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In 100 Words: Celebrity Playtime Is ABS-CBN’s Answer to Celebrity Bluff

Jose Manalo, Boobay, Isko Salvador and Eugene Domingo will now has some company, albeit at an earlier timeslot.

ABS-CBN has announced that ‘Celebrity Playtime’, the upcoming comedy/game show hosted by Billy Crawford, will air starting this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. The program will feature teams of celebrity guests competing in various party games, all in the spirit of laughter and fun.

In essence, this was ABS-CBN’s true answer to the popular GMA comedy/game show ‘Celebrity Bluff’. The three-year old program has enjoyed a loyal following amid stiff and superior opposition from various Kapamilya reality and talent shows; currently it airs opposite another show hosted by Billy Crawford, ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’.

‘Celebrity Playtime’ will take over the timeslot of ‘Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan’, which had been on the air for over a year.


30 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Celebrity Playtime Is ABS-CBN’s Answer to Celebrity Bluff

  1. Jerome says:

    When I saw the teaser, I thought this will be aired during Sunday afternoon back to back with ASAP20 to boost the latter’s ratings. Anyway, I think this is a good show. I just have an issue on the airtime. I think it would be better to have this on a later timeslot.

  2. Believe That says:

    I think they are not in direct competition with each other. Given that the Celebrity Playtime is on an early time slot while the Celebrity Bluff is on a later time slot. Still, they somehow (I think) has the same format.

  3. Jerome says:

    If I remembered it right, the first season of Judy Ann’s Bet on your Baby was also aired on the same timeslot. This show had a record of good ratings. We’ll see if CB would have the same impact.

    • Marc Logan would’ve liked to extend his show considering its popularity, but bloopers within ABS shows and other sources are very limited, so for now it’s a goodbye for this show.

      Celebrity Playtime will feature different celebrities in each episode. Sometimes pwedeng ulitin, as long as it’s not after 3-4 episodes.

  4. Gab says:

    Changes in Saturday sked of ABS-CBN today:

    11:30 am – It’s Showtime
    2:30pm – Ipaglaban Mo!
    3:30pm – Failon Ngayon
    4:15pm – MKML (probably, their new season)
    4:45pm – SOCO
    5:30pm – TVP Weekend
    6:15pm – Celebrity Playtime

    the rest, no further changes…

    • So ABS finally decided to air It’s Showtime at 11:30. Very long overdue. And yes, it’s good that MKML returns on-air on a new timeslot; maybe ABS wanted a better matchup with CelebriTV.

      Though, I feel bad about Ipaglaban Mo moving to an earlier timeslot, since natatalo na ito of late against Karelasyon. Oh well.

      • Magkakaproblema pa lalo ang Wish Ko Lang ngayong magkatapat na sila ulit ng Failon Ngayon. Mukhang cancellation na lang ang option ng Wish Ko Lang.

      • Exactly. Ang choice na lang nila is to extend Karelasyon.

        So far, Celebrity Playtime is doing well. But perhaps knowing na nami-miss nila yung MKML, they decided to bring it back at an earlier timeslot.

    • UPDATE on another schedule change this Saturday:

      2:30pm – Ipaglaban Mo
      3:30pm – Failon Ngayon
      4:15pm – SOCO (new timeslot; will now face CelebriTV)
      5:00pm – Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan (new timeslot; will now face Imbestigador)
      5:30pm – TV Patrol Weekend
      6:15pm – Celebrity Playtime

      • Based on last Saturday’s Kantar ratings, mukhang ganito na nga ang nangyari. With Showtime airing earlier and MKML returning, naapektuhan ang ratings nila noong Sabado (since rival EB went overtime), hence the reason for the tweak. It’s now a question of regaining that momentum after Showtime na nawala last week.

    • May dahilan naman yan. Yung Celebrity Playtime, it will be aired after Your Face Sounds Familiar and Billy Crawford appearing on both shows back-to-back is a bad idea. At isa pa, masyado na siyang overexposed sa Sabado.

      It’s a good decision for ABS to have Luis Manzano host Celebrity Playtime instead.

    • As Marcus mentioned it has something to do with the timeslot change of Celebrity Playtime. Since ABS does not allow a talent to be seen on two consecutive programs, Billy has to choose between either YFSF or CP; he chose the former.

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