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In 100 Words: Old TV5 Entertainment Shows on AksyonTV

‘Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum’ is one of several classic TV5 entertainment programs that are being reaired on AksyonTV. (Photo credit: TV5)

Here is another example of how far AksyonTV has fallen.

Recently, classic programs of the defunct TV5 Entertainment division were being reaired on AksyonTV. Shows such as ‘Third Eye’, ‘Obsession’ and even ‘Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum’ were seen on the channel since November of this year due to lack of original and canned programs or live events.

This latest move is a indication of AksyonTV’s continuous decline in quality. Not even nostalgia from TV5’s competitive era can save AksyonTV from oblivion, and for a network than has sunken this far since last year, it is very humiliating.

Perhaps people should start a campaign to #SaveAksyonTV. If not, Chot Reyes should consider selling the channel.


14 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Old TV5 Entertainment Shows on AksyonTV

    • Those two stations are ably supported by tithes given by the INC and MCGI (Ang Dating Daan) respectively. Kaya sila umuusbong even with the lack of commercial support because religion plays a key role.

      On the part of TV5, ads at ratings lang ang nagsusuporta sa kanila. Without those two, malamang on the verge of collapse na sila.

    • Pwede ring Tindahan TV since mas nakatutok na ito sa mga TV shopping blocks ngayon. Tingin ko dapat maging full-time TV shopping network na itong Channel 41 since yun lang naman ang ineere nila most of the time.

    • Duda ako diyan since mostly malabo ang signal ng AksyonTV lalo na sa mga probinsya. Mas makakabuti na lang kung ibebenta na lang ni Chot Reyes ang naturang istasyon dahil wala naman itong pakinabang sa kanya.

  1. Anonymous says:

    ESPN5 is already implemented but AksyonTV still feels like the TV5 equivalent of QTV. Just yesterday I happened to pass by it while looking for ABS-CBN on the TV (I was going to watch Kimi no Na wa), and I noticed that they were still airing Koreanovelas. A sad fate for a once-promising channel that for a while looked like a formidable opponent to GMA News TV (which back when it started seemed promising too). If they want to make AksyonTV a true sister channel instead of a pure news channel, they might as well just rename the station to Sari Sari or something else; it’s putting the once-great Aksyon name to shame.

    • Actually American series in Tagalog are more of their thing. Anyway, AksyonTV needs a name change but TV5 doesn’t seem to mind. Oh well, let’s just wait for them to make the next move.

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