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Kapamilya Gold Reclaims Ratings Supremacy, At Least in Kantar

The recent success of ‘Flordeliza’ and ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ (above) boosted the viewership of Kapamilya Gold. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN)

ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold block is back in business.

The last two months saw Kapamilya Gold regain its footing in the ratings. The block’s two teleseryes in ‘Flordeliza’ and ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ were beginning to win over viewers as their story intensifies, while their two counterparts in ‘The Half-Sisters’ and ‘Yagit’ were losing steam as their stories become even more predictable.

At the moment, both ‘Flordeliza’ and ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ were averaging at least 14% in the ratings (according to Kantar Media), which is a far cry from the single-digit marks they attained in mid-January. And if that’s not enough, both shows were also beating their Kapuso counterparts in most, if not all recent episodes.

With ‘Yagit’ about to be replaced by ‘Buena Familia’ starting July 27, it would be a great opportunity for ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ to take advantage of a new opponent. As for ‘Flordeliza’, their battle with ‘The Half-Sisters’ may be a neck-and-neck struggle, but they are definitely more than happy to earn victory points with each episode.

The recent success of Kapamilya Gold isn’t limited to the two teleseryes alone. The entry of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737 Gold’ also boosted its fortunes, even though the MTRCB recently imposed an SPG rating to the show due to its scenes that are strictly inappropriate for children.

And finally, the News and Current Affairs programs and ‘Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal’ continued to dominate their counterparts from GMA. Overall, Kapamilya Gold has turned things around after a slow start this year, with each show registering double figure ratings.

That said, the pressure is now on GMA’s Afternoon Prime to keep up. Having lost some momentum at the midway point, GMA must change it up a bit to maintain interest, otherwise viewer interest will continue to wane.

For now, Kapamilya Gold has won, at least in Kantar. But will they keep it up? We’ll see.


39 thoughts on “Kapamilya Gold Reclaims Ratings Supremacy, At Least in Kantar

  1. James Ty III says:

    I think the return of My Puhunan and Red Alert helped in improving the ratings of Kapamilya Gold. Even the episode of Mission Possible was touching because it was based on a story of a family reunion that host Julius Babao first presented in his radio program Aksyon Ngayon on DZMM.

    • As much as you give credit to the two shows, it’s not the reason why KGold is flourishing again. A lot of that has to do with viewers switching to channel 2 dahil nga hindi matapos-tapos ang The Half-Sisters at Yagit. Mabuti na nga matatapos na yung Yagit pero The Half-Sisters is another story. And here’s another reason: mas nagiging intense ang takbo ng Flordeliza at Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita kaya gumaganda ang ratings nito.

      And don’t forget, PBB is also helping, even though may SPG rating na ito.

      • you can also state that PBB737 Gold rates higher than PBB737 primetime with the exception eviction nights, dragging na kasi ang THS kaya people tend to switch to Flordeliza. May fan base na rin si Jane kaya nakatulong din un sa NKNKK.

        Kababalik p lng ng Red Alert at May Puhunan so malabo na sila ang cause of the ratings surge.

      • ma maintain n lng sana nila. NKNKK received an extension, di ko lng alam sa Flordeliza. Darating ang time mornings n lng ang problema ng Dos

      • NYT34 says:

        > The Half-Sisters is another story.
        The Half-Sisters is ending in September.

        Also, the last few days saw NKNKK entering the top 10 most-watched programs based on Kantar daily ratings.
        PBB 737 Gold though is still to beat The Half-Sisters.

      • I won’t confirm that sir if I were you. Many times The Half-Sisters has been rumored to end somewhere in the early part of this year, but they kept extending. Better wait first before doing any proclamations, because you’ll never know what happens next.

        PBB 737 Gold is up against Healing Hearts, and the former is actually doing well despite being slapped with the SPG rating. The Half-Sisters and Flordeliza are definitely in a tight battle. The last sentence you made was very confusing, that’s why I clarified that for you.

    • Only those who watch It’s Showtime can say such things. To say na nakakasawa na ang Eat Bulaga is an understatement. Kung nakakasawa na siya, edi dapat sana wala silang binago sa mga pakulo nila. Pero hindi e. 36 years and they are still planning new ways to entertain the audience. Plus they still have a sizable audience, mapa bata man o matanda.

      And by the way, you’re commenting on the wrong article. Usapang afternoon blocks ito, hindi noontime show.

  2. Gab says:

    Come to think with it, Kapamilya Gold, at least in Kantar, they dominated, while Afternoon Prime on Nielsen.

    The good thing is, they dominated themselves in the quality of programming methods.

    • Very unlikely. They insist on taking on ABS, not knowing they’re losing this battle. Until now, they keep believing na matatalo nila ang ABS, and until they concede, they’ll keep fighting this lost cause.

      • I find it pointless for 7 to take on 2. It’d be better for 7 should make a unique concept for their afternoon, otherwise they’ll keep on losing. :v

      • They need to do what TV5 is doing now: alternative programming without any concern for ratings. But it won’t be easy given the stubbornness of the management.

  3. James Ty III says:

    TV5 has succeeded with its alternative programming with the PBA. GMA, sadly, has no sports production. And with its management continuing to be stubborn, I doubt if that will happen.

  4. I am Kapamilya fan , but rarely ,I don’t believe in the results of Kantar, even they have urban and rural ratings because:
    1. Wowowin lost in Kantar, malakas si Willie sa mga Vis-Min.
    2. I agree that Ang Probinsyano wins everyday against Encantadia & I agree na naka-40% sila higit pa, pero lagi na lang nasa 40% above ang results, so duda ako.
    3. Rated K wins against KMJS, mas maganda kasi ang pag-deliver ng story ng KMJS kaysa rated K.
    4. Pero agree ako na mas maganda ang Showtime kaysa EB sa ngayon.Pero dikit talaga ang laban nila di katulad sa Kantar, lamang ng 6% ang Showtime kaysa EB.
    And I believe in AGB even they don’t have rural and no updates in Urban Visayas-Mindanao area. Minsan talaga panalo ang ABS or rarely sa nationwide, minsan GMA panalo nationwide sa AGB. Sa Kantar, no morning,noon and afternoon ratings in TV5. ABS always wins in Kantar, so unfair sa kalaban. So, I still believe in AGB even they have a lot of controversies.

    • You have a point, though it’s still clear that ABS is the more superior network due to their ability to constantly strengthen and improve. As for GMA, the loss of their regional outlets is to blame for their lack of success outside of Luzon.

      While AGB isn’t bad, it is obvious that they have a lot of shortcomings. Their lack of figures in both VisMin and nationwide is key for not trusting the said firm, which is also unfair for the sake of comparison.

      • Kaya nga lagi na lang pinagmamayabang ng GMA na #1 KUNO sila sa buong bansa eh Metro Manila at Luzon lang sila dominant, salamat sa Tandang Sora transmitter. ABS-CBN’s signal problems in Metro Manila did not hamper their overall dominance thanks to their strong regional network.

        For me, Nielsen might be reliable on radio ratings, but not on TV dahil sa pagdududa ng TV critics.

      • Their numbers alone certainly don’t justify how pathetic GMA’s claims are. Heck, tinatago lagi nila yung figures ng NUTAM para hindi ma-bash, which is a coward’s thing to do.

    • The reason for that is because TV5 couldn’t offer much during the daytime. Puro cartoons, TV shopping, at pelikula ang mapapanood sa TV5 during the day. But that doesn’t mean they’re biased; it’s TV5’s fault on why they don’t offer much shows these days.

  5. But TV5 is more competitive in the past years and get higher ratings rather than now, like 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, Biased talaga sila doon, di talaga nila pinopost dati pa, and they made a lot of self-produced programs except in blocktimers. Malakas TV5 , diba? kahit di nag no. 1 or 2. Based on yours answer, it seems na doon ka lang nafocus sa ngayon sa TV5.

    • You don’t understand. Yung lineup ng TV5 tuwing umaga’t hapon, mostly cartoons, movies, program reruns or lifestyle shows ang ineere. The more relevant shows of theirs air on primetime, and Kantar only focuses on them. Even during TV5’s more competitive years they didn’t have the effort to fill in most of their daytime slots.

      Had TV5 filled the entire daytime slots with their own programs, Kantar would’ve expanded their scope. Unfortunately, with TV5 being so irrelevant during the daytime hours, Kantar has no choice but to omit them.

    • Better ask ABS; they’re the ones providing the figures. But for obvious reasons Ang Probinsyano will remain the winner even without the figures, since GMA doesn’t even take account of VisMin in their findings.

  6. RJ says:

    Aside from KANTAR, AGB NIELSEN Philippines finally posted NUTAM Rating started on November 28, 2016 , but again, excluded TV5. May I wish together with Rural Ratings

    • Truth is, NUTAM is also unreliable, since it only covers urban areas. Disregarding the rural areas is an insult to them, since they also have the purchasing power to back it up.

  7. RJ says:

    So, you mean that you are favor with KANTAR, but if you favor this, it seems you are Kapamilya fan, but I don’t like to insult your opinion either of them. But as usual, I believe in their ratings depending on the results of their shows.

  8. RJ says:

    Their reason why they exclude rural ratings is because the advertisers are more focus within urban areas, particularly Mega Manila and Urban Luzon, which comprises 77% TV Households.

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