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Uncertain Mornings on ABS-CBN

With ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ ending this November, ABS-CBN now has an unenviable task of filling the show’s shoes, along with rebuilding the rest of its morning lineup. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN)

A state of uncertainty has finally reached ABS-CBN as far as their weekday morning shows are concerned.

A change in programming took place earlier this morning. Popular classic animes ‘Princess Sarah’ and ‘Marcelino Pan Y Vino’ began to re-air in place of ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ and ‘Naruto Shippuden’, both of which took a brief season hiatus.

In addition, a re-run of ‘Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko’ replaced the recently re-aired ‘Precious Hearts Romances: Midnight Phantom’. As a result, three of ABS-CBN’s old programs now occupy the network’s mid-morning slot.

Coupled with the announcement that the final episode of ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ will be on November 28, ABS-CBN will now have the daunting task of rebuilding its programming schedule on weekday mornings. Easier said than done.

While ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ remained a popular show, at least according to Kantar’s totals, it is clear that the viewers’ patience are beginning to run thin. As a result, some have begun to tune out in favor of ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’, who suddenly proved to be more formidable than GMA’s previous efforts.

It would have made sense if ABS-CBN ended ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ at its peak. Instead, the show is expected to end with a whimper, unless a memorable and well-written ending is made to finish the show the same way they started: as a big hit with viewers.

Filling the shoes of ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ will be very complicated, so good luck to the Kapamilya network in trying to sort this out.

Going through the rest of ABS-CBN’s weekday morning lineup post-‘Umagang Kay Ganda’, there are more problems to consider. With the exception of ‘The Singing Bee’, all other programs seem not up to par with the standard of excellence that ABS-CBN is trying to create.

‘Kris TV’, for example, has not been a success ratings-wise. While it is obvious that Kris Aquino does not want the show’s schedule to move considering her endless amount of demands in her contract, it would be of the best interest for ABS-CBN and herself to change ‘Kris TV”s timeslot to something more viewer-friendly, that is, if Kris finally loosens the grip.

As for the re-runs, it is still puzzling to see why ABS-CBN decided to re-air them, despite the presence of Jeepney TV and Hero on SkyCable. They could have used this time period to air a new Koreanovela or some new anime, but instead they meekly go throwback mode in the same manner as GMA’s overt dependence on classic animes.

That said, the time to rebuild weekday mornings is now for ABS-CBN. It may be very difficult considering the circumstances, but it’s the best that they can do in hopes of earning some respect in this timeslot.

So good luck to them in making this work.


16 thoughts on “Uncertain Mornings on ABS-CBN

  1. BETTa says:

    It has been rumored that an upcoming scripted series named ‘OMG’, starring two of the actors from ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ might occupy the timeslot before It’s Showtime at a still-unknown date.

  2. BCWMH timeslot ang pinaka conern dito kung anu ung pdeng ipalit, kung bagong soap i suggest gawin n lng nilang 11:30-12pm. And ibigay na sa Showtime ung 12PM slot. TBH the morning bloc has the weirdest demographic, nde mo alam kung will you cater to a bigger audience w/out purchasing power or cater to a few but can contribute to sales. ABS should decide which is which. And then execute it at its best. Tutal nman cable channel ung Jeepney TV. Mag re run na lng sila ng sitcom sa umaga or past going bulilit episodes. They could also do a news and public affairs program similar to Failon Ngayon, tutal malapit na ang election at ang daming issues pdeng talakayin. Basta wag lng tagalized movies.

    • It’s up to them to decide. Pero no reruns, bahala na Jeepney TV sa bagay na yun.

      Either they go back to Hero Zone (more new anime), new Koreanovelas (which ABS has reluctantly been doing of late) or news. Pwede ring educational programs.

    • James says:

      Encores of old ABS shows, except for the animated ones (as there has always been a niche audience to welcome them time and time again), don’t really fare well, especially in the morning. Considering ABS is airing a stripped down and heavily edited version of Pedro Penduko, no guarantee it can attract eyeballs the way the first run did (when it was on Saturdays on an hour-long timeslot).

      • Agreed. It might be better for them to let Jeepney TV do that. After all, they already have that channel so why re-air on Channel 2 when they have a cable channel dedicated to reruns.

      • Because Jeepney TV is a cable channel. Like what they are doing with Kapamilya Blockbusters, they air movies khit may CinemaOne na sila

      • Alam ko. The difference is that mas kinakain ng programming space ang mga throwback programs, unlike movies and docus that air on specific times of the day. Saka pwedeng ma-stop anytime ang KB, unlike throwback programs.

      • Yeah they can stop it anytime as well especially kung ang itothrowback nila are the weekly series like MMK Classics before. There are only so much movies to show, nawawala din ang premium ng movie channel kpag pinapalabas ang magagandang movies sa local channel. You also have to understand that jeepney tv is not included in the channel line up in the basic plan of SkyCable unlike CinemaOne. But the issue here is the lack of tv series in the daily line up of ABSCBN almost 4 hrs every weekday from the number one network in the Philippines. Maraming artista ang Dos, they should produce more to give jobs, as if people who dubbed or act in KB, throwback shows and cartoons get paid again if they re air their TV or air their movies in FreeTV.

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