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Despite Wins, Primetime Bida’s Second Slot On a Slump

The second slot of ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida used to be as dominant as the first.

In a span of nearly two years, the second slot was given to either KathNiel, the love team of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, or LizQuen, the love team of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. The run began with the latter’s ‘Forevermore’, followed by the former’s ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’, and concluded with ‘Dolce Amore’, also of the latter.

These three dramas consistently earned 30% or better ratings during their respective runs. On some occasions, they also reached 40% or better, which is around 20% more than the opposing teleserye that GMA pits against.

But on August 29, the fortunes of Primetime Bida’s second slot began to change. That night marked the premiere of JaDine’s (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) ‘Till I Met You’, which was the first series not to star either KathNiel or LizQuen in the 8:45 slot since ‘Ikaw Lamang’ in 2014.

The said series entered the scene with high expectations, and considering the smashing success of both KathNiel and LizQuen, many looked forward to a similarly dominant performance from JaDine. However, despite beating GMA Koreanovela ‘Descendants of the Sun’ in the ratings, their average mark of 26% is a far cry from the teleseryes of KathNiel and LizQuen.


Three weeks later, ‘Till I Met You’ was demoted to the third slot, where JaDine has had success in the past. Its replacement ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’ fared no better, earning only a 25% average rating as of September 20.


To make matters worse, the opposing GMA series began to close the gap. The final week of the Koreanovela ‘Descendants of the Sun’ averaged well over 22%, and the succeeding series ‘Alyas Robin Hood’, seemingly benefiting from the backlash that tagged them as an ‘Arrow’ copycat, earned an average of 21% through its first two episodes.

As victorious as ABS-CBN is, the recent slump in form for Primetime Bida’s second slot should give them a reason to worry. The fact is, people are getting tired of the repetitive formulas that the Kapamilya network use, and as such, have no motivation to continue watching their series.

Still, tagging the second slot of ‘Primetime Bida’ as ‘past its prime’ is premature. If ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’ can somehow create some interesting and heart-wrenching scenes in future episodes, the dominant showing of the past could resurface sooner or later.

One can only hope that ABS-CBN pushes the right buttons in order to return to their past dominance. Otherwise, GMA could end up as the winner if this slump continues.


20 thoughts on “Despite Wins, Primetime Bida’s Second Slot On a Slump

  1. No wonder. People tune out after Ang Probinsyano and they’re sick and tired of the usual formula. Viewers are getting smarter since the debacle named “Alyas Robin Hood” after the show was alleged of copying CW’s “Arrow”.

    • Also, cable, internet, satellite and TVPlus are to blame for why TV programming quality becomes even dumber. Teleseryes in the afternoon and at night are too much for the viewer to follow. Nowadays, the South Triangle-based networks are after money, not high quality of story.

  2. Showstopper says:

    Problema kasi sa ABS, madalas love story at love team na lang pinapalabas sa prime time. Ayaw nila lumabas sa comfort zone nila. At least yun Probinsyano, action at tungkol sa law enforcement. I mean ok lang naman pero wag naman yun at yun na lang parati. Wala man lang sila ipalabas na historically inspired man lang, o tipong suspense. Sana sumubok naman sila ng iba, yun nakakatalino naman. Na mag-attempt naman silang magpalabas ng kakaiba, not dissing love teams pero naman, wala na bang iba ABS?

    • To be honest, teleseryes in the afternoon and at night are too much. Wala nang variety, di tulad noong 90s or early 2000s where you can watch different types of shows every hour. It’s a shame that ABS and GMA are after money instead of quality, and the fact is, the overall landscape of television viewing is becoming increasingly dumb, dahil sa growth ng cable and satellite subscription, internet and even TVPlus and various other DTV boxes.

  3. Even AP is suffering from a ratings dip, from 40% when Dolce is still on air now to 37%. Its significant since its a consistent 40% ratings earner before.

    ABS needs to change the game while they are still on top.

    • Vince says:

      AP viewers may not be fond of Paulo Avelino’s serial killer arc. Robin Padilla is coming according to rumors(1 year anniversary special) so I except it to rebound around that time.

    • Weekly series might be the answer, look at ABS weekend shows, I can’t believe that Wansa, HSH, GB are getting 30% ratings than Jericho and Jadine. It could be the schedule, but the difference shouldn’t be that far. Back then the pre TV Patrol slot is rating more than 20% when Pasion is on air.

      ABS need to wake up

      • Weekly series can also benefit the production team as well as talents. It may not help revenue-wise, but welfare and creative-wise, it’s the best route. Still, it will be up to ABS to execute such a thing.

      • Its costly but if they want to maintain their lead then they need to reinvent now. Masyadong mababa para sa primetime standards nila. They are loosing money anyway, it will not hurt to gamble

      • As the first network to introduce primetime teleseryes and make it a habit, ABS was a trendsetter. They need to, like you said, reinvent again, because that 20-year-old habit is getting increasingly tired and stale.

        But it won’t be easy since they’re also operating their sister networks, which is a lot more than they can handle.

    • People could get tired of watching the same type of programs over and over, and probably find other ways to entertain themselves. Remember, both ABS and GMA have been loading their programs with teleseryes in the weekday afternoon and evening slots since the mid-2000s, that there is no more room for other types of shows. As such, they could lose a significant amount of viewers if they keep this same type of programming in the long term.

      • Indeed. Then again, the celebrities that star in these teleseryes still have a large fanbase, most of whom don’t care if the quality is dumb and repetitive. It will take a miracle for them to realize the consequences of teleserye viewing.

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