks pro-Imperial Manila dahil love na love nila ang Imperial Manila way too much at wala silang pakialam sa mga taong taga-probinsya at itinuring na second-class citizens ang mga taga-probinsya.

    Mahirap kasing makipag-argue sa mga pro-Imperial Manila na taga-probinsya naman na never pa nakanood ng kanilang regional TV Patrol.

    Everybody in the provinces are sick and tired of Imperial Manila bias on national newscasts and they want to be treated fairly as the folks in Imperial Manila.

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