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Born for You to End in Two Weeks

There is not enough time for GMA’s ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ to warm up.

That is because its opponent, ABS-CBN’s ‘Born for You’, will end in two weeks’ time. The Kapamilya series starring Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador will air its final episode on September 16.

‘Born for You’ had been on the air since June 20, when it replaced the Kim Chiu and Xian Lim-starrer ‘The Story of Us’. The series marked the first time that Elmo (a former GMA star and current off-screen boyfriend of Janine Gutierrez) and Janella were paired on television.

Though ‘Born for You’ consistently won over ‘Juan Happy Love Story’ in the ratings game, it seems like ABS-CBN is not happy with its performance. The show started strong on its very first week, getting an average of 18%, but after that, ratings hovered between 16-17% during July and early August.

Then in the past two weeks, ‘Born for You”s ratings fell to around the 14% mark. This gave ‘Juan Happy Love Story’ a fighting chance, and though they still fell short, on some nights, they managed to narrow the gap to 1% or less.

Overall, ‘Born for You’ will become a rarity among ABS-CBN dramas. With only 65 episodes, it is one of the shortest-lived dramas ABS-CBN has ever produced, and considering that it aired on the top-rating Primetime Bida block, it is even rarer for a series to air that short on primetime.

The underwhelming performance of ‘Born for You’ could force ABS-CBN to consider breaking up the on-screen love team of Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador. Given the inexperience of the duo together, and the fact that Elmo is still linked to Janine Gutierrez in real life, ABS-CBN may need to find another role for both he and Janella, but not as a love team.

Still, the Kapamilya network may give them another chance together. But that will only depend on both proper timing and a right story that will help them grow and mature as actors.

Only two weeks remain in the run of ‘Born for You’. They need to prove that they can still win big, or else, it will be the trio of Lovi Poe, Tom Rodriguez and Max Collins in ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ who will be the ones smiling.


36 thoughts on “Born for You to End in Two Weeks

    • Yes indeed. ABS is bringing back more mature and sexy dramas to the 9:15 slot. Last time they had such a series was Two Wives, which was over a year ago. Looks like the overloading of ‘kilig’-based dramas wore viewers out, that’s why ABS decided to go back to a formula that worked best before.

      • Vince says:

        Bakit d e-try sa 2nd slot yan tapos TIMY sa 3rd slot. 28% lng kasi ung TIMY. Pang 3rd slot lng talaga yata ang Jadine.

      • That won’t work. Patapos na ang Born for You. Saka mature drama in Magpahanggang Wakas ang papalit dito.

        Imposible na ilagay ang sexy series sa 2nd slot dahil may mga batang nanonood. Besides, kakasimula pa lang ng TIMY so may oras pa silang makapag-generate ng malaking audience. Even Dolce Amore started slow before gaining a huge amount of viewers.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        And add on to the fact that ABS have now given JaDine it’s full trust to deliver on the second slot. Unlike BFY, well it didn’t deliver the things the network needs from them. Well it is not a failure but it’s a little bit disappointing. At least a dominant player in ABS have some failures but not huge ones.

      • Jose Tiamson says:

        And the new show that will be launch has it work cut off. Let’s see if this can improve their ratings at the third slot.

    • Typical yan. Usually early primetime programs rate so high, then it gradually declines with each show as people tend to various errands.

      And if you think that TIMY is on the decline, think again. Maaga pa para sabihin natin na hindi talaga successful ang 2nd series ng JaDine. And besides, they’re blowing out Descendants of the Sun, so no problem right now. In short, be patient.

      But since the article is about Born for You, here’s a little fact. Halatang nasa stage of decline na in terms of ratings ang BFY, to the point that ABS needs to cut the series short. Patience appears to wear thin for them dahil hindi masyadong kumagat ang love team nila Elmo at Janella.

      • Vince says:

        Bakit ba pinatay nila agad yung Dolce Amore? Dapat inantay nila muna mag-end BFY.
        AP/DA/TIMY could’ve been a strong block.

      • Napaka-harsh mo naman sa LizQuen. It was ABS’ decision to end Dolce Amore, and they want JaDine in the second slot dahil may tiwala sila na magiging mas successful ang love team if they were placed in a slot with a bigger audience. Kung sila KathNiel at LizQuen naging successful on that timeslot, so can JaDine.

        Kung wala kang tiwala kay JaDine sa second slot, huwag ka na lang manood. Masyado kang pala-duda sa kanila. Besides, naging tradition na rin ang mga mature at sexy dramas sa third slot (e.g. The Legal Wife, Two Wives) so wala kang magagawa tungkol diyan. It’s already been done.

      • Vince says:

        Let’s wait and see then. Masyado kasi mataas ang expectation ko sa TIMY. Both PSY & DA premiered with 30+ ratings.

      • Will you please stop talking about Till I Met You since this article is about Born for You? If you want to discuss JaDine or TIMY then search this blog and comment on a more appropriate article. Any further non-BFY comment on this article will result in a permanent ban for you.

        In short, tama na yung ratings report mo for TIMY dahil BFY ang pinaguusapan dito. Gets?

  1. ~~chanella~~ says:

    The two just didn’t have the ‘chemistry.’ ABS-CBN was just too excited when they snatched Elmo from the other side, and it was the wrong primetime vehicle for the super bubbly Janella. Well, the post-mortem report will be a hefty one.

    • Considering that Elmo is still romantically linked to GMA star Janine Gutierrez, it was a bad move to pair him with Janella. And Janella isn’t quite prepared for primetime, since she’s several years younger than Elmo and that she is still a work in progress.

    • It really is a problem for a series that lasts only 65 episodes. There’s not enough time to build some ‘kilig’ between the two, not to mention propagate a fanbase. And unlike LizQuen, JaDine and KathNiel, the Janella-Elmo tandem doesn’t even spread to real life, since naka-link pa rin si Elmo kay Janine Gutierrez.

      ABS needs to find another partner for Janella, not just on-screen but in real life. As for Elmo, perhaps ABS should work even harder in plucking Janine away from GMA and pair them in a future series.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting how despite how short the series was and how it didn’t really live up to expectations, ABS was still confident enough to push through with the live finale concert, which apparently meant that they didn’t really care much about the underwhelming performance and instead cared more about the fans. For whatever shortcomings the show had, for ABS to keep its faith until the end is laudable.

    As for the Elmo-Janella loveteam, it appears that it may have a happy ending after all: from what I heard, their new film under Regal (My Fairy Tale Love Story) was apparently a box-office hit, though I have yet to see the box-office numbers. And it seems like more projects for them are on the way, so it seems like, for now at least, we haven’t seen the last of ElNella.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh and by the way, looks like I was wrong: according to sources I’ve read, MFTLS grossed something like P15 million in two weeks, which I suppose is pretty bad for a Kapamilya film (though to be fair, it was produced by Regal and not Star Cinema), and for now it seems that ABS is planning to give Elmo and Janella separate projects. Looks like they weren’t Born for You after all.

    • When those two were paired, Elmo was still in a relationship with Janine Gutierrez. It was a reluctant pairing since Elmo moved to ABS while Janine stayed with GMA (they’ve since broken up but not due to Janella). This is not like KathNiel or LizQuen where their relationship goes beyond TV and film. Perhaps we can consider ElNella the AlDub of ABS-CBN, where they were in a relationship on-screen but in actuality they are only friends. And that setup might not help them gain a fanbase.

      • Anonymous says:

        To be honest, I had a soft spot for BFY considering it featured Japan, and even featured Tokyo Dome City (a place I had visited when I visited Japan two years ago). But yeah, considering the comments I read were that the show wasn’t that good, I get why it was axed quickly.

        For me though, it doesn’t really matter if loveteams have an off-screen relationship: if anything, a loveteam doing separate projects is a sign of maturity, to show that they can stand on their own merits, and it can open up new opportunities for them.

      • We saw that with DongYan. Then again, Kapamilya love teams always seem to have sentimental value, and separating them for different projects might be too difficult to do.

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