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‘Ipaglaban Mo’ Has Finally Met Its Match

After a promising start, ‘Ipaglaban Mo”s fortunes have taken a dip in recent months. The entry of GMA’s ‘Karelasyon’ only made it worse. (Logo courtesy of ABS-CBN)

After dominating the post-noontime scene on Saturdays for the early part of its run, ‘Ipaglaban Mo”s luck appears to be running out.

Thanks to a rare stroke of genius by GMA management, the renewed success of the newly-revived ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ began to wear thin. A pair of programming moves by the Kapuso network gave ABS-CBN and the father-and-son legal team of Atty. Jose and Jopet Sison a lot to worry about.

In its first two months on the air, ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ made mincemeat of ‘Startalk’, whose return to Saturday afternoons failed to arrest their continuing ratings decline. Then on August 16, 2014, GMA switched the timeslots of ‘Startalk’ and ‘Wish Ko Lang’, and from there, ‘Ipaglaban Mo”s fortunes took a slight dip.

But it was the entry of ‘Karelasyon’ which gave ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ its stiffest challenge yet. After one month, the latter was just lucky to survive on ABS-CBN’s trusted provider Kantar Media, but the same cannot be said on the figures provided by GMA’s own partner AGB Nielsen.

Here is the comparative ratings between ‘Karelasyon’ and ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ according to both AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media.

April 11

Karelasyon (16.5%) over Ipaglaban Mo (8.1%) – AGB Nielsen

Ipaglaban Mo (14.8%) over Karelasyon (11.9%) – Kantar Media

April 18

Karelasyon (17.3%) over Ipaglaban Mo (8.6%) – AGB Nielsen

Ipaglaban Mo (14.7%) over Karelasyon (11.8%) – Kantar Media

April 25

Karelasyon (20%) over Ipaglaban Mo (7.8%) – AGB Nielsen

Karelasyon (13.7%) over Ipaglaban Mo (12.9%) – Kantar Media

May 2

Karelasyon (16.3%) over Ipaglaban Mo (10.3%) – AGB Nielsen

Ipaglaban Mo (16.3%) over Karelasyon (12.6%) – Kantar Media

May 9

Karelasyon (14.1%) over Ipaglaban Mo (10.1%) – AGB Nielsen

Ipaglaban Mo (15.2%) over Karelasyon (12.4%) – Kantar Media

Based on the figures, ‘Karelasyon’ proved to be a thorn on ‘Ipaglaban Mo”s side, at least according to AGB Nielsen. However, the only time ‘Karelasyon’ swept both Kantar and Nielsen to date was on the April 25 episode starring Rocco Nacino and Kris Bernal, defeating the ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ episode starring Andrea del Rosario and Yam Concepcion.

While ‘Karelasyon’ only managed to beat ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ once in Kantar so far, they proved to be a more competent program than the latter’s first two opponents in ‘Startalk’ and ‘Wish Ko Lang’, based on its double-digit rating performances.

That said, it is clear that ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ is no longer the ratings juggernaut it once was. The program’s initial run of dominance is now a distant memory.

‘Karelasyon”s surprising success should only strengthen ‘Ipaglaban Mo”s resolve. A tweak or two is needed to restore ‘Ipaglaban Mo”s former glory, otherwise everything will go ‘Karelasyon”s way.

And that should only concern ABS-CBN even further.


22 thoughts on “‘Ipaglaban Mo’ Has Finally Met Its Match

  1. Please don’t compare AGB Nielsen to Kantar Media. AGB post Mega Manila only while Kantar posts national urban and rural. Both of these are misleading.

    • I’m not comparing AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media. I’m only comparing two shows and their performance. And besides, I’m not saying that Kantar is better than Nielsen and vice versa.

  2. I guess Kantar cannot play “tv numbers” well this time. Palmolive/Colgate tvc being visible to GMA now is one of the evidences that ABSCBN faces decline in TV ratings. Advertisers are still the best rating providers compared to these companies which are, as far as we know, are controlled by the tv networks.

    • If that’s the case, then too bad for them.

      Another possible reason could be the integration of electronic devices to the mix, which at this point, has not been figured out by the ratings firms on how to draw them up. ABS already took it one step further with iWanTV, TVPlus and other new technologies.

  3. JRDV says:

    That is GMA’s only bright spot, at least, according to Nielsen. Overall, GMA’s weekend programming remains weak and it will be hard for the now-bankrupt network (INAMIN NA MISMO NI GOZON SA RAPPLER) to challenge ABS-CBN’s dominance.

    • Not exactly. May iilang bright spots rin ang GMA during weekends, something ABS couldn’t capitalize despite their strong lineup of programs. Case in point: animes/cartoons and NBA sa Dos.

      ABS may have the better programming than GMA’s on weekends, but the truth is, mahina rin sila on some timeslots. That’s the challenge they have to face at this point. Kailangan nilang ma-figure out kung paano nila matalo ang GMA with their seemingly stronger array of programs.

      • JRDV says:

        we all know that in some slots mahina ang ABS, but overall, ABS is way strong on weekends. with GMA getting a bit stronger (despite being already bankrupt) ratings-wise, ABS is getting a lot more stronger, thanks to social media.

        Ipaglaban Mo should keep up with the changes this year, unlike last year.

      • A little tweak or two should do wonders for ABS. Kahit malakas sila, they still need some improvements. Hindi dapat yung palaging may mentality of ‘resting on your laurels’.

  4. DL-HMU says:

    Thanks for the ratings comparison. I was wondering how the rating competition was faring. I used to go the fb page of both Kantar and AGB but the ridiculous fanwar comments always has me automatically closing the tab. AGB doesn’t have a FB page anymore (I wonder why?) so they provide the ratings on Twitter but the admin can be downright rude and childish so I also don’t look at that page anymore.

    • The AGB ratings can also be found on PEP. That’s where I usually get the info. But for all intents and purposes, I’m not comparing the two firms. I’m just comparing two shows. It’s up to you to judge who’s the better firm.

      Such ratings can be prone to bashing and rude remarks by the networks’ loyal fans. As such, I won’t tolerate such bashing and baseless comments on this site.

  5. Actually, wala namang dominating TV network ngayon. Unlike noong early 2000s na talagang nag-boom ang ABS-CBN sa mga heavy drama nila at etong GMA naman noong panahon ng Mulawain, Darna, at Encantadia.

    • Viewership-wise, it’s unpredictable and hard to figure out who’s dominating who. Depende na lang sa anong mga programa ang ilalagay nila. Then sisihin mo rin ang cable kung bakit hindi na dominante ang mga free TV networks sa bansa. Marami na ang pagpipilian. Social media is also a factor.

      Anything can happen in this day and age. Ipaglaban Mo is one example of how things turn quickly in the blink of an eye.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        In the subject about cable TV being blamed on the decline of Philippine free TV: in the U.S., when cable TV began to be an important staple in American household during the 60s or 70s, the National Association of Broadcasters (the American counterpart of KBP) released a TV PSA at that time which calls for American free TV to be “saved from further deterioration.”

        Back here in the Philippines, I don’t know if the KBP also released a similar PSA as the aforementioned one for airing in its member stations, especially when SkyCable began to profilerate since its launch in 1990.

        I suddenly remember the saying, “Change is inevitable.”

      • At the time, though, there are fewer cable subscribers than today, so that didn’t make sense. It’s a different story in modern times, though, some networks now take advantage of other technologies in order to compensate for the decline of traditional free TV.

        But going back to the topic, Ipaglaban Mo apparently hasn’t fared well against Karelasyon, but it does win against the free-falling Wish Ko Lang, as I stated in another article. So ABS should be fine with that; if they can’t beat one show, they can always find a way to beat another.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        But while ratings play a factor, I find these ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ and ‘Karelasyon’ so informative, as it makes us be vigilant on the things we do on our daily lives, if it’s good or bad. #MyOpinion

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        *Grammatical error, please edit my comment by removing the ‘these’ word between ‘find’ and ‘Ipaglaban.’ Thanks.

      • Then again, it’s a story of which content is better. Ipaglaban Mo tackles mostly law-related subjects, while Karelasyon’s foray is about relationship issues. It’s up to you to decide which show is more informative and sensible.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        IMO, although I knew that “Ipaglaban Mo” loses at times to “Karelasyon,” as said in this article, I find the former the most informative. And besides, my parents doesn’t allow me to watch “Karelasyon” due to its sensitive content, even if the both shows have an SPG rating.

        Honestly, I’m making “Ipaglaban Mo,” along with “Failon Ngayon” and “SOCO” my Saturday post-noontime viewing habits, with either “CelebriTV” or “Imbestigador” as an alternative.

      • ICYMI, Failon Ngayon is now a late-night show. Celebrity Playtime took over its timeslot.

        Anyway, it’s your choice of programming, so I won’t force you.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Kaya nga. After all, everybody is welcome here to show his/her own viewpoint, as long as it is practical and does not contain attacking.

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