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Sports360 Needs a Reformat

With the UFC essentially taking over late Sunday nights, TV5 needs to find a way to make ‘Sports360’ useful again. (Logo courtesy of TV5)

The past two months were not kind to TV5’s sports-oriented show ‘Sports360’.

Since the UFC became a property of Sports5 this year, ‘Sports360’ has been preempted regularly in favor of UFC events. With the show close to becoming an afterthought, its future was thrown into question.

As TV5’s sports-oriented talk show, it is the job of ‘Sports360’ to give Kapatid sports fans the latest updates on a variety of sporting events every week. But its constant preemptions made it difficult to stay in tune with the ever-changing sports landscape.

Look at the other sports talk shows in the country (e.g. ANC’s ‘Hardball’, ABS-CBN Sports+Action’s ‘The Score’, and CNN Philippines’ ‘Sports Desk’). While they are not here to provide some entertainment (as ‘Sports360’ usually does), at least they regularly provide updates in the world of sports to the avid fan.

This is a dilemma that the new Sports5 head Patricia Bermudez-Hizon must face. After all, they are the so-called ‘Olympic network’ (they will broadcast the 2016 Summer Olympics later this year), and if they want to live to that billing, they need to make ‘Sports360’ a constant presence on the network.

One thing they would like to see is the conversion of ‘Sports360’ into a daily sports talk show, with less focus on entertainment and more on analysis and news reporting. The current hosts may be experienced on-air talent for various Sports5 programming, but to keep the show running, they need to emulate either Mico Halili or TJ Manotoc to become useful.

Since TV5 is too loaded programming-wise, the best possible channel for ‘Sports360’ would be AksyonTV, whose sports-centric format makes it a perfect fit (signal issues notwithstanding). Another option would be HYPER, but this may not please SkyCable subscribers.

In any case, TV5 must address the fate of ‘Sports360’ as soon as possible. They don’t want to turn the show into a liability, so they need to act accordingly and turn the show into something more reliable to their viewers.

It’s up to TV5 to save ‘Sports360’. Good luck.


14 thoughts on “Sports360 Needs a Reformat

  1. Chot Reyes is no longer the head of Sports5. Its now under Patricia Bermudez-Hizon. Chot is now the President of Media5, which focuses on TV5’s online presence and online shows with Digital5.

  2. Gab says:

    Aaron Atayde just announced: Sports360 will be aired this Sunday in between the PBA games (halftime and after the PBA second game at 7-8pm) starting April 6.

    • Jose Tiamson says:

      Wag sana gawin taped yun palabas. Its like a huge humiliation for Sports5 if they keep airing S360 on taped basis.

    • Good decision to move it out of what is now UFC’s timeslot. Kaso, we don’t know what will happen to #ParangNormalActivity. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to the overall primetime schedule of TV5 on April 6.

  3. I could only offer a brief takeaway for this: If they want TV5 to be a channel adovacating sports (something that ABS-CBN Sports & Action, I’m sorry, has been outstanding so far) even on a limited basis, you’re right when they say they should emulate the likes of Mico and TJ for that matter. Heck, any of their hosts should take a lesson from Sev Sarmenta and Quinito Henson.

    And they should allot not just 30 minutes but an hour every week for such. A half-a-hour sports show is good for a daily-based programming. At least ang isang oras, siksik na sa impormasyon ukol sa sporting news and other info. They should stray away from entertainment aspects. Leave it on their other programs! Mas mukha pa ngang legit na sports show ang The GOAT ng FOX eh.

    Slightly off-topic: They even taped Money Ball during halftime of PBA games which I think is such a ridiculous move.

    • Actually, the daily 30-minute show is much better than a weekly hour-long show, since it gives the viewers a more comprehensive up-to-date info on their favorite sporting events. If S+A’s The Score and ANC’s The Daily Serve can do that, why not Sports360? Plus, putting it on AksyonTV as well can give the now sports-centric channel a boost of sorts in their programming.

      If they can eliminate MoneyBall in favor of a more interactive halftime talk show, it could also help their PBA coverage to a certain extent.

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