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ABS-CBN Regional Cancels Agri Tayo Dito, MagTV Na

Not even the largest regional television network group in the Philippines is spared from the inevitable.

Just recently, ABS-CBN Regional announced the cancellation of its two weekend morning programs ‘Agri Tayo Dito’ and ‘MagTV Na’. The former, which was hosted by former ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ winner Ruben Gonzaga, had been on the air for six years, while the latter, starring various hosts in different regional networks, had been running for a decade.

Both ‘Agri Tayo Dito’ and ‘MagTV Na’ earned Anak TV citations for being child-friendly programs. They also won several KBP Golden Dove and UPLB Gandingan Awards among other accomplishments.

No reason was given behind the cancellation of both programs. However, it is likely that ABS-CBN Regional pulled the plug for cost-cutting purposes, given the need to improve and strengthen all of its regional outlets and bring it to a high definition-ready standard of its Metro Manila flagship.

It is also possible that ABS-CBN Regional will not field in a replacement for both shows due to these aforementioned reasons. Instead, they are expected to show ‘Kapamilya Swak na Swak’ and ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ direct from Metro Manila.

The cancellation of ‘Agri Tayo Dito’ and ‘MagTV Na’ came months after the shutdown of the ABS-CBN Regional Channel last January. It is clear that ABS-CBN Regional is eyeing toward the future, and considering that its stations are still not up to par with Metro Manila’s, they had no choice but to cut some operating expenses.

The fate of the shows’ hosts and staff will also come into play. Given their loyal service to ABS-CBN, they could either be given an honorable discharge or a new role within the company.

Still, it remains to be seen what plans will ABS-CBN Regional bring to the table next. But for the Kapamilya viewers in the provinces, both ‘Agri Tayo Dito’ and ‘MagTV Na’ will be sorely missed.


21 thoughts on “ABS-CBN Regional Cancels Agri Tayo Dito, MagTV Na

  1. phtvradiosked says:

    Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka will also be probably cancelled this Sunday (as per reports, nagkakaroon daw ng layoff ang management to give way for digitalization)

  2. yong says:

    ABS-CBN Baguio announced that their local TV Patrol, TV Patrol Northern Luzon is now airing on their digital signal. Any thoughts? Or someday you will have a thorough analysis about this.

    Nasabi ko ‘to kasi tiningnan ko yung fb page ng MagTV na, Atin ‘To! (since yan yung nag-e-air sa Pampanga) which led me to ABS-CBN TV3 Baguio facebook page (since sila yung producer ng Atin ‘To!) and binanggit nila doon.

    • Nothing newsworthy about it. All other regional TV Patrol will eventually follow its lead. Like I said naghahanda na ang ABS regional for digitalization and conversion to HD, kaya bawas muna sila ng mga programa to keep costs low.

      • yong says:

        But I think the disadvantage is that mangyayari na naman yung 5 o’clock problem ng ABS-CBN, like you said before, as implication ng pag-air ng regional TVP.

      • Matagal na itong problema ng ABS, yet they insist on airing Koreanovelas sa hapon despite the fact na hindi ito maieere sa lahat ng areas. The only hope now is for Ging Reyes and Carlo Katigbak to do something about this long-standing issue kasi parang disadvantageous ang pag-ere ng Koreanovela kung hindi naman kukunin ng lahat. Wala na akong further comment tungkol diyan other than saying good luck.

  3. phtvradiosked says:

    Hoping for a spin-off article about the changes brought about by the Regional division by next week. Note: KMWK Bacolod is also cancelled last Saturday.

    • Actually Timow already followed that up so no need for that. Obviously, to improve the standing of regional networks through digitalization, they need to reduce their own programming to meet financial demand. They can’t do this with so many people to pay and shows to produce, hence this.

  4. JW says:

    Speaking of Regional, ABS-CBN is now creating a localized version of TV Patrol starting this month? They are airing regional TV Patrol in the afternoon. I think they could do a TV Patrol for Metro Manila so that during the main TV Patrol in the evening, ay puro national issues na lang ang tatalakayin.

    • They’re merging some of the TV Patrol regional newscasts starting Monday due to the possibility of digital upgrades among ABS-CBN regional stations. But as for Metro Manila, it’s still moot at this point given their insistence to air low-rating afternoon Koreanovelas on the timeslot.

  5. SMCS says:

    Hello, I was just curious if the early regional morning shows that air in the middle timeslot of Umagang Kay Ganda were cancelled? Or were they spared from cancellation? I think I will have to know it by tomorrow, Monday.

      • SMCS says:

        Maraming salamat po sa pagreply.

        I am so sorry for the very late reply. Early regional morning shows that partially occupied Umagang Kay Ganda’s timeslot from 6:00am-7:00am weren’t included in the cancellation. I can still watch Pamahaw Espesyal here in Cagayan de Oro City.

        I am so sorry for my bad English…

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