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We Will Survive’s Ratings on a Tailspin After Change of Timeslot

‘We Will Survive’ found itself in a tough spot upon moving to a new timeslot, thanks in large part to the show’s delayed broadcasts in the regional networks. (Logo courtesy of ABS-CBN)

‘We Will Survive’ is in a crisis.

The ABS-CBN drama series is off to a slow start in its new 5:00 p.m. timeslot, registering ratings of 10.7% (April 18), 10.9% (April 19), 9.8% (April 20) and 9.9% (April 21) during a four-day span. This was in contrast to the show’s 13% average ratings in its original timeslot of 5:45 p.m.

Clearly, ABS-CBN has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to ‘We Will Survive”s low ratings. Regional networks are unable to air the series at the same time as Metro Manila due to the presence of local ‘TV Patrol’, and instead, it is aired the following day at 9:00 a.m. in place of ‘Naruto Shippuden’.

This predicament easily led to ‘We Will Survive’ losing to GMA’s ‘Wowowin’ in a majority of the regional areas. And it didn’t help that the delayed broadcasts are being aired in a timeslot that is also not viable ratings-wise.

It is a painful truth that the regional networks of ABS-CBN have no choice but to commit to 30-45 minutes’ worth of ‘TV Patrol’ in their respective dialects. However, it also hurts that the network decided to place a teleserye in a timeslot that is not expected to draw viewers from the provinces.

Considering ABS-CBN’s reputation for successful teleseryes, this is a strategy that does not work at all. And it is also not good that the network decided to fill almost 2/3s of their lineup with teleseryes; excluding ‘TV Patrol’, ABS-CBN’s lineup from 3:15-10:45 p.m. features a streak of seven teleseryes and an imported series.

That said, for Pokwang, Melai Cantiveros and the show’s braintrust, this is a battle that they cannot survive from. Positive messages notwithstanding, ABS-CBN should consider closing the book on ‘We Will Survive’ as soon as possible, knowing that it would be consequential to viewers in the provinces, as well as viewers who are tired of watching teleseryes for many hours straight.

If not, find a way to get a better timeslot for the show. After all, it is for the network’s own good.



4 thoughts on “We Will Survive’s Ratings on a Tailspin After Change of Timeslot

    • Game ng Bayan is a different case since it can be aired on a later time. We Will Survive is something else, since viewers in the provinces are unable to follow the story at the same time as those in Metro Manila, and are forced to watch it the next morning. The conclusion of the series could also be delayed by a couple of days, making it a more difficult situation.

  1. Dora says:

    That’s true. We can’t watch it here in the province because people are at work. This has to be shown at 5pm, and this local TV patrol must be removed! It’s so redundant to watch this news if there is tv patrol again at night.

    • There is a difference between the TV Patrol we see at 6:30 p.m. and the TV Patrol of the regional networks. The former focuses on national issues, while the latter focuses on regional issues. Plus regional TV Patrol is delivered using a particular dialect (e.g. Cebuano for TV Patrol Central Visayas), as opposed to Filipino on the national TV Patrol. If you remove the regional TV Patrol, it won’t make sense since the RNG anchors and reporters would be displaced, which leads to lack of news in your area.

      My advice for you is to buy an ABS-CBN Mobile SIM and access iWanTV on your Android or mobile devices. That way you can watch We Will Survive within hours of original broadcast, anytime anywhere.

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