25 thoughts on “A New Problem for MariMar as Ang Probinsyano Premieres

  1. Gab says:

    I know that the show will prosper even when FPJ’s daughter Grace Poe wiil run for president in the upcoming 2016 national elections.

    • Indeed. But let’s just hope that the show won’t play a huge role in Grace’s campaign, in the same way Tito Sen decided not to involve AlDub in his senatorial reelection plans.

  2. Jerome says:

    I guess MariMar’s low impact was due to the fact that it was aired 7 years after the DongYan’s remake. Too early for a 2nd remake in my opinion. Even AGB Mega Manila Ratings show its declining ratings.

    Maybe if GMA puts their Aldub on primetime, they will regain their supremacy on that timeslot. But of course the issue on overexposure and non-priority of their other talents will be another problem.

    • MariMar is having a hard time against ABS teleseryes that are co-produced by Dreamscape. Ang Probinsyano is the network’s latest offering that Dreamscape collaborated.

      As for AlDub, don’t expect that to happen. Only TAPE will decide their fate, and as far as they’re concerned, they’re just content with keeping them on EB instead of selling it to another program.

      • It will be physically impossible for an AlDub serye as long as they are doing a live show 6 days a week for Maine and 7 days for Alden. They are currently the main event for EB so it will be physically impossible for them to miss a single day. So even if TAPE agrees for a spinoff AlDub can’t do it.

        It would also be an insult to the whole GMA entertainment group if an outside block timer would get a primetime slot.

        Marimar is such a mess and it will be harder now since its station is milking another cow which makes it harder for them to get support from their network. Ironic isn’t? AlDub is causing the demise of other GMA love teams and programs.

      • Yes. Lumalala na ng lumalala ang pagbagsak ng Kapuso Network. In the future, magsisilipatan ang mga disgruntled Kapuso talents sa ibang networks kung nagfofocus pa rin ang GMA sa AlDub.

  3. Jerome says:

    I agree. A sad truth for GMA which the fans do not recognize. But I read an article saying that the GMA is currently working on Alden’s next soap. It did not mention Aldub, so maybe it will only be Alden.

    • GMA would rather not touch Alden for now, unless a hosting and recording job is required. Acting on a teleserye is out of the picture for Alden considering his now-hectic schedule with that AlDub thing.

      And besides, GMA’s worries should be on other stars. Megan and Tom are really starving for recognition at this point considering that the new MariMar is stalling in the ratings, unlike the original and the first adaptation.

  4. Ang Probinsyano recently got its highest rating ever last Monday. Ang Probinsyano scored a rating of 45.9% vs. Little Nanay’s 18.1% and Movie Max 5’s 2.1%. The data is from Kantar Media.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hard to believe that almost three years after this post, Ang Probinsyano is still on the air and still going strong. Who would have thought?

    • Amid GMA’s countless attempts to beat Ang Probinsyano, Cardo is still alive and kicking. Thanks to endless extensions. GMA basically has no answer on Cardo’s dominance, even the Encantadia remake and Mulawin vs. Ravena failed.

      • Anonymous says:

        Funnily enough, I actually thought at first that AP was going to be a short-run or canned series at first. I knew that it was an adaptation of an FPJ film, so I was thinking: surely they can’t just go beyond a guy standing in for his deceased twin brother, can he? I thought the series would last two or three months at the most. Looks like I was proven wrong big time.

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